Harvey Prince Scents of Purpose

Admittedly I am a fan of most things girl; shoes, purses, perfumes, and fine clothing. I am a scent whore most of all to be sold bold and brash. I adore perfume. Nothing defines a mood, a feeling, a memory, or a “just because” like the smell of perfume. My salle de bain, as I like to refer to my bathroom, is filled with various rich perfumes from some of the most famous designers; Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Donna Karan, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, and my favorite Ralph Lauren. But sometimes I like to change up my scents and I am always on the look out for some fabulous new scents from my old favorite from Ralph Lauren, in fact my favorite scent of all time is Lauren by Ralph Lauren. I have worn it for years and it my signature scent if you were to ask.

Recently I heard of Harvey Prince. In all honesty I had never heard of them while searching for eco-friendly perfumes; I had know idea what they had to offer as far as a product, and best of all I did not know what to expect. So I requested a sample of their product and could not believe my olfactory response as well as my visual stimulation.

The packaging was adorable, bright, inviting, and stylish. To my pleasant surprise when I opened the package I found six, fun, roll on bottles of perfume and eau de parfum. Included was a transparent that spoke to me and told the story of the company and the perfumes they craft based on real life inspiration. The perfumes are meant for you feel good, feel happy, and feel young all while being yourself. I immediately opened each and every one of the bottles to smell for myself, to put them on, as if that moment were Christmas Day. Furthermore I pulled my husband over to me and had him smell them, I wanted  him to delight in my giddiness and excitement over perfume. Typical man, he appeased me and shared his feedback. He liked the femininity and the fact that each perfume resonated a moment in time and they were sexy, so he says. Ahem, thank you Mr. Fish.

The adorable packaging included the following scents: Eau Flirt, Eau Fling, Eau de Lite, Eau de Creme, Coupling, and the signature Ageless. I could smell all the warmth and femininity these perfumes had to offer and they inspired different feelings in me with each whiff. Eau de Creme is one of my favorites that I use ever so sparingly due to the rich vanilla and Patchouli that I could immediately recognize, making me think of a cool fall day drinking a hot latte with friends. Ageless though is timeless, reminding me of my Ralph Lauren adoration and how clean the smell is on the skin, not overwhelming or wreaking of alcohol like some parfums. I wore Ageless to work and was complimented numerous times on what a beautiful perfume I was wearing, who was the maker, all the women enjoyed the clean beautiful scent as much as I did and have enjoyed, and I felt like I did when I was in my twenties. Youthful, vibrant, and I could feel the touch of class by adding that bit of scent to my ensemble that can make you feel that much more the attention grabber without losing your class. Guiltily I retire my Ralph Lauren in lieu of Harvey Prince.

Harvey Prince even boasts of this in their mission statement to provide high quality perfumes to women without the toxicity or choking scents that are often found in boutique and cosmetic grade perfumes. Fabulous idea right!? Plus these perfumes are good for you too with no parabens, sulfates or GMO’s and they are crafted right here at home in the USA. But please do not let me influence you, I know I have in no way been influenced, especially because I had no idea what to expect or even what I was receiving, so now you have an idea of what Harvey Prince stands for and what fabulous perfumes they have to offer. Now you too can bring Harvey Prince to your life and add that spunk with Eau Flirt, feel years younger with Ageless, be that pinup for date night with Eau de Creme, or slip on some flip flops with Eau de Lite or choose from one of the other beautiful scents of full size perfumes Harvey Prince has to offer!

  • Come tell me which scent, by visiting the Harvey Prince site, you would love to add to your salle de bain and WHY! Is your why to feel young, flirty, because you just lost weight and feel amazing, tell us your story!
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Mens and Womens Health Fitness Products

Holiday’s wreak havoc on our diets. Starting with Halloween and moving forward into Thanksgiving and then Christmas we have so little reprieve from the temptations and struggles to maintain our health. We do not have to let the hustle and bustle of the holidays get in the way of our workout routines and our healthy eating habits. But if they do and you cannot get to the gym or in our current economy the gym isn’t a feasible option, workout equipment has evolved where we no longer have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on quality workout equipment.

You can bring the gym home to you with fitness devices that exercise all your muscle groups anywhere, anytime, and any place. Take the equipment with you and it is travel friendly and easy to pack and carry with you.

EB Sport Group is proud to present from Men’s and Women’s Health. Men’s Health offers Triceps Crunch that is customizable to work your triceps, your core, and strengthen your upper body. All you need is a door and your motivation. Ladies don’t fear, this is a great workout to get rid of those “old lady” arms we are so terrified of getting. Women’s Health offers the Quick Adjust Resistance Bands with patented Turn-Key Technology adjusts from zero to five feet in seconds with any resistance, with padded handles for flex and comfort. Each of these amazing workout devices comes with walk through exercise instructions and DVD.

These fabulous products offer the ease of gym right in your own home so you have no excuse not to workout, and these workouts strengthen your entire body without the bulk of weights or the cost of a monthly gym membership. And now you can have the opportunity to win them for use in your home this holiday season and for years to come. Here are the details to win your resistance bands and tri-cep curls:

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Stocking Stuffer Fun with Softlips

Are you stumped for the last minute stocking stuffer ideas well look no further since these ideas cover you literally from head to…bum?

Do you recall your parents protecting you from the elements each year by stuffing Chapstick into your stocking? Okay, so maybe my nurse of a mom was the only woman to give Chapstick and Lifesavers. But boot the Chapstick, really, when you get the fabulous feeling and oh so chic look and feel of Softlips lip conditioner.

Why Softlips? Well why not? The packaging is super friendly and with the duo packs you cannot go wrong. They slip ever so discretely in your stocking, purse, or pocket. Above all Softlips lip conditioner keeps your lips moisturized, soft, conditioned, and has a SPF20 for really fighting the elements. Softlips has a limited edition winter flavor duo pack in the following flavors:

  • Sugar and Spice
  • Vanilla and Mint
  • Sugar Plum Berry
  • Sugar Cookie

The Softlips packs retail for $2.99 to $3.99 for the duo pack and they are available at your local Walgreens and Target stores. Hurry though if you or your family love Softlips as these flavors are only available for a limited time.

If you are on Facebook you can fan Softlips and get all their updates on new flavors, offerings, giveaways, and more! However, since you are reading all about Softlips as a fabulous gift idea on my blog, read on to find out how to enter to win THE SET of Softlips winter flavors!

Now this part of the stocking stuffer I had a ton of fun reviewing while I know a lot of my blog friends and “The Chad” were laughing and skeptical.

In the summers of Arizona we have what you may call “swamp ass” or “swamp crotch” and the feeling is not so fresh or friendly. I mean what else do you do? The wonderful folks of Anti Monkey Butt solve this problem. HANDS DOWN! Seriously, you think I am kidding? I am not afraid to say that I hate the rubbing, sweaty feeling of my inner thighs, or ladies…the sweaty bust? You know what I mean. Laugh it up chuckles! Here is the low down:

Anti Monkey Butt Powder is a new product, invented by motocross riders, designed to treat friction and irritation that can result from excess sweat. Excessive sweat can cause irritation of the buttocks and inner thighs, also known as “monkey butt”. Unlike other powders, Anti Monkey Butt has calamine and talc which gives it a cooling sensation instead of the burning that you might get from other products. Anybody who has used those other powders will know what “the burning” is we are referring to. [RobinLeedyAssoc, 2009]

Lady Anti Monkey Butt is fabulous and really silky smooth. I really was a bit embarrassed to open and try but heck, I am all about trying products, what can they hurt? So I was PLEASANTLY satisfied at the feeling, smell, and sensation of feeling dry. I am a jogger so this was fabulous for me, I truly do not like the icky feeling. The ingredients are ever so simple too, corn starch, calamine, and talc. Sweet! “Butt” hey, Anti Monkey Butt was originally for men and they have the great ladies edition in pink! So while you are still laughing, grab your composure to enter this great giveaway for these fantastic items because ONE winner will receive both Anti Monkey Butt and Lady Anti Monkey Butt.

Here are the deets for these giveaways to stuff your stockings (though these will be a bit late for Christmas, I apologize for the delay in posting):

Mandatory Entry: Let me know which product you want and why? Aside from the information I told you above.

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however, my opinion was not swayed in any manner

Spice Up Date Night Eden Fantasy’s Flower Balm

Who says Christmas is just for kids and kids “toys?” Eden Fantasy’s is a great way to share with the one you love by warming up those cold winter nights, afternoons, and everything in between.

Eden Fantasy’s is chock full of wonderful gifts such as vibrators, sex toys, love games, adult toys and even lingerie to get in the “ho, ho, ho” mood of the season. But the giving doesn’t have to end there. Enhance these gifts with wonderful stocking stuffers such as the Flower Balm.

I enjoyed the Flower Balm from Eden Fantasy’s for review because it is mostly vegan, is silky smooth to apply all over as a massage balm and smells heavenly. For the ultimate in pleasure and sensation be sure, or have your partner be sure, to apply to your “flower” for a truly decadent gift of pleasure.

A truly unique and arousing experience upon using the flower balm and this stocking stuffer idea is sure to have you wishing you were a naughty girl all year. The Flower Balm generates a warm, tingling sensation that heightens your arousal and stimulates your “flower” area by increasing blood flow.
The scent is very subtle, refreshing, relaxing and can be enjoyed as just a light body balm with the smell of mandarin and mint.

A perfect stocking stuffer where the packaging is no larger than the size of a jewelry gift box and is tastefully decorated so as not to offend the “virgin” eyes. Stockings may not all you will be stuffing with love this year so be sure to add Eden Fantasy’s to your list of loving gifts for her and for him to share with her.

Want to enjoy Eden Fantasy’s for yourself with your loved one? Here is how you can enter to win a $25 Eden Fantasy’s Gift Card to shop for your love and desire this holiday season:

Mandatory Entry:
Visit Eden Fantasy’s and come tell me what gift you would like to see erect under your tree. (Please leave me your email address too so I may contact you for your winnings. If you have a blogger account, please make your profile public for access to your email address.)

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Cookup Rice Easily Cuisinart Rice Plus Multi-Cooker

If anyone is the chef of the kingdom in your home this appliance is a winner. I am not a huge fan of “rice” unless of course as a small side with Sashimi. Yes…mmmm….the savory, slippery, luscious taste of sashimi, true raw fish. Not a California Roll, TRUE sushi. I think I was Japanese in another life. Moving on, the Cuisinart however is more than your standard rice cooker. As the name clearly suggests the Cuisinart is a “multi-cooker” which means you can make much more than rice in this fabulous appliance.

While I too am not a fan of crock-pot or slow cooker meals I do have my lazy moments that would make Martha Stewart shudder, for that, I am so sorry Martha. But I do not like to dirty a million pans, my pans are vey nice and I would much rather use them as art than to cook in. So the Cuisinart helps me to cut down on dishes by offering a cook function similar to that of a stove top fry pan.

I was making chili the other night and knew I had to use the Cuisinart Rice Plus Multi-Cooker with Fuzzy Logic Technology. I read a chili recipe in the recipe book that was included with the multi-cooker and the recipe was very similar to mine. A few variations but much similar to mine. So I followed the cooking instructions for the multi-cooker as to not damage the appliance nor ruin my creation.

The function that allows for cooking similar to the cooktop is Quick Cook option and I was able to brown my turkey meat and then I removed the meat and was able to saute my onions with my spices for a truly decadent taste. From there the cooker automatically shuts off based on the Quick Cook option, and I set the option for the slow cook meal of a few hours (you can adjust the time based on volume, etc) and I added my meat and wet ingredients to the cooker, shut the lid and VOILA. The cooker actually did cook my food perfectly, not too hot, not burned and not that burning ring you often see on your ceramic slow cooker, suggesting that maybe the meal got a bit too hot.

In addition to meals like chili, you can make oatmeal, risotto, different variations of rice such as sushi rice, brown rice, you can steam vegetables for wraps, dinners, and even reheat meals that were not prepared in a slow cooker. I even used my Cuisinart Rice Plus Multi-Cooker to make a fabulous Rigatoni pasta dish. (The Cuisinart Rice Plus Multi-Cooker with Fuzzy Logic Technology also has a 3-year limited warranty.)

In all honesty I was completely skeptical. I wondered about the accuracy of the cook, the ability to handle the amount of food I so desired to cook, the cleaning, the ease of use, the electronics, and the name is “rice cooker” I was skeptical that all this appliance could do WAS. COOK. RICE. I was very pleased to find that is does not just do rice alone. So if you are shopping for someone who wants a rice cooker or a crock pot type gift, this appliance is a good all around gift to cover all of those bases.

Gaga for Mama Babywear

Gifts can be so universal and interchangeable, who says “rules” have to be set for gifts, the way they are given and the way they are received. I personally enjoy gifts that can be given to multiple people which is why I want to share with you Gaga for Mama Babywear for babes and their mothers.

“Thank you, Mom.”

Have you ever wished that your baby could tell you just how much he or she appreciates everything that you do? Your wish has just come true with Gaga for Mama babywear!

“Thank you” is such a simple, yet powerful phrase. And, I bet you would agree with me when I say that as mothers we sure don’t hear it as often as we would like. Well, now you can! Gaga for Mama baby-wear features high quality bodysuits, printed with inspiring sayings, that will make you feel appreciated and loved every day. They also offer coordinating pants, bibs, and sun hats to make a complete outfit for your baby.

The Gaga for Mama baby-wear line is sold at http://www.DoubleUpBooks.com. Double Up Books is the only bookstore that specializes in books for and about twins, triplets, and multiples for parents and children. Double Up Books will be giving away 2 Gaga for Mama bodysuits to 1 lucky winner. [DoubleUpBooks.com, 2009] *The Five Fish did not receive any products in conjunction with this giveaway.

Visit the babywear store within Double Up Books by going to http://bit.ly/3aXL7 and tell me which 2 bodysuits you would like if you were the winner (please include size and color info).


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Best of luck!
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Gifts for Her: ScentChips

Some great gifts are ones that are often the simplest. Women request candles for holiday and birthday gifts all the time so why not take the candle option up a notch with ScentChips.

ScentChips are scented wax chips formed into shapes that can be used as potpourri with a life of over five years or they can be melted in a simmering pot that will scent an area of up to 3000 square feet. ScentChips have been hand made in the USA, in San Antonio, Texas for over 25 years.

While candles are wonderful, enhance a room with delicate lighting and scent, the candle is not always clean burning, can cause smoke damage, or worse start a fire. ScentChips can be melted and the aroma will last for hours. ScentChips are also clean burning and non-toxic making them a great alternative to candles.

Different chips scents can also be combined for the ultimate in home fragrance. The chips are melted in a wide variety of electric burners as to avoid the fire and candle issue and inherent danger. ScentChips are not to be left unattended as with any wax, the product may reach excess heats causing a hazardous situation. Literally hundreds of scents to choose from to mix and match.

ScentChips can be found in stores in select states in the US, Malaysia, New Zealand, Austraila, and Puerto Rico. The price for these wonderful scented gifts starts at $20 and up for the chips and the burner. The perfect gift for a woman who enjoys home fragrance and home fragrance that lasts longer than a candle.

Here is all the information straight from ScentChips themselves:

Hand made in San Antonio, Texas for over 30 years, Scentchips are the ORIGINAL scented wax potpourri. When melted, Scentchips will cover 3000 square feet with a rich aroma! Use them simply as a potpourri for a softer scent – which will last for over 5 years.

Scentchips uses only the finest quality and safest ingredients on the market. Using the highest ratio of fragrance to wax, Scentchips are the strongest and longest lasting product of its kind. Scentchips are Non toxic and clean burning, making them the safest way to way to fragrance your home or office. Their fragrance is natural, dyes are vegetable based and no chemicals or toxic elements to the product. Scentchips were “green before “green” was cool. 

Customers may select from over 50 fragrance blends or 72 single fragrance choices to create their own unique scent. Scentchips offers a wide variety of warming burners, including beautiful electric burners for those who would prefer not to use a tea light candle. 

Scentchips retail stores offer their customers a unique, creative and fun environment in select cities throughout the United States as well as internationally. You may also purchase Scentchips through their website: scentchipsusa.com or the Toll free number: 800-472-3687.
Scentchips offers many gift ideas, starting at under $15.00! For the finest in home fragrance, visit your nearest Scentchips store or their website today.[ScentChips USA, 2009]

Conservative Style Shade Clothing

As women become mothers and as we age our style still for the most part remains the same. We want to be stylish, we want to be “hip” but our style more or less evolves with our age and with our bodies. I have found that I still love to wear beautiful clothing that accentuates my body, but that does not make me look like Michelin Man. I have a few bumps and rounds here and there from having children, but nothing too bad. But I cannot pull off my hipsters and a tee showing my navel like I could just a few short years ago. However, I can sport my jeans and a fabulous top that accentuates my curves and my fabulous style.

With that being said I found Shade Clothing. They are fantastic! I at first was a bit skeptical on the clothing, very stylish, but would it be “MY” style.

I was so glad I proved myself wrong when I received a piece of clothing from Shade to review. Fabulous! Absolutely FABULOUS! The timing was perfect and terrible all at once as I received the top a few days before my grandfather’s funeral, but I looked great! I had so many compliments on my shirt, coupled with my Michael Kors trousers and Ralph Lauren Amaya Pumps.

I chose to review the Dolman Tunic which was a great choice because of the 3/4 sleeves where the top is not too hot and not too cold, literally just right for the fall weather.

The tunic has snaps along the left shoulder and down the sleeve. I was afraid the snaps would be heavy and binding and to my surprise they were very unnoticeable when I was wearing the top. The fit is awesome you can ruch the bottom as seen in the photo, or you can wear the shirt completely I was also afraid that the scoop neck would either be too low or too high causing an eye sore at my neck line and the scoop is perfect, especially because I am a bit more leveraged in the bust area so I like shirts that do not make me look like “Holy Boobs Batman.” Shade Clothing claims to be clothing for modest women, but I hardly consider myself modest, I consider myself more classic, stylish, a mom by all means and have no intentions of dressing like an escort or looking as if I stuffed myself into my clothes or dressing in a MooMoo.

Shade Clothing was founded by Chelsea Rippy, who like the rest of the shopping women of the world, could not find clothing that was stylish and not revealing. The clothes were either teeny bop or your grandmother’s line of clothing. And so Shade Clothing was born to supply a fashionable line to women that they look super in and feel great. Shade Clothing has stores in UT and AZ and of course you can shop online.

Now do you want to feel great in some fabulous and super clothing? I know I was ecstatic! Here are your details to enter to win a $30 Gift Card with Shade Clothing:

MANDATORY ENTRY:  Tell me your one thing about clothes shopping or clothes in general. (Mine…the sizes are never the same for any designer…sizes all over the board!)


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Best of luck!
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Sustainable Shoes with J-41 (Jambu) Shoes

What woman doesn’t love shoes….seriously women love shoes, jewelry, handbags. So the kids reviewed shoes and I thought…why can’t mama review some shoes. I sought out shoes and I wanted shoes that are rugged, functional, classy, comfortable. I stumbled upon J-41 (Jambu) shoes and the collection is phenomenal.

Here are all the features and benefits of this wonderful brand of shoes:

  • Outsoles are made with partially recycled rubber
  • Jeep Designed and trail rated outsoles
  • Quick drying and odor free sock lining
  • Jeep® Memory Foam Footbed Cradles Feet
  • Sizes Range from 6-11
  • ARV $119.00
  • Buy online @ Planetshoes.com

I could list the endless benefits of these shoes but the truth is these are the only shoes I have worn since I received them, they are truly like walking on air. These shoes are stable, light, and seriously the most comfortable shoes I have worn in a long time.

The fabulous feature of this line of shoes is that they are not just trail rated and for hiking. They are versatile from a wedge, sandals, boots. The line also comes in a vegan option for those who are looking for the environmentally friendly option. These shoes are great for the everyday. I reviewed the exact model and color of shoe shown above. Literally, I could die in these shoes. The insoles are probably my favorite part of the shoe.

In Arizona you basically wear shoes to keep you from getting burned by the concrete, if you talk to anyone and everyone who lives in the Phoenix metro area they are always barefoot. Just our “thang” and or we wear flip-flops, you know, Flo-Jo’s! So when I wear shoes I DESPISE wearing socks, I mean truly despise socks, they make my feet feel hot sweaty, nasty and like something is growing. I only wear socks when working out. I love to wear shoes with no socks or hose but the problem is that my shoes stink from wearing no socks with my feet in there. (Mind you…I think feet are the nastiest thing created on a human being) I am just ecstatic these shoes DO NOT stink. None! Nada. Love them and they are super soft. Seriously I could go on and on about how sporty, functional, funky and fun these shoes are, so I will spare you my enthusiasm.

I will let you show me your enthusiasm about shoes, and better yet, about this line of shoes!

If you don’t believe me well check them out for yourself, or better yet, enter to win a fabulous pair for yourself! You pick the pair. Here are your details:

MANDATORY ENTRY:  Go to J-41.com and or PlanetShoes and tell me which pair you would want for yourself and why? This is the pair you will win too!


  • Fan J-41 on Facebook
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Organize Your Christmas Gifts from Rubbermaid

People treat Christmas like this is the only time of year to get someone something completely mind blowing. I mean, is December the only time to get the ones you love totally mind blowing gifts and the rest of the year is a buzz kill? Not in my house. No one likes my lists….I am practical, realistic, affordable, year round too! I like gifts that I can use everyday, that are appreciative, functional.

This year I thought to myself….Karie…what do you need or want? Well I wanted a vacation…but what I really need is organization! I scoured my kitchen, my house, my garage. Disarray! With three kids, twins no less, a dog, and a husband that works full time, blessed be that my house is traffic worthy and that it truly is as perfect as it is all the time. However, I have hidden secrets. Such as my Tupperware. Yes, my dark secret is my Tupperware cabinet fails me. FAIL I tell you.

I sought for the perfect Tupperware answer and Rubbermaid answered my call, the folks at Rubbermaid were so gracious to send me some to review for the gift guide.

Rubbermaid you ask? Like those Roughneck Totes? Yes. Imagine, roughneck totes for your kitchen. Functional storage with the quality of Rubbermaid brand and functionality. But here is the best part in my opinion. Rubbermaid offers 17 different kitchen products (well…more, but specifically these are for the kitchen). What is even better is their new food storage line of products has these great lids.

Lids? You ask. Yes, lids. Do you not hate when your lids are everywhere. A cluster mess of hide and seek for the right lid. Well Rubbermaid has these fabulous and I truly mean fabulous, ingenious snap and click lids.

So I reviewed the 20-piece food storage mixed set and I tell you what….I was ecstatic. I emailed Rubbermaid the day I got them and was bubbling over with the ease of use with the lids. How everything nested together. And…then put away so nicely. I washed them immediately and I absolutely had to try them because that day happened to be farm day for my CSA pick-up and I had produce that needed to be stored properly. I got to chopping and put the Rubbermaid food storage containers to the test, especially the produce savers. Here is what fresh, organic farm tomatoes look like in the Rubbermaid Produce Savers food storage.

Look at those tomato juices nesting at the bottom. This is what you tomatoes will normally sit in and that may make them more mushy once they have been chopped and diced, leaving them undesirable and you end up tossing them, thus wasting money. Well I hate to throw away money. So the produce savers are fabulous for those produce items that happen to be juicy or may turn juicy over time. You see the little green tray at the bottom? Well that keeps your produce fresh and out of the juice with the slots and raised platform, not to mention the venting holes at the top to help release the gasses the build up as produce is stored. But here is what Rubbermaid suggests for your produce storage, which is that you “do not cut the produce before storing” [Rubbermaid, 2009], read more here.

But the produce savers are not the only products The Five Fish tested and the Lock-Its with the secure tab, the Premier, and the Easy Find lids. All with the click lids for easy storage and access.

Rubbermaid is not just store for your stuff and food, but they also have Closet and Laundry storage and organization, Garage organization, any space you can think of and the products to make life more functional and easy! Who can tell me they would turn down functional?

Do you have a chef at home, wife, mother, sister, brother, maybe a college student who could use these. All around Rubbermaid is a great gift idea for anyone who could use storage. You want some you say? Well here is your chance to win a 20pc Food Storage Mixed Set with The Five Fish:

MANDATORY ENTRY: Tell me your pet peeve with Tupperware or storage in general. (Be sure to leave your email address or make your blogger profile public so your email address is available.)


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