Text Message Folly

Just the other day I was on my standard trip to Costco to load up on TONS of milk and miscellaneous that I need around the house. I really just need a freaking cow for crying out loud….you just cannot imagine the amount of milk three little gnomes can power through.

Anyway, I leave the house and totally space looking up where the nearest Whole Foods Market may be. I thought I might check them out for this specialty item I have been shopping for and haven’t found….thinking they might have it. So I figure I would text the old little sister and see if she can Google the closest Whole Foods for me. Fantastic! Here is how our texts play out:

Me: B, can u look up the closest whole foods, plz.

B: The nearest Whole Foods is Tempe or Gilbert.

Me: That blows!!! CRAP

B: Goats or penises?

Now here is where the replies get tricky, my sister and I have great banter! Watch as I foul up my texts…I am such a dork!!

Me: Goats!!! Penises are YUMMO!!!

DH: What????

Me: What……



Now I was laughing hysterically, in the car mind you….yes texting while I am driving, but hey…safer than surfing the web on the old phone. I seriously thought I had the best reply….only to have that shattered by the old DH. Who was wondering why I was discussing penises via text and with whom I was discussing penises. I could not understand why my sister did not reply….now I understood. Sheesh for having those two so close on my contacts list. I had to look into my sent messages to find I sent the text to DH instead of my sister. I failed miserably at the texting that day. So I forwarded the text to her with this note:

Me: ……sent this text to C, on accident, shoulda gone to you……GOATS!! Penises are YUMMO!!


Yes I am the texting noob queen. I will never text and drive again! At least not when I am talking about what blows….goats or penises!

7 Replies to “Text Message Folly”

  1. haha! great story! by the way…we go through no less than 11 gallons of milk a week. this is NOT an exaggeration. talk about needing a cow. and you should totally check out textsfromlastnight.com. your text would definitely qualify for that site, i think!

  2. LOL Ha HA. Be careful if you ever decide to send some um fun pics to your hubby! Double check that address!! HA

  3. Mwhahahahahahahah This is awesome. Now we just need to save the google talk messages and start a site about our conversations. It'll be R rated and quite entertaining.

    By the way I hate captchas…

  4. Beth you have got to leave me your email…or email it to me…I think up at the top I have a button?! O.O

    MM – I know right!!?? Hubs was giving me grief about that this morning. He never lets me live anything down.

    My dear sister….I sent you an email….Muwahahahahahaha attack of the captchas!

  5. Tracy, seriously I had to pee my pants after he replied! I called him to tell him the story…and then he razzed me about it! So much fun!

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