Vintage Comfort for Fall or Winter with STS Blue

As my husband would refer to Fall and Winter fashion, it’s Han Solo season. Women begin to unpack their leggings, knee high boots, and jackets. This year I began to see less and less of the Han Solo outfit here in Florida and saw the warm embrace of vintage comfort styles. Denim, jean jackets, leather jackets, fur, crushed velvet, everything was reminiscent of my childhood. So I was excited to share and see the vintage comfort for fall of this years go-to jean jacket from STS Blue.

I remember growing up that my step-dad had this amazing jean jacket. It was a bit oversized, soft, and just had that rugged look and feel. Not only was it just warm enough for the Arizona winters, but it was light and cool enough to tote around in the summer when the buildings were cranking the air conditioning. While I don’t recall what happened to that old jean jacket, I sure did love to wear it.

STS blue, STS blue jean jacket, STS blue boyfriend jacket, fashionWell imagine my excitement when I heard that STS Blue had an oversized, boyfriend fit, jean jacket. The soft vintage wash and perfect placement of wear and deconstruction, airs of jean jackets of the past. The color pairs perfect with any dark denim or jeans, slacks, leggings, or a dress. This jacket truly is a universal fit of comfort and style for any occasion or season. Plenty of pockets and storage for your phone or lip gloss for on the go.

I was finally able to wear mine for Halloween! Paired with my favorite leggings, riding boots and cotton slouch shirt. Because let’s face it, Florida weather rarely cools off enough to sport any fall or winter comfort clothes. Fashion always makes the perfect gift for anyone and anytime. So for your loved one who could enjoy this fashionable gift to wear anytime, the STS Blue Boyfriend Jacket is the perfect fit.

Shop STS Blue online with their stunning new fashions, free custom embroidery for the month of January, and enjoy their LA, southern California, casual vibe. Or if you like shopping in store, find them at your favorite retailers like Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Dillard’s, and JCPenney to name a few.

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