52 Weeks to Toxin Free Home

Last year I made the decision to radically transform how my family maintains their wellness. Seven years ago we transformed the way we eat by eliminating toxic, processed food. Yet we did not eliminate all the toxins in our home, we still had cleaners, fabric softener, wax melts, and cosmetics to name a few. All of these compound on themselves with processed, unclean food, which can lead to illness and the off chance of cancer. In an effort to continue to ward off and thwart any illness attack, I was very eager to truly own my health (and that of my family) to the fullest. While I dove in with my essential oils, absorbing as much information as I could and bringing in the oils that would support my family’s wellness, I still felt like I could be doing more to have a toxin free home.

clorox products, toxic laundry The more that I could be doing was eliminating the remaining toxins in my home: cleaners, softener, was melts, scented plugins, cosmetics. When I began diffusing essential oils in my home I noticed how my wax melts and Glade plugins were much more pungent, strong, call it perfumey. So I eliminated those by unplugging all of them and stashing them away. Would seem as though these scentsy type items would keep our home fresh they were actually polluting our interior environment. Diffusing my oils kept my home smelling fresh even without my plugins and waxes. Removing these scent items was the first step and one that I could immediately feel in my monthly budget.

washing machine, DIY fabric softener, non-toxic VOC free fabric softener https://thefivefish.com/diy-fabric-softener-recipeThe next scent item to remove was fabric softener. I struggled with this one the most as growing up my mother was a smoker, I became a smoker, I was very conscientious about how my clothes smelled and felt. Coveting Downy and all their magical scents I struggled to pass up how soft my clothes were and how sweet they smelled. Until I walked into my closet, put on a sweater that was washed last year, and realized how strong my clothes smelled of alcohol and artificial scents. My children were inhaling these smells, these VOCs (volatile organic compounds), that could be potentially harmful long term. Making my own softener I watched as my clothes still smelled fresh, clean, they felt clean, no more fabric softener stains, no more smelly washer. Did I mention how I noticed the savings again in my monthly budget? What I once was spending $10/month has been cut in half or less by using clean, organic, non-toxic ingredients.

Slowly but surely I began evaluating what my family uses everyday in our home and how we could modify to be more natural. Truly natural. Using what occurs in nature. With each evaluation I had so much fun turning my kitchen into an apothecary. Experimenting with various essential oils to achieve the results I was looking for with lotions, tonics, home cleansers, shampoos, everything!

Each week I am excited to bring you a “toss the toxins” recipe. These recipes are what I use in my own home, each and every day. I have felt the difference in the scent, feel, overall wellness support and financial savings by using these toxin free alternatives to maintain our households.

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