The Purpose Of Commercial Lighting

Stores need great lighting to display what they offer to sell. Offices need it so that their employees can work without straining their eyes. Factories and other industrial areas need it to keep their workers safe. There are multiple needs for commercial lighting and several options of systems to choose from. Which one you need depends on the application it will be used for. Here are a few options for Commercial Lighting Systems Queensbury.

Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent bulbs are the long, skinny tube-shaped lights that are usually attached to a ballast.

There can be from four to six bulbs per ballast. These types of systems are frequently found in office settings. There are normal size units and the compact options that can be used in a variety of applications.

Metal Halides

Usually found in industrial or warehouse settings, Metal halides have a round lens that give off a wide glow. Hanging from the ceiling, these bulbs are bright enough for employees to do intricate types of work and cover a wide area. The low sodium versions of these bulbs are known to be far more efficient than the high-pressure metal halides and will save a corporation more money in the long run.


Used primarily for outdoor security, halogens can light up the outside of your business and keep it safe. The great amount of light they give off will keep thieves and vandals away from your facility. It’s also used by athletic teams to illuminate stadiums, baseball parks and other outdoor sports venues. Small versions of the lamp are used to spotlight special items in retail stores. LED lamps processes energy better than halogen bulbs and are recommended to be used instead of the halogen.

Recessed Downlights

Recessed downlights can give a cafe, retail store or restaurant the right mood making it a pleasant place for customers to go. The bulbs are held in within the ceiling in a special ballast and cast the soft light down on the customers. This type of system is also energy efficient especially when partnered with LED bulbs.

Track Lighting

Track lighting works great if there are things you wish to display in your store or gallery. They use energy well and can be adjusted to the place you wish to light up. They focus on one particular spot without being overwhelming the rest of your store. The track they are mounted on is also sleek, making your place look modern.

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