52 Weeks to Toxin Free – Cleansing Power of Lemon

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Today’s day in age we are so finicky about our foods and products. We are okay with artificial lemon flavor in our food but want the power of natural lemon in our cleaning products. How does this logic make any sense? Well we have the answer and these cleaning options are sure to clean up your home and environment. Here are some great recipes to unlock the cleansing power of lemon in your home without breaking the bank too. Continue reading “52 Weeks to Toxin Free – Cleansing Power of Lemon”

52 Weeks to Toxin Free DIY Air Freshener & Linen Spray

Apparently “poo-pouri” is all the rage. I see so many ads on Facebook and hear about ridding your bathroom of poo smells with this newfangled air freshener. Well I am here to tell you that shit happens. There it is! Everyone poops, even celebrities. I digress in sarcasm and little laughs to myself. Anyhow, with this “poo-pouri” business I am just in awe. In our house, we have the saying “Light a match Flannagan!” and quite literally we have boxes of matches in the bathroom. However, sometimes the methane gets the better of our environment and we are required to bring in the big guns of air freshener, but I am not one to use the chemical laden, compressed, flowery, mumbo jumbo considered air freshener. Quite frankly I would rather choke on the smell of sulfuric ass gas than chemically laced lilac and lavender. Continue reading “52 Weeks to Toxin Free DIY Air Freshener & Linen Spray”

Loving Care with LaKota Herbs

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As you know our family is pretty crunchy, green, granola and alternative. I see a naturopathic doctor on a very regular basis. Not that I am opposed to western medicine by any stretch, however, my medical history with western doctors left me heavily medicated and with more problems than what I was originally diagnosed. So I have sought out natural and herbal remedies for our overall health and wellness. By no means am I endorsing that herbs and alternative medicines are the end all be all, however, I am saying that these alternative methods can be an excellent way to support your overall wellness and well-being. Continue reading “Loving Care with LaKota Herbs”

52 Weeks to Toxin Free Home

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Last year I made the decision to radically transform how my family maintains their wellness. Seven years ago we transformed the way we eat by eliminating toxic, processed food. Yet we did not eliminate all the toxins in our home, we still had cleaners, fabric softener, wax melts, and cosmetics to name a few. All of these compound on themselves with processed, unclean food, which can lead to illness and the off chance of cancer. In an effort to continue to ward off and thwart any illness attack, I was very eager to truly own my health (and that of my family) to the fullest. While I dove in with my essential oils, absorbing as much information as I could and bringing in the oils that would support my family’s wellness, I still felt like I could be doing more to have a toxin free home. Continue reading “52 Weeks to Toxin Free Home”