Comic Con in a Box Nerd Block Giveaway

The Five Fish, Gift guide, The Five Fish gift guideDo you have a super geek in your house that is always on the hunt for great toys, apparel, and epic collectables? My house consisting of my two boys and my husband, who has man-child moments of astounding nerd proportions, are always nerdy. However my daughter and I are not exempt as we are huge Who heads. So when on the hunt for a great gift for your geek, why not consider a monthly subscription to Nerd Block.

Nerd Block is filled with toys and collectables from favorite brands like Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel – it’s literally like Comic Con in a box! Each box is generously filled with a variety of items from each genre varying from video games to movie fanatics to comic collectors.

Nerd Block, #nerdblockThe boxes are not limited to a singular box since each nerd has their own genre you can choose from the classic Nerd Block, Arcade Block, and the Horror Block. But the fun doesn’t stop there…for your littlest nerds ages 6-11 they can revel in the Nerd Block Jr for boys and for girls. Prices range anywhere from $13.99 to $19.99 with a total combined value of up to $60.

We received a classic Nerd Block and two Jr. Blocks; because when you have twins you cannot have one without the other.

Our Classic Block was chock full of awesomely cool nerd stuff including DC Comics, Star Wars, Ironman and much, much more. My resident nerds were super stoked at this haul. Nerd Block Jr, Nerd block ages 6-11

Our Jr Blocks were just as fun with his and her gear. Both had a fun Penguins of Madagascar Nerd Block exclusive, puzzle erasers, My Little Pony and Ironman again! My girl Jr Block has an adorable collectable plush named “Boo” that my daughter was swooning over.

Are you as excited as my household geeks were? AWESOME! Well then you have the opportunity to win TWO blocks of your choosing, that’s valued at almost $100 with all the contents. Here are your details below to win two Nerd Blocks of your choice.

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Hours of Play Wonder Forge

I am so enjoying watching my kids grow up, their various interests and what piques their inquisitive minds. They are really into board games now which I am truly enjoying. Family game night is something that we have been enjoying with their new found fondness. Not all games however are created equal. I have noticed over the years how many board games are geared more towards girls. While they have boys marketed on the cover, the game ultimately is a “girls” game as my boys would say. This year my kids were wowed with the awesomeness of Wonder Forge.

Wonder Forge raises the bar of creative games for preschoolers to adults; the games engage children physically, socially, and creatively, celebrating the “can do” attitude in all children. In 2007, the founder and his creative types came together to develop these extraordinary, original play experiences for kids and families.

So my boys love board games but Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders are not so much their forte these days. At age 6 and 11 there is a bit of an age gap, but not enough that they don’t have similar interests. Even though Seth is barely over toddler age he is rather advanced with his game play, he is reading and enjoys challenges like checkers and chess. G is advanced as well, he’s a fan of backgammon and we are finding he enjoys our Trivial Pursuit, but he’s still too young for such a challenge.

Wonder Forge offers games that are mentally stimulating as well as fun!

wonder forge games, star wars dice gameWe found the Star Wars Face Off Dice game was an excellent fit for G and Seth to play together….well and The Chad. Their sci-fi geek meter was going crazy when they saw this game. Using the force or the dark side this game of strategy with the face filled die of beloved Star Wars characters is action packed and a fast play. Rolling the dice and racking up their points they were boisterous and laughing the whole way through. Plus, we can take this game on the go with us. Everything packs into the head and we can take it anywhere which is awesome when we go camping.

wonder forge games, teenage mutant ninja turtle gameAnother gem was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Foot Clan Street Fight game for my Sethers. A traditional style board game where each player rolls the dice to move through the manhole covers to find the missing Turtles. Admittedly, my boys love pizza and ninja turtles so this was a win-win all around where in the game they could uncover the famed meals of the turtles, pizza. While this is somewhat boy geared, my daughter could definitely get in on the action with the multi-player option. Plus, she subjects them to her girl games rather often so this was a nice change of pace for my male dominated house to enjoy “boy stuff” as Seth called it.

I love that the Wonder Forge family of games has something for everyone. They follow the story line of the favorite movies and characters but do not limit their audience to just a certain group of children. The games incorporate fun for the whole family by embracing fun in all ages. The games start for ages as young as three on up. Whether you are looking to add to your family collection of board games or gift that child who loves to play and flex their imagination and strategy skills, the Wonder Forge family of games is sure to be a hit.

Disclaimer: Participating Blogs were not compensated for this post. This event is in not administered, sponsored, endorsed by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest. Contact if you have additional questions or concerns.

Make Old Shoes New With Shwings

I don’t know about you Mom’s, but my kids tear through shoes like a rabid animal on raw meat. I have a tendency to buy a couple pairs of shows because I know how fast they burn through shoes and I have some backups just in case. But my shoe purchasing style has not always been favored amongst my kids. Their style and my style for them definitely differ, which means that sometimes we are left with some brand new shoes that go untouched and unworn. Until we spiced them up to look new, with Shwings.celebrity schwings Continue reading “Make Old Shoes New With Shwings”

Doh Vinci Style & Store Vanity

The Five Fish, Gift guide, The Five Fish gift guideGirls. They are accessory queens. As a grown woman I can attest to such claims, having many accessories, jewelry and miscellaneous fashion tchotchkes myself. My husband was gracious to gift me jewelry boxes to store all my lovelies, where my daughter on the other hand, well she acquired her items rather quickly with no storage space. The perfect items to store her favorite accessories and other items is the DohVinci Style & Store Vanity Design Kit. Continue reading “Doh Vinci Style & Store Vanity”

JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island

My kids are huge fans of learning games and learning video games. A few years ago The Five Fish originally reviewed the PC version of JumpStart learning video games. My son LOVED the games, the interaction, the learning to follow the directions and the various learning aspects such as addition and reading. JumpStart also has more than just PC games, they have games for the Mac, Wii and DS, and mobile games and books for the iPad.

Here is some back story about what JumpStart stands for and how they enrich our children:

Absolutely. Over the past 20 years, the JumpStart brand has earned the trust of over 30 million parents by providing safe, age-appropriate games for kids. is no exception. Our parental controls, canned chat and pre-programmed names ensure that kids are completely safe and cannot share any personal information. JumpStart is a magical online world packed with friends, games and adventures! From training dragons to exploring lost islands, includes thousands of games and activities for kids ages 3-12. But what really sets JumpStart apart is our commitment to education. We believe that learning should be an adventure, not a chore. That’s why the games at are specially designed to make math, reading and critical thinking fun! After all, there’s no stopping a kid with a JumpStart!

Escape from Adventure Island is an action-packed game that invites players to use their explorer skills and brain power to find a way to escape a mysterious island after a crash landing strands them there! As players race to collect the pieces needed to repair their blimp, they’ll need to ward off the pesky fur balls known as Punk Punks and navigate 3D worlds both above and below the water. Along the way, players can practice over 150 math, reading and critical thinking skills – the fun way! My son jumped into this game and was immediately hooked. Being that my son is the ultimate critical thinker this game was great for him, he is currently working on all his math skills at school so the game could not be more fitting for him. He was intent on getting through the levels and conquering. But with all good things, the game was played in moderation, even though it is a learning game, nonetheless a video game.

Video games are a great stocking stuff and or gift for children, so why not get them a game that is not only fun but educational. Find JumpStart online or at your local retailers this holiday season.

“Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of JumpStart® Escape from Adventure Island at no cost by Knowledge Adventure in order to test the products’ abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.”

Maukilo HABA Hit the Throttle

While on the prowl for new gift ideas, gifts that are sustainable, eco-friendly, educational and not the same old plastic mold from big name brands that offer nothing more than a cheap toy, I was approached by the folks at HABA USA.

Here is what I love about HABA USA and the Maukilo team and what they stand for:

In 2000, a German woman named Alexandra was living in California. Alex was searching for quality gifts and presents to send back to Germany to a friend who recently had a baby, but was disappointed in the collection available in the USA. While Alex researched for European toys online she discovered that virtually none of the European brands that she grew up with as a child were available. Thus the introduction of 

Currently, Maukilo is owned and operated by one of Maukilo’s largest suppliers, the German based HABA(R) company. The HABA USA office is located in quaint and picturesque Skaneateles Falls, New York and has now become the home of 

The Maukilo team (many mothers themselves) searches the world over to find incredible products inspired by European quality and innovation. We understand the importance of play and how essential it is to a child’s cognitive, emotional and social development. Our passion is finding products that are both fun and educational for children of all ages. 

We are committed to providing high quality toys that can be handed down from child to child, friend to friend, a toy that can be played with forever. All of the products carried on the Maukilo store meet or exceed the standards set forth by the U. S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and with our partners we are committed to ensure responsible working conditions (, 2011). 

Choosing a toy or toys that your children can enjoy is really a daunting task with their site, so many toys that of course will last. So I chose a learning game/toy that all of my children could enjoy together because family time and learning is so important to us as a family.

We chose the Hit the Throttle board game. Board games are always so full of competition with the kids that I dread getting any games for them to play like that because fights ensue, then comes time out, crying, the whole dramatic event that could be thwarted by not partaking in a board game. But Hit the Throttle is so different in that the kids race one another to the finish line but no one really knows which car they are racing, which takes the challenge to an all new level of fun. I know my kids had a ball and yours will too this holiday season and for future days to come since Hit the Throttle is made with a sturdy cardboard race track and wooden race cars. No need to worry about leeching plastics and throw away toys, this one is a keeper.

Don’t take my word for it, if you are eco-conscious and you are looking for toys and gifts that will last more than just into the next holiday season, the Maukilo team and HABA USA are are great option. In addition to the toys lasting a lifetime they are even easy on your budget with prices from under $25, under $50 and under $75, and toys for all ages.

Hottest New Girls Toy Hot Locks

hot locks, think wow toys, mom select

We all know how hot those pesky pets were, so how about another hot new toy for the season with Hot Locks for girls! My Little Bitty received a Hot Locks Deluxe Morgan to play with as part of the MomSelect Hot Locks toy promotion and giveaway.

hot locks, think wow toys, mom selectWhile Sara may be a bit young at age two she LOVES her Hot Locks Morgan with 28″ of hair to play with, style, and twirl. However, she is all girl with playing with her bright colored Morgan Hot Locks doll. Although she cannot get the full play now, we have had lots of fun styling her “pretty” as Sara calls her brightly colored barrettes and hair ties.

The hair is made of a soft vinyl that can be detangled by the included styling comb. But the hair can become twisted around the doll and in knots if not stored properly. The dolls clothing all stays on the doll (super plus mom!) , but some parts are small enough to be considered a choking hazard. So the suggested age would be 4-6. Each doll comes with different accessories, names, and a coordinating hot locks extension for your daughter to sport in her hair as well!

Your daughter too can play with this fun hair doll where they can spend hours of play andhot locks, styling. Win a Hot Locks Ami doll, and for those who do not win the doll get a choice of Hot Locks hair extension for your daughter so she can be a Hot Locks girl too!

Main Entry

Tell me what you think your daughter would love most about this brightly colored at home salon full doll. Visit the Hot Locks site and tell me which doll or which options.

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Fun With Rainbow Brite

Moms and grandma’s you remember Rainbow Brite? The ponytail blond in the rainbow sweater dress who could rescue anyone, anywhere with her horses Starlite, Shimmer and Sunriser and her friends Moonglow and Tickled Pink?

Rainbow BriteI personally used to LOVE Rainbow Brite. I so wanted that cool star on my cheek just like her. I had the blond hair and cool leg-warmers just like her so I knew if I pretended hard enough…..okay, so I was like eight and totally loved Rainbow Brite. Moving on.

Well the childhood favorite has returned! Are you seeing a theme? The return of Cabbage Patch kids, Transformers are HOT again, did you hear they are even making a Thundercats movie? Did I totally cross the 80s dork threshold yet?

Seriously Rainbow Brite is back as the favorite doll is being relaunched in stores for girls to enjoy yet once again. The plush doll will be available at Target stores and Toys R’ US this month! In tandem with the release of the doll and FOUR (4) new animated mini episodes of Rainbow Brite I received a 10 (ten) pack of activity CD’s with all sorts of fun games, puzzles, the catchy Rainbow Brite theme and more for your child to enjoy. Hallmark is the proud presented of the Rainbow Brite site and they offer lots of fun online interaction with your favorite character.

Since I kept a CD for myself and I donated one to be raffled for free to a lucky mom in my twin mom’s group I now have EIGHT (8) CD’s to giveaway here on my blog. Here is how you and your child can WIN and enjoy Rainbow Brite fun at home:

Fess up, tell me you used to LOVE Rainbow Brite or one of her friends or entourage and who!

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