Not An Ordinary Year Later

One year and one month ago I had received frantic phone calls about a nasty post on Twitter about my personal life choices that concerned no one else except myself and my husband. Looking back on this past year I question the validity of the ownership of the Twitter account and the individual who psycho dialed my phone to notify me and disrupt my seemingly perfect thankful world.

As the last twelve months have passed and various events have taken place and decisions I have made are both shameful and noteworthy I regret nothing. I can only take with me the knowledge that the last year has presented not only as a mother, woman, wife, sister and friend but the knowledge of an ever evolving person. Taking into account that what really matters doesn’t exist in an IP or within any WWW. I spent so much time trying to convince others of my actions, my statements and my otherwise because so many felt they “knew” me because I made myself, my life, and my children so public. My publishings of what makes me, me, were dissected and torn to shreds.

But I have always been the “put myself out there” extrovert. As a genuine friend, sister, lover, and wife I have always operated with a no holds barred formality with nothing to hide, nothing to be shameful for, and this last year has been one where I am a bit more precocious with being so open, so inviting and such a friend.

I found that the people I have and had become acquainted with and some who have had my luxury to be called a friend are nothing but pure narcissists. I say this as my segue into the Twitter account that attacked my character, my family, and my personal right to privacy. Because I have always been so open someone who claimed to be my friend used me as their personal shield in attacks on other people online. Petty and pathetic really considering that these people are menial and mean absolutely diddly fucking shit, however, the personal attack was anything but menial and a nothingness. The Twitter account was “supposedly” created by Tanya Gordon, someone who I have come to know online through our personal correspondence outside of the social media eye. However, the more I have investigated the account the more I have come to believe that the account was really created by Kristin Lesney in a weak effort to draw attention to herself. If you consider the situation, she always knew when the account tweeted, her attorney DID NOT have the account removed from Twitter, the account disappeared shortly after Tanya and I began conversing and I was sharing the information I was privy to based on my dealings and interactions with Kristin and her obsession to destroy Tanya and any other blogger for that matter that attempted to get in her way of supposed social media success. So much to that I decided to play devils advocate and investigate this account.

Now you ask, why would someone who was so stoutly against the account that attacked them, create such a gruesome account. Why not is my question to you. Why not create a negative account you can control and use as weapon against another individual, including yourself. You can make someone look entirely too guilty by pointing a finger at them by attacking yourself and those who you claim are your friends. This is called misdirection, projection, and pure evil. Maybe this is a far fetched call and some will holler and clamor hogwash, ergo the account is effective right? The lemmings all run to jump off the cliff in belief.

Either way, I always wondered why if Tanya supposedly created this account why the hell did Kristin not get her $20,000 that they demanded because really wouldn’t that be a return on your investment of $3000. I mean what do I have to gain from any of them or any of this online blogging? I do not call this my “job” or where I make a living. But can you see why Kristin would gain, she could gain a whole gaggle of new lemmings to dupe into the belief Tanya is some anti-Christ of blogging. Regardless, what a punch of phooey and pettiness on behalf of a grown woman. I can undoubtedly say I am glad my life is one year older and one year wiser and free of the nonsense.

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  1. Has it really been a year??? Wow. That just shows you how time just flies by. I feel as if I’ve dropped out of the social loop – by my own actions. I’m more into real friendships. Whether via in person or online, but real. Not just the little chit chatty comments back and forth. My life has taken a couple of turns in the road and I haven’t quite figured out where I want to be as far as online social circles. I’m currently winging it and staying out of the currents. Been doing a lot of reading though. 🙂

    How have you been?

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