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As you know our family is pretty crunchy, green, granola and alternative. I see a naturopathic doctor on a very regular basis. Not that I am opposed to western medicine by any stretch, however, my medical history with western doctors left me heavily medicated and with more problems than what I was originally diagnosed. So I have sought out natural and herbal remedies for our overall health and wellness. By no means am I endorsing that herbs and alternative medicines are the end all be all, however, I am saying that these alternative methods can be an excellent way to support your overall wellness and well-being.
**Consult with your physician before beginning or considering any vitamins, herbal supplements or change to your normal dietary or wellness routine.**

Our family was sent a sampling of LaKota Herbs and the following two were a HUGE hit with my husband. At 43 years young The Chad has a bad back, arthritis and uncomfortable joints so he was really enjoying the Joint Care, Extra Strength Arthritis and since he is an insomniac, he tested out the LaKota PM. Being the skeptic he is, he evaluated all the herbs and realized many of these are what we keep in our essential oils as well as some of the herbs we have taken in the past for wellness. The Chad was pleasantly surprised at how much more comfortable he felt after taking. He also LOVES the LaKota PM because in his words:

“I do not have that hungover feeling you get from regular sleep aids or the groggy feeling from Benadryl based sleep aids. I fell easily to sleep and felt totally refreshed in the morning.”

LaKota sent our family the following and we have thoroughly enjoyed all of them:

  • Soulagement Nocturne LaKota PM Night Time Pain Relief
  • Muscle Pain – Roll-On
  • Back Pain – Roll-On
  • Arthritis Roll-On
  • Triple Action Back Pain capsules
  • Maximum Strength Muscle Pain capsules
  • Joint Care Joint Pain capsules
  • Canine Arthritis Pain Reliever

Canine care? Yes you read that correctly. We have a fuzzy puppy who isn’t bounding like a puppy much these days and she has a bit of arthritis in her back knee. She chomped on one of these and found her she wasn’t limping as much and I wasn’t fearful of giving her human medication that could be potentially harmful.

LaKota is a great brand and has a wonderful line of products and they back their products with a 100% money back guarantee. You can find them online where they ship anywhere in the US and Canada. So if you are considering an alternative to your joint, arthritis and muscle pains and even for your fur family, I would recommend LaKota. As previously noted, be sure to consult with your physician before adding any supplements to your wellness regimen.

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  1. I am like your hubby. I could use both of these. I will have to check this out soon. Thank you for sharing

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