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Today I was having lunch with my best friend as I do each and almost everyday. She told me that her dad and sister would be coming to lunch and invited me. I was gracious and obliged, how would I pass up meeting her dad that she talked so candidly about. We passed stories along and my friend’s father was telling stories of how he lived abroad, then randomly, as my friend does, blurts out how you would never know I have three kids.

Twins and Mama on BeachMy friend’s dad perked up and was too surprised to hear I have three kids. He then complimented me to the point where my skin matched my red dress when he said I could “be a Bette Middler stand-in” and again I was humbled. My dear cohort continued to add about the twins. I laughed holding my humility and he looked at me very kindly and said, “You are a good mom.” I again, maintaining my air of humbleness thanked him kindly and said “some days.”

Rather I wonder some days if I am a good mom. I know my children are well fed, well loved, have better manners than most adults stating their gratitude and always being thankful for what they have and do not have. They are dressed accordingly and their clothes are in good condition and I do not in any fashion neglect them. I always listen attentively to their needs, their wants, and their antics. But sometimes I let the demons that walk this earth bore into my psyche where I question if I am a good mom. I know better, but my weak moments take over, thinking I could always do more.

However, I realize only then I cannot give my children anymore. The life lessons they learn by working hard for what you want in life, gratitude, humility, respect, and the plain and simple fact nothing is owed to anyone is all I can give them. I cannot give them anymore love than I already have to offer, which I would die for them. No matter what edge of sanity they may drive me over, through, and towards, my unyielding and unbridled love for these people is amazing. The encouragement and reassurance of their intelligence and that they can do anything they put their minds too provides them with the self-esteem and self-assurance they need to conquer any task or lead any board room.

When I was younger, even before I had children, I would judge children and parents based on how the children acted, how the parents acted. Now I pity them, and hope that one day that those children would learn such qualities of humility, respect, self-preservation, perseverance, hold a high level of self esteem. I pity only because I know that those children and parents are only privy to the tools they were provided, and while they are not perfect, nor am I, some individuals do not have access to certain life skills and tools that are much more valuable in life than what the brand on the tag of the clothing states.

Which brings me to the fact that I am far from perfect and I should be able to walk through life and my children’s life knowing that while I am not supermom of the year, I sometimes have trouble getting the stains of a shirt (especially since my Holy Cow went out of business….sigh), I sometimes forget to sign a note right away and it is a day late, or I forget someone’s blanket before leaving for pre-school. But what I never forget is to tell my children endlessly each day how much I love and adore them, how brilliant they are, how talented they are, how they are such great children despite any behavior issues, and I never forget they are mine. No one can tell me how to raise my children, live my life, and I have hope for humanity when a complete stranger can look at me and make the judgment of how I am a good mom.

With that I can sleep well knowing that good people still do exist, who do not judge harshly, ill willfully, and are good at heart. I can take that and pass that onto my children for their karma. Because how one person acts is their karma, how you act is your own.

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  1. We’re all so different, but it’s the same path.

    I love when my kids pull it together and show the world their best manners, but all too often they’re covered in mud and hopping up and down the sidewalk.

    Which is something I would have judged harshly before they came on the scene.

  2. ‘Am I a good mom’ is a question we have to ask ourselves regularly but then not dwell too much on. I feel like parenting is an exercise in daily failure for me. If I get a healthy delicious dinner on the table, I didn’t have time to read with my 6 year old. If I took the time to correctly discipline my 3 year old, it was at the expense of getting the house picked up. If my 10 year old is failing science, it’s because I didn’t pay enough attention to his homework. I can do nothing but take these lessons to heart and try again tomorrow to get it all right (which I never do). 😀

    1. Elizabeth, amen sister you sing our praises! I think we always do the best we can and if only we had clones we could have them do the heavy lifting while we reveled in the joys and pains of motherhood.

  3. Karie, you are an awesome mom! There are days when I question how good of a mom I am, but I think that is every mom. We all judge ourselves the harshest, and we tend to question our abilities. Hugs and as always, good thoughts!

    1. Brandi you are right. I think we all strive to be the best mom because we would hate to think we did not give our children everything we could from the clothes off our own backs to the very breaths we take.

  4. I may or may not be the greatest mom …but I am a RAD aunt! Give my three lovers hugs and kisses from Aunt Brittany! I miss them all so bad! (and I only live 30 mins away…..) 🙂

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