The Funk of All Funks

Most, okay, not sure on that, but so I have read, that most bloggers get into a funk where they cannot post. Nothing witty comes to mind, nothing exciting has happened to yield the space taken by a blog post, or they completely feel uninspired. Me….not so much.

My funk all began on the eve of the Waxing Gibbous. At least that is what I think the dang thing is called before the moon is completely full.

Yes! I said it. THE FULL MOON!!

I have had one previous post like this where my children seriously act out in ways that I have never experienced. They are not bad kids, they are just…..wacky!

Not to mention that everything under the sun (and moon at this point) could go wrong. Here is my shopping list of funky stuff:

  • Full Moon (that’s funky enough right?!)
  • PMS (ah yes, Aunt Flo….bitch!)
  • Ran out of propane while grilling (brisket mind you…this takes a few hours)
  • No Health Insurance (yeah not sure the deal on that….called HR…still waiting on a response….GRRRRRRRR)
  • Can’t schedule the Hubs vasectomy (another funky problem…ick…and we are so done having kids…like three kids ago! LOL See the sister problem above)
  • Cell phone was hosed….Seth-en-Stein decided it needed to go for a swim…and the rice trick…didn’t save my poor phone.
  • Laptop was pulled off table…still functioning (by the Grace of a higher power)
  • Kids called Afghanistan….had two phones on speaker next to each other..lots of feedback and screaming…not sure who was screaming on the phone though.
I have more…but been such a long week, I am so not going to bore you with my petty details. But needless to say I wasn’t about to do a blog post…because with my luck of all lucks with the full moon something would have gone funky there too!

Have any of you experienced the full moon phenomenon where your kids seems to act like demons descended from hell to drive you nuts? Or they act like they are possessed? Can you see her horns? Yeah I think she is looking at them too. I think she is trying to figure out why they are showing. And then the Big G….yeah he is planning plots of mass manipulation.

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  1. i feel your pain! i think it's worse when they are total angels the next day. you know it is just the calm before the storm. i never fully trust them when they are being good.

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