GainZ Box For the Gym Addict – 52 Weeks of Subscriptions, Shopping & Boxes

About a year and a half ago I went on a major transformation with my health. Lifting heavy weights and paying attention to what I was eating was on the daily for me. I quickly became a gym addict and loved all that I was feeling; sore, tired, energized and always hungry. Last fall needed something new in my routine and I found CrossFit, rather functional fitness. Of course, like any good thing a monthly box and subscription exists for the gym addict, Gain[Z] boxes, which are curated based on functional fitness. A monthly box that contains awesome workout clothes, fitness coupons and swag, as well as fitness gear and other goodies! Who wouldn’t love the goodies contained in this box? Continue reading “GainZ Box For the Gym Addict – 52 Weeks of Subscriptions, Shopping & Boxes”

Struggles with Body Image

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Today’s society is so image driven. We are hyperfocused on how we appear, how we are perceived, how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves. A time not so long ago I struggled with these same obsessions, the engrossment in unhealthy thinking and self-deprecation. My struggles with body image were skewed; when I was thin I thought I was too fat, when I was heavy I thought I was the heaviest woman on earth. After many years, I have come to love myself, my body, all my flaws and imperfections. Continue reading “Struggles with Body Image”

What The Fork Are You Eating

If you are like others who started off the new year feeling not yourself or your health is less than favorable, your initial thought might be to start exercising, eating better, and then maybe visit your doctor. Did you know that most physicians who advise to eat a healthy diet and exercise cannot even tell you what a healthy diet looks like? That’s right! In fact, 99 of the 106 medical schools polled in a survey indicated they only required some form of education (conference, seminar, etc), but do not require a formal university course study. So what the fork are you eating and what the fork can your doctor really tell you about your diet when they don’t even know? Stephanie Sacks, author, certified nutritionist and chef, can help you overhaul your plate and your pantry in her book “What the Fork Are You Eating?: An Action Plan for Your Pantry and Plate.”

This book is absolutely revolutionary in breaking down the foods we eat, why we should or should not eat, buy, or consider them as food items. We spend so much time focusing on “low-fat” or “sugar free,” with the intention of helping ourselves, but all we are doing is pumping more artificial additives into our bodies that we simply cannot process.

By no means am I a dietary professional, scientist or physician, however, I am a consumer and person who struggled with the reality of food and how it wreaked havoc on my life. My weight suffered, my skin as I had horrible acne, fatigue, and my own personal struggle and triumph with cervical cancer. Converting to a whole foods, organic diet allowed me to take control of all these ailments and help me live a better life with more energy and radiance.

“What the Fork Are You Eating” will help you understand how foods are made, how they affect your body, our environment, and your budget. A step-by-step guide to the small changes that have a big impact on our family health and the financial health of our budgets. Not only will you learn about how, or how little, our food is regulated, but this book is packed with wholesome, affordable recipes that your entire family is sure to love.

If you are ready to read the most powerful, life changing book of the year, then enter to win your very own copy of “What the Fork Are You Eating: An Action Plan for Your Pantry and Plate

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Spark People Gorton’s Realistic Resolution Challenge Giveaway

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Gorton’s Seafood is working hard to help start the New Year off right with their Realistic Resolution. With this Resolution it’s a win win situation. You can eat healthier and enjoy Gorton’s Seafood recipes. To kick off the Realistic Resolution they are providing a giveaway on lucky winner with:
2 full-value product coupons, an insulated tote, the SparkPeople cookbook, the Spark book and the SparkPeople Boot Camp DVD

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The Wellness Kitchen

As we embark into the new year many of us are gearing up to execute on our new resolutions. One of your resolutions may be to wrangle your health which means taking hold of the foods we eat. Wellness begins in the kitchen. We do not lose weight by fitness alone, our bodies are living machines that process foods for optimal performance. However, we often go on fad diets for quick results and then experience a boomerang affect where the weight returns. Continue reading “The Wellness Kitchen”

Mens and Womens Health Fitness Products

Holiday’s wreak havoc on our diets. Starting with Halloween and moving forward into Thanksgiving and then Christmas we have so little reprieve from the temptations and struggles to maintain our health. We do not have to let the hustle and bustle of the holidays get in the way of our workout routines and our healthy eating habits. But if they do and you cannot get to the gym or in our current economy the gym isn’t a feasible option, workout equipment has evolved where we no longer have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on quality workout equipment.

You can bring the gym home to you with fitness devices that exercise all your muscle groups anywhere, anytime, and any place. Take the equipment with you and it is travel friendly and easy to pack and carry with you.

EB Sport Group is proud to present from Men’s and Women’s Health. Men’s Health offers Triceps Crunch that is customizable to work your triceps, your core, and strengthen your upper body. All you need is a door and your motivation. Ladies don’t fear, this is a great workout to get rid of those “old lady” arms we are so terrified of getting. Women’s Health offers the Quick Adjust Resistance Bands with patented Turn-Key Technology adjusts from zero to five feet in seconds with any resistance, with padded handles for flex and comfort. Each of these amazing workout devices comes with walk through exercise instructions and DVD.

These fabulous products offer the ease of gym right in your own home so you have no excuse not to workout, and these workouts strengthen your entire body without the bulk of weights or the cost of a monthly gym membership. And now you can have the opportunity to win them for use in your home this holiday season and for years to come. Here are the details to win your resistance bands and tri-cep curls:

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Working It with Kettle Worx

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Weight loss and getting fit is a lot of hard work. The media sells “fit” and “thin” so well that they do not tell you that these celebrity types and socialite women really have NO RESTRICTIONS when considering their time to workout. They probably also are not on a budget to save money and make every dollar stretch either when considering the price of a gym membership and grocery bills. My point is that you can eat healthy and get fit and in shape on a budget!

Last year I began my weight loss journey. I was HEAVY. HEAVY I say. Twins, breastfeeding twins, and the lack of time for myself with infants resulted in excessive eating to maintain energy for caring for twin infants, a five year old, breastfeeding and tending to a husband and home. Sounds like a workout right? One might think. At one point when the twins were roughly 10 months old and we were on a short stint to visit family I hastily put myself on the scale. I felt good and thought I looked good…until the number slapped me in the face.

I was a hefty 215 pounds. For my build this was killing my body. Killing my knees. Heavy on my heart, kidneys, you name it! I was a size 16 in this photo. I thought I looked okay until I saw this photo in a frame, as a gift for Christmas. Seeing that photo made me extremely upset that I had let myself go so badly. So I decided to make a change starting in 2009.

My eating habits were reined in! Scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon, English muffin with flax oil instead of butter for breakfast. Smoked turkey, low fat cheese, tomatoes, and almonds for lunch, gallons of water, dinner was grilled chicken with greens and a light carb item. I also kicked the worst habit of all. SODA! Drinking almost a 6-pack a day to maintain energy, or so I thought I was maintaining energy.

In one month from eating right, kicking soda pop, I lost 20 pounds. But that was not enough. I began light cardio of walking for 30 minutes, which about killed me being that heavy. I pumped the cardio up to 30 minutes of power walking, and then a jog, and reached a point where I would alternate with a power walk and sprint to beef up my heart rate and help burn fat. I lost a few more pounds. So I ramped it up with some strength training. By the end of the year in 2009 I weighed it at 170 pounds, a size 8/10, 10/12 (depending on the cut and designer) and I had lost INCHES as well as added years to my life.

But I was not, nor am I done yet!

Ringing in 2010 I knew that I wanted my 30s to feel even stronger than I do now and I wanted my body to be back to her prehistoric self (before children). While a lofty goal I know I can do it. I needed a fitness program to help me reach that goal and a program that I would not be frustrated or bored with, and I found Kettle Worx.

I LOVE my Kettle Worx program! Kettle Bell, Kettle Worx, Fitness

What I found with any workout program is that they do not tell you where to begin, what tools you need (weights, bands, pull up bars, etc), and which discs to do during the session. Kettle Worx is the all-in-one with the tools, the start-up discs that tell you what workouts and what discs to watch when and for how long. No longer are you left guessing what to do or winging it and becoming frustrated.

I also thought, no way would this program work. HA! Did I so eat those words.

After the very first workout, I woke up the next morning a tad stiff and by the end of the day my muscles were screaming at me. I could feel the difference. That workout was JUST the cardio DVD, so imagine how I felt after the core DVD program. After ONE WEEK, I could see a noticeable difference in my mid-section, my arms, and my butt.

Moms if you are looking for a program that is easy, comes with all the tools and parts you need for success, including telling you which DVD’s to watch in which order, this is your program! The price is affordable too which is under $100 for the Kettle Bell, DVD’s and nutrition program, so what you would pay for a 3 month gym membership, or a SINGLE training session with a personal trainer, is in a lifetime program you can use and WORKS! I am also going to show you my progress and body transformation in the coming weeks with Kettle Worx.