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Here lies Karie Noel Herring; beauty addict. Hi, my name is Karie and I am a beauty addict. Admittedly I love to try new beauty products and I have cabinets (and truly boxes) filled with tried and true and tried and failed products. I have invested in some of the finest products from France, Switzerland, and I have invested in some of the greatest bargain products available at your local grocer.

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I recently was presented with the opportunity to try a new beauty line exclusive to Kroger brand stores, Mirra. The goal of the Mirra beauty line is for the effortless beauty care for women which are: Daily – routine personal care; Renew – a rejuvenating time out; and Inspire – quick transformations for a night out.ร‚ย The Kroger Company, on behalf of the Global Influence Network, provided me with the following products to review and share:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body Wash
  • Body Lotion
  • Under Eye Wrinkle Cream
  • Daytime moisturizer and wrinkle reducer
  • Night time moisturizer and wrinkle reducer

Here is my take; I truly enjoyed the shampoo, conditioner and body wash. While they are Mirra, Kroger, thefivefish.comsulfate free products they are wonderful for cleansing and moisturizing. My skin and hair do not feel stripped or quenching for thirst like some sulfate products that I have used. Especially because the shampoo and conditioner are the “volumizing” option which tend to strip hair a bit more to give it oomph. The scent is very light and not loaded with perfumes. The body wash, however, is a bit overwhelming with scent. I felt like I was bathing in gardenias. While a very lovely scent, I am not a big “flower” girl.

The body lotion is wonderful! Very smooth and silky and quenching. A little goes a long way and I did not feel greasy, thick, or heavy. Whereas the facial creams cannot be described in the same fashion. The under eye cream is nice, blending well and seeming to absorb well into the skin. However, when I would apply my makeup the under eye cream would appear to cake up and pill off of my face. Almost as if dry skin flaking off.

The day and night creams I was excited to use as well. My skin is not as supple as it used to be, especially because I tended to abuse it in my 20s with smoking, tanning, and inconsiderate care. But the creams seem to do more harm than good. After application my face would feel greasy and as if I had just spent time working out. Furthermore, my face DID NOT react well to the creams and I began to have breakouts. Upon discontinuing use my face returned to a normal state. While the consistency was very nice the cream was NOT for me.

Even though the creams were not for me and the washes and lotion were, doesn’t mean they cannot be your complete and affordable, total beauty regimen. You can win a beauty pack very similar to the products I received myself and receive a coupon for $5 off the purchase of two Mirra products at Kroger and Kroger brand stores. Here is how you can win:

Tell me in a comment your peeve with beauty products or the WORST product you have ever tried.

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373 Replies to “Beauty of Mirra”

  1. I can not possibly even BEGIN on which were the worst. For me though, because I am older I guess, Bare Minerals just doesnt work. Remember when it came out? Everyone looked flawless. I hit 40 and had some wrinkles and went- woo hoo! Bare Minerals is NOT kind to any wrinkles if you have dry skin. For me, it goes right into them, and it looks like a horror flick. Its too drying and when combined with dry skin it isnt pretty.

  2. The worst thing I have used was this eyeliner pen that was kind of like a marker. It was awful. If my eyes watered even the slightest bit or if it drizzled at all it would smear like crazy. So coming out of my eyeliner there would be a ton of blue smears.

  3. I hate that a lot of lines are adding SPF to their makeup – I am allergic to that mixture so it’s getting harder and harder to find makeup I can wear!

  4. The worst product I ever tried was when I was a lot younger the olay foundation and it was expensive – after having it on my face for about an hour my face had puffed up into a big red ball and took weeks to return to usual. What was worse is that I was going out on a date, so had to go with a puffy face – it didn’t last very long!

  5. Hey Karie.
    The absolute worst beauty product I ever had was an NYC mascara. It pretty much made a career out of clumping, flaking and landing in my eyes. But hey, that was myself being TOO frugal.
    A lot of creams and lotions cause me allergic reactions, so I am still searching for the perfect creams and rinses….
    I better speed it up here, I ain’t getting any younger….

  6. My peeve is beauty products make great claims then don’t deliver. When I spend money on a product I would like it to do what it claims!

  7. I don’t like products that are overly fragranced! I can’t remember the brand name of the worst product I’ve ever tried, but it was a long lasting lipstick that ended up cracking and flaking off of my lips….it was awful!

    (in Canada)

  8. The worst product I have tried was apricot smelling shampoo that has a scent so strong I had to get up at 2 AM and wash my hair because neither I nor my husband could sleep smelling it.

  9. My peeves about cosmetics are the prices. And changing the names of colors. Or discontinuing my favorite products.

  10. The worst product that I’ve ever experienced is Avon’s Anew Reversalist night cream. It made my entire face red and burning!

  11. My pet beauty product peeve is with products that change the labels to new and improved and there is absolutely no difference.

  12. I tried an Ester-C face lotion that stank so bad of perfume that it made me nauseous and my husband couldn’t come anywhere near me! THAT went right in the trash!

  13. My pet peeve is foundation that leaves wrinkle lines after you smile. The worst product I had ever tried is a facial wash that I could not stand the smell, it was disgusting.

  14. My peeve with most lotions is that they make leave you sticky feeling

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. My peeve about beauty products is their lack of truth in advertising. I have extremely dry skin and it is almost impossible to find a product that will keep it moist throughout the day. Hey, and don’t get me started on mascara guaranteed not to smudge, ha!

    Thank you for the vent session and the great giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. My biggest gripe is dishonesty in advertising. Don’t tell me you’re going to erase 10 years off my face – just tell me the truth.

  17. My peeve is that they cost so much and after you use them a few times you realize that its junk and have to spend more money trying out something else.

  18. One of the worst products I’ve tried is Hard Candy nail polish. I’ve read good reviews online but the one I had seemed so cheap and flaky. It didn’t even last a day before chipping off my fingers.

  19. The absolutely worst was the sunless tanning lotions from a few decades back. All they did was turn your skin orange…ICK!!!!

  20. I bought a face powder one time that made my face itch so bad the minute I tried it on! I should have returned it; it was inexpensive and I ended up throwing it out!

  21. The worst beauty product I ever tried was a discounted mascara that dripped all over, no matter what you did! I’ve only bought big name products on sale since then! I’m sure mirra is not like this!

  22. I really hate lipstick that has a perfumey taste/smell…I find that Revlon had fabulous colors, but their lipstick had this awful taste & smell to me, I am not sure if they still do because I stopped buying them.

  23. There was some face powder that broke my face out! My face had a rash on it for a few days and the powder went in the trash.

  24. My main ‘peeve’ about beauty products is that many are too highly priced because of their brand name and not because of how well the product meets expectations! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. My main peeve is it just plain gets confusing. I don’t know what all these ingredients are and because beauty products are so expensive I hate to guess and waste my money.

  26. I tried a very expensive “serum” for the eye area. It stung, burned and turned my skin red. It went into the trash immediately. I should have gotten a refund.

  27. My peeve is when they say they do something that they really don’t after you’ve already paid an arm and a leg for it.

  28. Battling Adult Onset Acne, it is very difficult to find products that don’t make me break out even more.

  29. My pet peeve is lotions that are supposed to soothe your skin, but really make you itchy and feel worse!

  30. I love peel off face masks–my peeve lately I have had some bad luck–I bought a bunch of individually packaged peel off face masks–they were little packets of hard plastic–they must have dried out–they were awful.

  31. My greatest peeve with a beauty product has been recently, with a super expensive Lancรƒยดme powder foundation, that I tried in the shop by nearly candlelight and on arriving home, found it gave me a great Maori look. However, that was not what I was looking for. Natural light when trying on foundation, I knew the rule but disregarded it and paid dearly. Now I use my foundation as blush. I guess that can be called a self-inflicted peeve ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. I get really bad chapped lips when I travel. So it had been recommended that I use Eucerin to protect my lips. And I have. One day I needed more so I bought Eucerin Plus – it had to be better right? well after using it for a couple days, my lips and tongue were swollen and numb. My friend looked at the label and it had that alpha hydroxy acid stuff in it. SHE knew what that was but I sure didn’t. After I got home from my trip i wrote to the manufacturers of Eucerin and told them of my experience and displeasure with that product. Imagine if a mother had bought that for her baby’s diaper rash, thinking that if Eucerin were good, Eucerin Plus must be better. never got a response back from the Eucerin people.

    That’ll teach me not to read labels, even if I trust the maker of the product.

  33. what bothers me is the ones that i really want to try are so high priced i cant afford to try them..these look like really reasonable great quality products ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. The price of beauty products drives me insane. Anything half decent is so expensive to buy


  35. It seems that so many products dry out my skin, particularly facial washes and lotions, which end up leaving me with red splotches all over my face!


  36. Just when I find the PERFECT shade of lipstick…the I’LL LOVE THIS ONE FOREVER fragrance…or an AFFORDABLE foundation that ACTUALLY WORKS FOR ME!!! What do they do? They discontinue it!!!

  37. I tried softlips after they changed some of the ingredients and my lips swelled up painfully. I was sad because I couldn’t buy them anymore.

  38. I suppose a peeve of mine is that it seems some products spend more on the packaging than the actual product

  39. My pet peeve is when the product flat out does not work at all and you can not get your money back even though they have made false claims thanks for the chance

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