Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions

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So a few weeks ago my best friend introduced me to eyelash extensions. Hesitant at first, and thinking these would ruin my eyes down the road, I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing this one beauty investment has been in my life. Beauty, makeup and fashion are so beyond me. The extent of my beauty, makeup and fashion knowledge came from scouring magazines as a kid and wishing for the perfect skin and hair all while avoiding looking like Tammy Faye Baker. If you have ever been curious about eyelash extension they are worth their weight in gold. Before you run off to the salon, here are some pros and cons of getting eyelash extensions. Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions”

Color Switch by Vera Mona

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Momma of 4 Cutiez

Wearing and applying makeup can be such a chore. For women we are always looking for that stunning evening look or natural daytime eye shadow without looking like a hot mess of Tammy Faye Baker. The problem with eye shadow is that when we want to mix some colors for that great blended look, we have to try to find spare tissue to swirl our shadow brush into in order to get rid of the previous color. Even then we are left with a hit or miss opportunity for well set makeup. Not to mention cleaning, cleaning brushes is always a chore and if not cleaned properly, the end result is wasted money due to ruining our brushes. Continue reading “Color Switch by Vera Mona”

NYX Cosmetics Glam Shadow


Makeup in Arizona is like drying your hair in the South. The struggle is real to have the makeup set just right without looking like a chalky mess. The heat can be absolutely unforgiving with wearing any form of powder than can smudge, wear away, or is just flat messy to apply. I have come to love eye shadow sticks that are easy to apply and do not have the dust of normal powder shadow all of the place. NYX Cosmetics has a fun line of glam eye shadows in a pack of five. Continue reading “NYX Cosmetics Glam Shadow”

Making Beauty Healthy – Mineral Fusion

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Are you one of those ladies that love to peruse makeup? Look at all the beautiful colors and makeover options and adore the palettes and hues? I know I am one of them. Makeup is scary to me because I have been told I should wear certain hues and colors and shades and when I wear them and wear the suggested application I end up looking a bit like Tammy Faye Baker. Lipstick is especially scary for me because I would hate to look like a clown. Or worse, I have a horrible reaction because I have uber sensitive skin. Couple all these factors with the brutality of the Arizona climate, especially in summer, the whole bit reeks of disaster. Until I was introduced to Mineral Fusion which is a mineral cosmetics brand that creates beautiful colors and hues to accent and enhance any woman’s beauty and is completely vegan. Continue reading “Making Beauty Healthy – Mineral Fusion”

Beauty of Mirra

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Here lies Karie Noel Herring; beauty addict. Hi, my name is Karie and I am a beauty addict. Admittedly I love to try new beauty products and I have cabinets (and truly boxes) filled with tried and true and tried and failed products. I have invested in some of the finest products from France, Switzerland, and I have invested in some of the greatest bargain products available at your local grocer.

mirra, Kroger,

I recently was presented with the opportunity to try a new beauty line exclusive to Kroger brand stores, Mirra. The goal of the Mirra beauty line is for the effortless beauty care for women which are: Daily – routine personal care; Renew – a rejuvenating time out; and Inspire – quick transformations for a night out. The Kroger Company, on behalf of the Global Influence Network, provided me with the following products to review and share:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body Wash
  • Body Lotion
  • Under Eye Wrinkle Cream
  • Daytime moisturizer and wrinkle reducer
  • Night time moisturizer and wrinkle reducer

Here is my take; I truly enjoyed the shampoo, conditioner and body wash. While they are Mirra, Kroger, thefivefish.comsulfate free products they are wonderful for cleansing and moisturizing. My skin and hair do not feel stripped or quenching for thirst like some sulfate products that I have used. Especially because the shampoo and conditioner are the “volumizing” option which tend to strip hair a bit more to give it oomph. The scent is very light and not loaded with perfumes. The body wash, however, is a bit overwhelming with scent. I felt like I was bathing in gardenias. While a very lovely scent, I am not a big “flower” girl.

The body lotion is wonderful! Very smooth and silky and quenching. A little goes a long way and I did not feel greasy, thick, or heavy. Whereas the facial creams cannot be described in the same fashion. The under eye cream is nice, blending well and seeming to absorb well into the skin. However, when I would apply my makeup the under eye cream would appear to cake up and pill off of my face. Almost as if dry skin flaking off.

The day and night creams I was excited to use as well. My skin is not as supple as it used to be, especially because I tended to abuse it in my 20s with smoking, tanning, and inconsiderate care. But the creams seem to do more harm than good. After application my face would feel greasy and as if I had just spent time working out. Furthermore, my face DID NOT react well to the creams and I began to have breakouts. Upon discontinuing use my face returned to a normal state. While the consistency was very nice the cream was NOT for me.

Even though the creams were not for me and the washes and lotion were, doesn’t mean they cannot be your complete and affordable, total beauty regimen. You can win a beauty pack very similar to the products I received myself and receive a coupon for $5 off the purchase of two Mirra products at Kroger and Kroger brand stores. Here is how you can win:

Tell me in a comment your peeve with beauty products or the WORST product you have ever tried.

Extra entries:

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  • Tweet this giveaway with unlimited tweets, no double entry: Win effortless beauty Mirra full size beauty prize pack with @KariewithaK Ends 3/23
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Rethink What Love Is

Leslie Blodgett is just a ball of fun if you ask me. When I reviewed her perfume line, I felt that her thought process in her campaigns for her products completely epitomizes a woman; I mean she really nails what life means to be a woman.

Her newest brain child is “Rethink What Matters” where women can participate in fun quizzes to let loose their thoughts and feelings. Maybe confess to some secrets you have held inside about love, finding yourself, even your views on politics. Each week a new topic and Leslie’s fabulous products will be featured as well as the option to enter to win more goodies!

This week the topic was love and public displays of affection. I offended myself by fighting to answer these the way I needed. The questions are cheeky and brutally honest in regard to maybe the simple flirtation in the office. But those events happen with people and by rethinking about how we act and how we can better ourselves is part of the fun and to see the results of other women taking the quiz.

So in conjunction with this week’s topic I have a giveaway!

I am giving away 1 Smoky Eye Tutorials from bareMinerals specifically for this campaign. Here’s how you can enter to win:

  1. Follow my blog and or subscribe AND then
  2. Leave me a comment to tell me how you are rethinking love as we come into Valentine’s Day. Are you a cynic for love (like me) or a die hard romantic? (This is a one comment entry)

For extra entries:

  1. Follow me on Twitter
  2. Tweet this giveaway being sure to include @KariewithaK so I see your tweets. 😉 (Tweet as much as you want as long as you have a comment in between your previous comment.)
Best of luck!
*I will receive my own kit for review but I am holding a promotional giveaway with no product at this time and make no claims otherwise.