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Weight loss and getting fit is a lot of hard work. The media sells “fit” and “thin” so well that they do not tell you that these celebrity types and socialite women really have NO RESTRICTIONS when considering their time to workout. They probably also are not on a budget to save money and make every dollar stretch either when considering the price of a gym membership and grocery bills. My point is that you can eat healthy and get fit and in shape on a budget!

Last year I began my weight loss journey. I was HEAVY. HEAVY I say. Twins, breastfeeding twins, and the lack of time for myself with infants resulted in excessive eating to maintain energy for caring for twin infants, a five year old, breastfeeding and tending to a husband and home. Sounds like a workout right? One might think. At one point when the twins were roughly 10 months old and we were on a short stint to visit family I hastily put myself on the scale. I felt good and thought I looked good…until the number slapped me in the face.

I was a hefty 215 pounds. For my build this was killing my body. Killing my knees. Heavy on my heart, kidneys, you name it! I was a size 16 in this photo. I thought I looked okay until I saw this photo in a frame, as a gift for Christmas. Seeing that photo made me extremely upset that I had let myself go so badly. So I decided to make a change starting in 2009.

My eating habits were reined in! Scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon, English muffin with flax oil instead of butter for breakfast. Smoked turkey, low fat cheese, tomatoes, and almonds for lunch, gallons of water, dinner was grilled chicken with greens and a light carb item. I also kicked the worst habit of all. SODA! Drinking almost a 6-pack a day to maintain energy, or so I thought I was maintaining energy.

In one month from eating right, kicking soda pop, I lost 20 pounds. But that was not enough. I began light cardio of walking for 30 minutes, which about killed me being that heavy. I pumped the cardio up to 30 minutes of power walking, and then a jog, and reached a point where I would alternate with a power walk and sprint to beef up my heart rate and help burn fat. I lost a few more pounds. So I ramped it up with some strength training. By the end of the year in 2009 I weighed it at 170 pounds, a size 8/10, 10/12 (depending on the cut and designer) and I had lost INCHES as well as added years to my life.

But I was not, nor am I done yet!

Ringing in 2010 I knew that I wanted my 30s to feel even stronger than I do now and I wanted my body to be back to her prehistoric self (before children). While a lofty goal I know I can do it. I needed a fitness program to help me reach that goal and a program that I would not be frustrated or bored with, and I found Kettle Worx.

I LOVE my Kettle Worx program! Kettle Bell, Kettle Worx, Fitness

What I found with any workout program is that they do not tell you where to begin, what tools you need (weights, bands, pull up bars, etc), and which discs to do during the session. Kettle Worx is the all-in-one with the tools, the start-up discs that tell you what workouts and what discs to watch when and for how long. No longer are you left guessing what to do or winging it and becoming frustrated.

I also thought, no way would this program work. HA! Did I so eat those words.

After the very first workout, I woke up the next morning a tad stiff and by the end of the day my muscles were screaming at me. I could feel the difference. That workout was JUST the cardio DVD, so imagine how I felt after the core DVD program. After ONE WEEK, I could see a noticeable difference in my mid-section, my arms, and my butt.

Moms if you are looking for a program that is easy, comes with all the tools and parts you need for success, including telling you which DVD’s to watch in which order, this is your program! The price is affordable too which is under $100 for the Kettle Bell, DVD’s and nutrition program, so what you would pay for a 3 month gym membership, or a SINGLE training session with a personal trainer, is in a lifetime program you can use and WORKS! I am also going to show you my progress and body transformation in the coming weeks with Kettle Worx.

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  1. Can’t wait to see it Karie! I am doing Nutrisystem now with gym workouts everynight. I was doing 2 hours, now I have been doing just one. Every night I tell myself I am going to hit the weights. Need to hit the weights. And then I leave after my hour on the treadmill. LOL I started out on Feb 1st weighing in at 220. I am now down to 208. 7 weeks and 12 lbs. UGH!

  2. This sounds great! I am on the right track for sure but really need a way to exercise regularly. I am just not as motivated for that. IF I ever get the funds, I will be all over this! I need it!

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