52 Weeks to Toxin Free – The Power of Salt

For years we have been told how bad salt is for our bodies and in our diet, causing high blood pressure, heart attack and kidney stones. What we have not been told is how we can harness the power of salt in our lives aside from our diet. We have also been told about the wonderful relaxing power of salt in a bath with Epsom salt, but did you know you can use salt for so much more than a bath? Here are some fabulous non-toxic ways to incorporate more salt into your daily life.

Salt for Body Health

While salt has been touted as the leading cause for heart health problems and kidney stones, other items do attribute to these health concerns, of which I am not a doctor and will not address. What we will address is how salt can be a non-toxic additive to your home from harsh chemicals.

Salt in water is a natural laxative. Ever notice your trip to the beach and unintentional swallowing of sea water leads to easier bowel movements? Salt water can ease constipation when ingested on an empty stomach. My hubby has been known to chug a glass every now and again; his salt of choice is pink Himalayan salt for all of the awesome minerals it contains.

Of course we all know about bath salts. Epsom salt is great for soothing sore muscles, strains, sprains, aches, and even bruises. Using this same logic of an Epsom salt bath, researchers have shared that soaking in an Epsom salt bath can reduce your blood pressure, reduce and or ease stress (especially when adding Lavender essential oils) and in some cases has been known to reduce blood sugar levels and cravings. (We have yet to test or find any conclusive research to this.)

Are your locks out of control? Feeling oily and weighed down or just feeling lifeless and needing a pick me up? Epsom salt or a salt water spray (recipe at the bottom) have been known to remove excess product buildup, add volume and revive limp hair. Add salt to your conditioner by creating almost a warm mask, leave on hair for deep conditioning and to add volume. Salt water can be a great cleanser too. Allow one cup to one gallon of water to completely dissolve and mix, use as you would shampoo (without all the scrubbing and scrunching), rinse and voila – clean hair without all the chemicals, sulfates, perfumes and gunk. Soften those locks with an apple cider vinegar rinse like you would conditioner.

Salt for Home Health

Have you ever wondered why people have salt water pools? Not because they sound amazing, but salt is a wonderful natural cleanser. Salt is great for cleaning bathrooms, tile, and in the kitchen, aside from cooking. Salt is naturally coarse and works well for hard water stains, soap buildup on tile in the bathroom, cleaning grout lines and applying to those cooked on foods in your favorite pans. Scrub away without any soap buildup or harsh chemicals. Sure, you will use a bit extra muscle, but who said muscle was a bad thing?

Is rust ruining your mood or life? Just like the cleansing power of lemon, adding a bit of salt can also help remove rust stains and even red wine stains. Are your floors looking dingy, lifeless and needing a boost? Just like for your hair, salt can add a bit of shine and clean up those hard to get stains. Same can be true of your natural fabrics, are they looking “meh?” Adding a tablespoon of salt to your wash of your natural fabrics can brighten your day, and theirs too! The same can be said for your washer. Over time, if you use a liquid soap or fabric softener, your washer will accumulate a buildup. To remove this naturally and safely, start your washer on the hottest water setting and add a cup of salt to the tub. Let the wash run and for an added boost, you can add vinegar and let it sit to really scrub away the gunk.
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Who knew of the many uses of salt other than to boil water or season food! Salt is also great for putting out any grease fires, soaking up spills on the carpet, and so much more. The power of salt in your home. What uses do you have for salt in your home other than seasoning foods or boiling water? Have you harnessed the power of salt for a toxin free home?

15 Replies to “52 Weeks to Toxin Free – The Power of Salt”

  1. Hmmm…interesting! I use different salts for cooking but honestly don’t ever think to use them for much else! Thanks for the good ideas!

  2. I use salt and a little water to make a paste and scrub away coffee stains in my mug. I’ve also used it to clean my cutting board. I’m definitely giving the salt water drink a try!

  3. I did not know all these benefits!! I have a salt lamp and LOVE it!! I am just learning the benefits of Himalayan salt in my diet too!! This is all so great!

  4. Awesome article! I learned a lot here. I gotta try the salt for hair. But how much do you use for a constipation drink? Thanks for reminding me about the epsom salt baths–got epsom salt and lavender. 🙂

    1. We’ve done our flushes with 2 tsp of salt and of course on an empty stomach otherwise your body will absorb and cause you to bloat and swell. The saltwater cleanse is very gentle and easy on the body. Though hubby sometimes complained of queasiness with the salt water, just depends on the person.

  5. I knew there was a reason I liked salt but did not know it was this many reason. My mother always had us gargle with salt water for our throats

  6. Wow!I enjoyed reading this awesome feature and learned a few things too.I am definitely going to try some of these natural ways to clean with salt.

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