Healthy Home for the Holidays

The cold and holiday season has arrived. With the arrival comes lots of indoor time, lots of visitors, including family, and when I mean visitors I am suggesting the invasion of germs that carry the cold and flu viruses among many other immunity invaders.

Now I am a huge proponent for what some may call home sterilization. At least once a week I soak my kids most played with toys in a mixture of one cup of Clorox bleach and water, these are generally their Lego’s and bath toys, this helps to keep them clean, germ free, and I feel good knowing their toys are clean. Additionally I add one cup of Clorox bleach to the toilet bowl to keep the bowl fresh, clean, and free of the nasty germs that lurk.

But I also like to add some Clorox bleach in a mixture in my kitchen sink to dunk my sponges in as I go about wiping down some of the high traffic areas for germs. Door handles, light switch plates, drawers, cabinets, floors, and handles for appliances are especially focused on. The bathroom is one of my largest areas because I like to associate my bathroom as a haven for cleanliness and if you have a room that is riddled with nasty cracks and crevices that harvest germs some may find that washing your hands in the trash is more sanitary than using the actual bathroom. The toilet and flushing handle are scrubbed as is the door handle, faucet at the sink, and fresh linens are placed carefully to suggest to my house guests that the bathroom is clean, warm, inviting, and promotes hand washing to further prevent the spread of germs.

However, some areas of the home are bit more delicate and require a softer touch which is why Clorox offers awide array of cleaning products other than their flagship product of bleach that are less harsh, may not cause discoloration to household products, and are great for quick touch ups for germ prevention. The Clorox wipes and sprays are a great way to keep up with touch up cleaning and germ prevention around the house. How do you prepare for your holiday guests, do you power clean your house? How do you disinfect and keep your home germ free? Do you think keeping too clean of a home may be inviting for germs, do you feel that “a little dirt never hurt?”

This is a sponsored post and while I was compensated for this post in no way did the compensation deter or influence my use or opinion surrounding the use of Clorox products.”

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  1. Clorox is definitely a beautiful, beautiful product to have, ESPECIALLY when you have children and nasty, germy things circulating everywhere O.o

    This is such a horrible time of year for that too.

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