The Difference a Year Can Make

If you chronicle what happens in a year, from daily writings to even recalling shady memories, a great and amazing thing happens. You realize so much!!

This time last year I was breastfeeding my twins, I was fat, well not so much, as I lost a lot of baby weight…but was packing it back on because of breastfeeding.

This time last year my boy was struggling in all day kindergarten. Big G was doing the all day thing, but we realized that starting him a WHOLE year too soon was not best. He was throwing fits, yelling in the halls, everyday was a challenge.

This time last year DH was about to be laid off. Three years and lots of sweat and tears and he was laid off due to budget cuts. Scary when you aren’t sure where the next paycheck to pay for your groceries will come from. Especially with newborn twins!!

This year, the twins can almost open the fridge themselves to find food. They remind me of the characters from the movie “Over the Hedge” when they raid the human fridge.

This year I am down 30 pounds (just from March), working on 50 more (to be pre pre baby weight!! Yeah I was a size 4…I am hopeful) or less I would be happy. I just like to know I look good in my clothes, and I don’t have to fork out four grand for a tummy tuck I really won’t need. Thank goodness for the little engine that could of weight loss, slow and easy, and consistent.

This year, Big G is amazing!! He can color in the lines like a girl would, he gets up at the butt crack of dawn every morning excited to learn. Excited to be at school. He thanks me for making his lunch for him. And he is more than happy and excited when he gets home from school. Each day I find him more and more grown up, having grown up conversations about truly in depth topics like food, Star Wars, well I never said they were MY kind of grown up conversations…maybe his father but not me.

Amazing what a difference a year can make. I am glad that DH and I decided to take him to the young kindergarten program last year since he wasn’t quite five when he started school, and I am glad he is able to do all day kindergarten this year. He has matured so much emotionally and I am so happy for him. I am happy he enjoys school so much that this next summer….he gets to go to school then too!! Yup, summer school!! No more being bored! But we will play it by ear. Who knows, school may become the bane of his existence like the most of us.

What happened in the last year for you? Good and bad? With your kids? So much can happen in a year and in most cases even less time.

6 Replies to “The Difference a Year Can Make”

  1. My baby went to college this last year and my oldest stopped coming home for the summer. It's not good…this growing up thing.

  2. this time last year I was still pregnant and didn't know what I was having….This time last year I had less fun though strange enough!

  3. i can't even think what was going on last year. i'll get back to you. you rock on the weight loss! i really just want the tummy tuck. i'm lazy!

  4. How awesome that your school offers a young kindergarten program!!! Finally getting back some of your tax money.

  5. I really enjoyed this post because the last year has been a whirlwind for me of the best (my baby) and the worst (just about everything else). Truly, my life now doesn't remotely resemble a year ago…and I've still got to loose some breastfeeding weight. I thought nursing was supposed to burn it all off! LIES!

  6. Yup.. time flies. It seems to go by even faster with kids.

    (Whoever said that breastfeeding helps to lose weight post-pregnancy? I lost all the baby weight and then some, but packed on quite a bit because of breastfeeding!)

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