52 Weeks to Toxin Free – Cleansing Power of Lemon

Today’s day in age we are so finicky about our foods and products. We are okay with artificial lemon flavor in our food but want the power of natural lemon in our cleaning products. How does this logic make any sense? Well we have the answer and these cleaning options are sure to clean up your home and environment. Here are some great recipes to unlock the cleansing power of lemon in your home without breaking the bank too.

Around the House

Citrus is huge in Arizona. We have citrus readily available almost year round with our climate so I stock up from my neighbors trees, especially with lemons. Lemon is such a great air freshener and natural cleanser.

cleansing power of lemon, lemon wedges, lemon cleanerOne of the most simple ways to use lemon is right in your garbage disposal. Cut the lemon into wedges, place into an ice tray, fill with water around the wedge, freeze and toss into your garbage disposal anytime it needs to be cleaned. With that same idea in mind, you can use those same lemon wedge cubes by placing in a glass dish and microwaving on 70% power for three minutes. The boiling water and condensation from the lemon are an easy way to clean your microwave without the extra scrub time. Your microwave and kitchen will thank you with the amazing citrus aroma.

More than the fruit can be used, don’t let those peels go to waste. Just shred or cut leftover lemon peels into strips and toss around your outside doorways to keep away pests. Stinky trash? No more nasty Febreeze, use the peels at the bottom of the bag or can to keep it fresh every couple weeks.

cleansing power of lemon, toxin free, natural living, essential oils, young livingHave wood floors or hard to clean tile? Lemon is a natural disinfectant and cuts through grease and grime. Mix equal parts water and lemon juice for your own non-toxic cleaner. For a shine and clean mix, add one tablespoon of olive oil for your wood floors. Test a small area first. Lemon is also great for wood furniture. Make your own furniture polish using olive oil and lemon juice (or lemon essential oils and water). Mix 1/4 cup of lemon juice and olive oil and shake well. Apply to a small area first for color fastness and overall application.

Outside the Home

As mentioned above, lemon peels can be used outside the house to ward off bugs and other pests like ants. Use lemon oil or lemon juice in the doorways as an added protection barrier to keep away bugs and ants. Summer is coming and so are the weeds. Spring rains and summer monsoons coupled with warmer weather brings out the weeds in droves. Banish them from your garden by using five parts lemon juice and two parts water and generously covering the offenders. Within days your garden will be weed free as they begin to shrivel and your other plants are free from harm unlike traditional weed killer which can kill everything.

Are you looking out the window and not seeing well? Clean up your windows with lemon juice, vinegar and water. Use 1/4 cup vinegar, water and two tablespoons of lemon juice for a streak free, grime free window cleaner. No more ammonia, harsh chemicals or dyes. Use the same mixture to clean up your grill too! A great way to cut through grease and grime without chunks of metal or harsh chemicals being left behind.

Have rust stains? Use lemon juice and a bit of elbow grease to cut through any rust stains on metal, concrete and other surface.

Skip the Bleach

cleansing power of lemon,Homemade wood furniture cleaner, DIY wood furniture cleanerDo you have hard to remove stains? Bleach can be harsh and often does more damage than good. Try lemon juice. Lemon juice and baking soda are a great pre-wash; just soak for 30 minutes, wring out and toss in with regular laundry. Have stinky gym clothes? All that body sweat and gunk can build up, just soak your gym clothes in lemon juice or add where your bleach goes and your gym clothes are rid of that gym funk.

Lemon juice is great for removing those hard to get stains on your favorite whites too! Just dab lemon juice on the spot and stick out in the sun for the day as Mother Nature does her work. Toss in with the regular wash and your whites are as good as new. Have tough stains on your dry cleaning? Use one tablespoon of water and lemon juice and apply to the stains on your favorite delicates and dry clean items to get those tough stains out. One last laundry hack is hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice or lemon essential oil and water. Mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water and two tablespoons of lemon. Voila, you have a toxin free OxyClean alternative.

These are just a few ways to go toxin free in your home. How else do you use lemon in your home? Lemon is such a versatile and wonderful natural cleanser and disinfectant. No more worrying about harsh chemicals and toxins. How has the cleansing power of lemon changed your cleaning routine and home?

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  1. I try to stay away from chemicals as much as possible, I do love using lemon around the house and love adding it to my water.

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