These Kids Eat Like….Hobbits?

You thought I was going to say
I fooled you!!

Seriously I think my kids eat ALL the time. Non-stop from the moment they wake up to the time they go to sleep. You would never know with Sara, unless she has a tape worm or something, we don’t call her Little Bitty for nothing! Seth and Grant could probably eat some linebackers or at least some fullbacks under the table FOR SURE! And they aren’t fat…..but I have been tracking their eating, and seriously all day. So instead of telling you their eating schedule, please watch this informational video that I found on YouTube which will fully explain the extent to which my children eat….and the times they eat!

6 Replies to “These Kids Eat Like….Hobbits?”

  1. I dread them getting bigger. I dread teenage years – if they eat this much now – what is my grocery bill going to be then????

  2. My daughter is tiny and she eats all the time. Dakota could eat junk all the time if I let him. Lately he hasn't want to eat. My oldest could eat and eat and eat.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following along, I've returned the favor. So you've had a similar story to mine? Not very easy, yet something you can still triumph over. I'll have to explore some more of what you have written in here.

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