Why You Consider an Artificial Tree for the Holidays

It seems like this topic comes up every year around the holidays. Should you go out and buy (or cut down) a real tree, or should you invest in an artificial tree that will last for much longer? It’s a great question to ask and just like anything, there are pros and cons to buying both. Here are some great arguments for buying an artificial tree for your next Christmas, however, as opposed to a live tree.


According to Highya, the average artificial Christmas tree in 2018 cost around $104 while the average cost of a real tree was around $78. An artificial tree will last for around 10 years, however, so you are saving a substantial amount over money over a decade. If you were to buy a real tree every year, that would cost you $780 over ten years. Compare that to the $104 that you spend only one time. Not only that, but these numbers aren’t adjusted for inflation. If you buy an artificial tree this year, you’re also saving on 9 years of future inflation costs.


Some people are actually allergic to Christmas trees! An artificial tree is a great alternative that’s allergen friendly. As a matter of fact, Balsam Hills was formed specifically to address this issue when the owner’s relative had an allergic reaction to a freshly cut tree. Pine trees can carry mold and other allergens with them into your house. No one wants to deal with a bad case of allergies around Christmas time, especially if it’s in their own house!

Maintenance and Safety

Maintaining a live tree in your house can be somewhat of a hassle. Live trees need to be watered quite often. Aside from that, your tree will shed numerous needles throughout its time in your home. These needles will need to be swept up daily as they can be quite sharp. If you have small children around, they can potentially get harmed by the pine needles from live trees in your home. Eye injuries from pine needles actually increase around Christmastime according to Review of Optometry. This isn’t particularly surprising considering that it’s a pine tree’s main defense system.


An artificial tree is absolutely a more convenient option for the holidays. If you get a tree that’s prelit, half of the work is already done for you! These Balsam Hill reviews detail the convenience of their trees during setup. While not all trees come with easy-plug technology, an artificial tree is going to more convenient than trying to transport a live one to your house. They can be easily disassembled and stored in their boxes until next season. A live Christmas tree will always need to be transported at least twice – one to your house and then once to the dump.


You can get artificial trees in an array of styles and colors. Do you want a white tree for Christmas? You can do that. How about purple, or even a rainbow tree? The style of your tree is only limited by your imagination. You can order different sizes and fullness depending on your preferences. The only way you’ll get a different-colored live Christmas tree is if you spray paint it, which definitely isn’t recommended.

There are tons of reasons to shop for artificial Christmas trees during the season as opposed to living ones. Not only will it save you time and money, but it can also be a much safer option for children or people who are setting up the tree. No one wants to think of Christmas and be reminded of the time they were blinded in one eye.

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