Who? What? When? Why? How?

The questions of any and every child. Though I am thinking these statements are only from my child on an excessive basis. My mother warned me that when Big G would start kindergarten that kids transform.

Transform? Like into Optimus Prime? HA, just kidding.

Anyway, transform into what? Little did I know that he would transform into a know it all who would have to argue at every turn. Seriously, every topic is a debate, up for negotiation, the boy argues until you want to just give him what he wants. I for one want to tear every last piece of blond lock from my head when he does this.

For instance, dinner time:

Me: Finish your dinner buddy and make sure you have some trees (broccoli) we gave you a little.

Big G: Uh…Uh…but…I’m full. I can’t eat any more. Can I be excused?

Me: No buddy, eat a few more bites. You haven’t even come close to getting full. If you don’t finish you don’t get anything later…..this is it!

Big G: Alright! (with complete discontent) I will eat three more bites.

Me: Five okay? that includes your trees.

Big G: No, two.

Me: No I said Five please. (Like “please” will get me anywhere)

Big G: Six

Me: Ok

Big G: No three.

And me, being that I am an aspiring law student and debate extraordinaire just got baited by a five year old into negotiations. At some point in time DH has to jump in because our oldest child syndromes, Big G and I, start to butt heads like a couple of rams battling over territory! I just wonder when he will grow out of this incessant need to argue to the point where everyone starts arguing and then…..he loses privileges. I guess he thought he could win…right up until I take away the Wii for a week. I guess there is a win situation in some arguments. Which doesn’t say much for someone who is arguing with a child!

4 Replies to “Who? What? When? Why? How?”

  1. Love this blog!! It is funny how we are negotiating with things that are not even tall enough for a rollacoaster ride…what happens to us after birth?

  2. Oh, My God…That was my exact conversation last night!!! Only my kid eats all the trees and leaves everything else…Swear he was born a vegetarian!!

  3. ooooh i have one of those! hes 12 now and has lost all opinion privileges. i don’t ask anymore or give choices, for lack of a debate. my husband still falls for it. now heres me “take out the garbage, and if you complain, you get to pick up dog poop today too.” kid {crickets} DH “Hey buddy wanna walk over and pick up you sister from down the street.” kid “No, I’m busy right now.”

    mine was just like yours at that age..

    stopping by from sits, congrats on school, you go girl!!

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