Brita Bottle for Kids

The most permanent trend among parents and kids these days is healthy! Healthy habits such as eating, drinking and going green with foods and food delivery products. These habits are fostered by the parents with their children from the beginning to culminate a healthy lifestyle throughout generations. Not only are these life choices a clean way of life but they help to keep our planet clean and reduce the overall carbon footprint.

Brita® is a company that is listening to parents and the way they want to teach their kids healthy habits. Brita® has developed the Brita® Bottle designed just for kids. The filtration company known for water filter pitchers and water filtration for the home has developed a fun, affordable, and convenient solution for kids to drink great tasting water on the go.

No more purchased bottles of water.

No more worries about lead leeching water bottles.

No more worries about plastic leeching water bottles containing BPA.

Brita® offers three fun, bright colors in kid-friendly styles. 13 ounces of water can be refilled time and time again without having to replace the filter until you hit the 40 gallon mark, or every two months if your child drinks the recommended amount of water per day. Sadly, only 15% of school-age children drink the recommended amount of water the body needs to refuel and replenish (i). An even more pathetic and striking fact is that on average, school-age children consume six sodas per week (ii).

Why not promote a fun and easy way to drink water that is portable, green, and saves you money?

The water bottles are dishwasher safe, are fully recyclable, and can replace over purchased plastic water bottles a year. Fill up the Brita® Bottle anywhere and on the go because the filter is built inside. Don’t fill up our landfills with all that plastic and think about all the good we are doing by not allowing that plastic to leach into our ground water and water systems.

But the benefits do not end there! With every purchases of a Brita® Bottle for kids receive a free children’s book. Hurry though this awesome offer wont last long, so be sure to head to your local Meijer or Meijer brand store to pick up your Brita® Bottle and be sure to visit for more details.


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