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Living an active lifestyle is rather messy. A day at the gym and I am a hot mess. An afternoon by my pool is much the same, sweaty and drenched in water in some fashion. Hikes in the cooler mornings and temperatures can also result in being a bit disheveled. Using my clothes to soak up my events makes me a bit more uncomfortable, so I always take a towel. I am finding that my usual hand towels cannot stand up to the job.

Last year I introduced you to a fabulous chemical and phthalate free yoga mat from Aurorae. I adore their mats as they are non slip and can stand up to even the most moist of yoga tasks. I was thrilled when given the opportunity to put the microfiber sport and swim towel to the test in my life with all our busyness and activities.

aurorae sport and swim towelAurorae Aqua offers products that enhance life by enhancing daily experiences with water…even sweat! Whether for sport and fitness, leisure or relaxation, the towels are designed to be super absorbent, lightweight and are fashioned to fit any lifestyle. The towel is light and super compact, I am able to roll up and throw into my gym bag, a small day pack when hiking and or over my shoulder at the gym to sop up a solid workout.

As with other towels, shedding, pilling and lint are always a concern. The Aurorae Aqua Sport & Swim towel is low shedding and low lint, this is based on immediately washing and drying the towel and then using at the gym. My family are all fans as they all covet the use of the towel after showers and baths because of the absorbency and comfy soft feeling.

Aurorae’s towels come in a variety of eight colors, all inspired by waterfront locations. Aurorae is also a small family business where they are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Offering more than just yoga mats and sport towels Aurorae has an entire line of other active lifestyle products, fitness apparel and accessories and aromatherapy candles.

The products make wonderful gifts to the yogi’s in your life, anyone who lives an active lifestyle, or those who enjoy eco-friendly products from small family run organizations. You can shop for any of the products for under $50 on the Aurorae website or if you are a Prime member you can shop Aurorae’s online store at Amazon.

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