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Being an Arizona native one might think that my skin and body would be tolerant of the extreme heat and arid summer climate. The fact remains as I have aged, my skin is not as resilient and tolerant to the harsh environment. Dry, ashy, and sometimes cracking, breaking skin happens on my shins, hands, fingers and feet if I am not on top of my skin care. Traditional lotions, creams and oils are petroleum based and laden with chemicals, perfumes and other additives which only further perpetuates the problem of dry skin. As I am always on the hunt for wonderful organic products I was approached about a homegrown company here in Arizona, Whish body products. Whish was created by one man’s quest to grace his bride with the best shave experience, for better skin, all while leaving her smelling delicious.

Jesse Werner struggled with his own shaving experience. In-grown hairs, razor burns and cuts were normal yet tragic results after shaving his sensitive skin. Scouring every drugstore, prescription, and department store counter for a product that would improve his daily shave routine, he found a rich European cream devoid of harsh chemicals that suited his skin just perfectly. One day his wife ran out of shaving cream and borrowed his, her experience was just short of magical with the exception of the “old English guy” smell. The rest is history as Jesse concocted luscious skin care products for the whole body.

whish beauty, organic lotion, organic shave cream, organic body oil, organic cosmeticsI had the luscious opportunity to experience the Shave Crave Shaving Cream, Whish Restoring Body Oil and the Whish Three Whishes Body Butter.

The Shave Crave Shaving Cream was coconut flavored and was as if I was applying fresh coconut cream to my legs, the smell was fresh, light and the consistency was creamy, silky and one of the closest shaves. With normal creams my skin would feel dry and tight. I would actually avoid  fully drying my legs after a shower and shave in order to apply a moisturizer to damp legs to maximize softness and moisture to prevent my skin from tightening up. Shave Crave was like a moisturizer and shaving cream in one, just a few pumps and I was able to cover both legs well. The product is a true cream and does not foam. Whish shave creams are namely made with organic shea butter, organic green tea, organic coconut oil (which explains the wonderful consistency) and organic jojoba seed oil. No more fumbling with conditioner as a substitute shave cream. No more fumbling with soap bars.

While I didn’t stop there I wanted the full Whish experience so I applied the Three Whishes Body Butter to my legs, arms, all over. The feeling was light and felt like a whipped cream as it applied evenly and smoothly to my skin. I did not feel greasy or heavy, my skin felt youthfully supple. Made with organic aloe, organic shea butter and organic raspberry, these ingredients provide excellent moisturization, skin hydration and are free of petrochemicals.whish beauty, whish body butter, organic body butter, organic lotion

I’ll close to tell you that the Whish Restoring Body Oil is just as luxurious and silky. I love applying the body oil to give my skin a glorious, youthful glow and the scent is delicious. The flavor I received was almond and reminded me of a freshly baked birthday cake. I adore applying this oil, especially when The Chad and I got out for date night or I just want to freshen up my skin. The body oil is light and does not feel like a typical body oil. Just like the other two products, the Whish Restoring Body Oil is free of petrochemicals, paraben free, sulfate free, TEA and DEA free.

Whish products are made with organic ingredients whenever and wherever possible. The ingredients create a luxurious and indulgent moisturizing experience.  Packaging is minimal and with an airless pump to ensure that you receive every last bit of the Whish product in each bottle, as opposed to having part left in an aerosol type package.  What’s even more exciting is that I found I can purchase Whish products at any Nordstrom’s here in the valley, at ULTA stores and participating Phoenix metropolitan salons. If you are tired of fluffy chemical laden shave creams, lotions, body oils and more, Whish, for better skin.

**I received the Whish trio of products listed above. My review is honest and unabridged, in no way was my opinion swayed by the testing and review of this product in my home.**

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  1. I would love to find a product I don’t get migraines from! this sounds like a possibility. I will have to go smell them all lol.

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