Pure Energy, Pure Fun PlasmaCar, Win IT

Are your kids the imaginary play and or full of energy type of play kids? Mine are in every sense, if you give them toys that require their own minds and energy they are off and running, literally. I was seeking more toys for my kids to enjoy outside for play time since they are growing up so fast. I found the PlasmaCar.

The PlasmaCar is one fun ride! The “car” requires no battery power, plugs, just the inertia and energy or your own body and movement to really get cooking. But before the ride, some assembly is required.

But as you can see…the assembly is ever so simple. The wheels, the steering wheel, the steering wheel cap and a hex key to tighten down the nut and bolt on the steering wheel. I would suggest a rubber mallet as the instructions indicate for seating the front wheels and the steering wheel into place.

Once you have taken the short amount of time required to assemble your kids will be off and riding! To “power” the PlasmaCar all your kids have to do is grab the steering wheel at the most narrow location, while seated of course, and turn the wheel from side to side in a swift motion. Just think of how you see people on TV pretending to drive a car, same concept. This action coupled with inertia, centrifugal force, and gravity can really get this toy on the go! Just look at all the fun the kids were having:

Even more important than the fun is how SAFE the toy is to use by the kids (and adults, safe up to 220lbs of ride on fun). The PlasmaCar was recognized for the following safety standards: European Safety Toy Standard and American Society for Testing and Materials. A truly tough and rugged construction that allows for riders to take on even rough surface rides.  If you think the PlasmaCar is awesome you should check out the entire toy line from PlaSmart Toys! The toys are interactive fun based on your child, no batteries required, just brain power.
PlasmaCar Pure Energy Pure Fun from Karie Herring on Vimeo.
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*The Five Fish received a PlasmaCar in exchange for this review. Product receipt did not in any way influence personal opinion of product received and tested.

Engaging Gifts for Kids VTech Cyber Pocket

Are you on the fence about what kind of game console or portable game console to get your kids? Well I hope this post will assist you in your last minute purchases.

Our family recently received a VTech Cyber Pocket to review with the Zayzoo: An Earth Adventure smart-tridge for endless play. As a parent I worry about too much stimulation with video games, computers, etc. Although we are more of a technological society, I firmly believe children learn from good old fashioned hands on learning and computers enhance the learning.

So before I released the game on Big G to take a stab at, I went ahead and frustrated the poor boy by playing with the game. I thought it was fun and requires a lot of patience, brain power, critical thinking skills. Now we all know I am a skeptic so I compared the VTech Cyber Pocket to the Nintendo DS that Grant has and really these is no comparison. The DS is your typical personal, portable game console and the good majority of the games are and padon me for saying so, mind numbing entertainment. You have to look for the educational games where again the majority are entertainment, not educational. The VTech Cyber Pocket is entertainment for your brain by all means with math, reading, spelling, and as I said critical thinking. Plus if you cost compare the VTech to the Nintendo DS, the cost savings is tremendous for he wonderful skills and brain power your child flexes and uses.

Zayzoo has a spelling adventure and I tell you even as an adult I had to think about the words to be spelled as the letters are provided in an odd entry such as the middle letter or letters are provided and you fill in the blanks. Grant had a great time and enjoyed playing. He did say the pen was a bit of trouble for him when deciding on a level to play but he found he could use the console controls instead.

He enjoyed the VTech Cyber Pocket immensely. Grant was really into the games with the learning and I had no problems with him playing a game console like this as he was flexing his brain and not just numbing it.

So if you are on the fence for what kind of console to get your child be sure to look at what you are providing. Also be sure that you are providing your child with an age appropriate console. While the VTech Cyber Pocket suggests 4-7 years of age, I would think that the age range could be a bit higher because of the spelling and critical thinking, however, as I said, the VTech Cyber Pocket will really flex your child’s brain.

Gifts for Kids: Mattel Toys of the Season

Earlier this year Big G and I hosted a rocking party courtesy of House Party where we got a sneak peek into the hottest cartoon show on Cartoon Network this year! Created by Mattel and their HotWheels division a great cartoon and line of toys called Battle Force 5 was a big winner in my home and the toys were an even hotter commodity. Big G nearly lost his silly mind with the 1:24 scale toys of his favorite Battle Force 5 characters like Sark and Saber, do I know the drivers…I am a mom…a true girl. My boy could tell you. I just act like I know for him. I know one is green and one is red and he is enamored with Battle Force 5.

Mattel really topped themselves with these toys this year and the Battle Force 5 line of Hot Wheels cartoons and toys. Big G was able to play with the Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Battle Pack  and the Battle Force 5 1:64 scale assortment from Mattel. The boy and his friend that he invited over to share in the battle, well they played for HOURS!

They boys can launch their cars at one another in a racing battle. Each picking a side and then they would swap from one being the bad guy and the other being the good guy. Needless to say this simple and great toy kept them well entertained. Plus Hot Wheels…BEAT THAT! What boy doesn’t love to play with Hot Wheels. The cars are a 1:64 scaling so not too big but too small for the smaller boys with the small parts that could be a choking hazard. But Grant really enjoys playing with the Battle Force 5 Battle Pack and

Now girls are not left out either in their top toys section. I have found Sara to be quite a connundrum for toy shopping as she is quite the toy boy like her mommy and quite the girly girl…like her mommy. I was able to satisfy both her personality sides by reviewing The Princess and The Frog Magic Kiss. She enjoys frogs and she enjoys stuffed animals and when I saw these with Mattel I knew I had to ask for these to review and she loves them. They kiss with magnetic lips and make a smooching sound which makes her squee in delight. Plus she and her twin can fight for hours over these two on who will get the princess. Plus the movie is a huge hit with the kids. A new Disney favorite like all of Disney’s other animated classics. I have to say though that The Princess and The Frog Magic Kiss is a great toy for toddlers without the small and loose parts which can result in a choking hazard or worse.

Thank you Mattel for continuing to bring quality, fun toys into children’s lives.

I was not compensated for this review, I received these products on behalf of Mattel and their subsidiaries and provided my honest opinion of these toys based on how my children interacted with each toy.

Interactive Learning JumpStart Learn N’ Play

Can you see my kids theme yet? I know….more learning. But hey, learning is fun! Here is where learning is really fun and total play time for kids. All within moderation of course. I talked with the folks at JumpStart thanks to my fabulous friend Carissa Rogers (have you met her too? No…go check out her GoodN’Crazy Blog!) and they provided me with access to their online site. If you don’t know JumpStart…YOU SHOULD! Here is a little bit of background:

jumpstart.com, Karie Herring, thefivefish.com, learning games

JumpStart is about 3D interactive, adventure, learning games that stimulate the mind through critical thinking skills, math and reading, this allows your child to “get a real jumpstart in life (JumpStart, 2009).” 

Since 1991, Knowledge Adventure® has set the standard in kids’ software by creating the finest educational products for use in the home and the classroom. Today, Knowledge Adventure’s JumpStart® and MathBlaster® products invite kids to learn through endless gaming adventures in 3D virtual worlds. By blending learning and entertainment, Knowledge Adventure’s adventure-based learning inspires kids’ minds through immersed play. A subsidiary of Knowledge Holdings, Inc., the company is privately-held and based in Torrance, California. For more information, go to www.knowledgeadventure.com and www.jumpstart.com. (Jumpstart.com, 2009)

Now we were already a big JumpStart family as we bought Grant JumpStart software for the PC last year to help boost his kindergarten and first grade learning skills. The games are fabulous as they are created to be very age appropriate and allow your child to grow by leaps and bounds.

The online games are just as interactive and literally HOURS of fun. Grant asks each day to play his JumpStart game which is so good to hear from a mom’s perspective as I would rather he play his JumpStart game than the Wii. Nothing against the Wii, but his current Wii games do not push his brain, they basically allow him to veg out. When he first logged in he was required to create his own “Jumpee” where the character looks like him. From there he moves into the play area and he can choose the different areas to explore. Right now

Right now he is in the underwater adventure in Adventureland and loving it! Adventureland is aimed at kindergarten to second grade. He told me the other day, “Mom, Dad, I really like playing JumpStart. I love playing it over Lego StarWars.”

   My Son?
Loves to learn over Lego Star Wars?
Mark the calendar!

So each day that he has good days at school he is able to spend 30 minutes playing the JumpStart games online. We can already see the difference in his learning with the advanced reading, his critical thinking and he is overall excited about learning and keeping his mind engaged. Pretty soon he will be able to move up to Futureland which is designed for third to fifth graders. Have no fear, younger kids can get in on the fun too with Storyland for the preschool kiddos.

But the games are not limited to just online and the PC software that we have purchased in the past. JumpStart also offers two Wii games, Escape from Adventure Island and Pet Rescue for an even greater learning experience for children. Overall the games offered with JumpStart are focused on 3-10 year olds which, in my opinion, is the prime learning age to really spark imagination and push the learning envelope. JumpStart isn’t only for kids, parents can join in on the adventure fun as well, plus JumpStart offers a parents forum.

JumpStart offers the one year membership for $79.99 for unlimited playtime for the full year and here is the best deal you will hear all year JumpStart offers a LIFETIME membership of $149.99. Did you see that…A LIFETIME which is a steal of a deal considering the annual membership is $79.99.

But you my wonderful readers and learners extraordinaire have the opportunity to win a 3-month subscription to test drive and love the LearnN’Play as much as we have. Here are the details to enter:

MANDATORY ENTRY: Tell me how your kids would jump into adventure with learning.


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Gifts for Kids: Bendaroos

  *Five Fish always blog ethically and with transparency.

Educational toys are becoming hotter and hotter for kids and parents. The educational toys are not the standard toys we have stereotyped in the past, these toys allow for serious imagination on behalf of kids and parents.

This year Grant was begging for Bendaroos for his birthday and while he begged and then stopped begging and then started begging again for G.I. Joe’s. He got G.I. Joe’s for the birthday and we did the Bendaroos 200pc. Ocean Creatures for the gift guide review, because Big G LOVES the ocean and any sort of underwater sea life.

We like the Bendaroos because they are non-toxic, reusuable, do not make a huge mess (unless you leave them in the sun to melt) and you can make all sorts of shapes and creations.Now if you kids are low on ideas for creations, don’t worry Bendaroos has theme packs loaded with templates and fun ideas for endless hours of imaginative play.

Bendaroos are made out of wax and a yarn material [Source: Bendaroos FAQ, 2009] allowing them to bed and flex and mold without the mess and they can be used virtually anywhere. No need to have a designated play area for creations like with Play-Doh, Moon Sand or any other material that leaves messes and requires a special play area.

The Bendaroos play packs come in a variety of options such as the 200pc Ocean Creatures there are also:

100 pc.

  • Animals
  • Crawling Critters
  • Flowers and Butterflies
  • Fun Food


  • Ocean Creatures
  • Zoo Animals

And of course the 500pc MEGA set which includes 250 rainbow pieces and 250 neon-colored pieces, plus templates and the mess and stain free play that Bendaroos offers!

The great thing about Bendaroos too is that they are super affordable with prices starting as low as $5.99 and up to $19.99 for the 500pc. play set. But what if you don’t want to wait to buy these….well…..here are your deets for entering to win a 200pc or 100pc Bendaroos theme pack!

MANDATORY ENTRY: Visit Bendaroos and tell me what you like most and which activity play set your child would love for Christmas!


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Engaging Toddler Toys Alex Toys First Pops First Snaps

Toys can be hit and miss with kids for the holidays. Many years DH and I have hunted for THE BEST toys for the kids only to have ONE be the singular toy they play with leaving us feeling defeated with having spent hours hunting for fabulous gifts. This year we opted to find great gifts that are functional and fun for the kids and not one to be thrown into a toy box.

The twins were a bit harder to shop for this year as they are not quite little kids, they are not babies any more, they are at the precocious toddler age where everything is fun and a learning experience. They also adore Grant’s Lego’s a bit too much that I am afraid of the choke factor. Too many times have I seen Lego Heads and Lego Darth Vader in someone’s mouth, NOT FUN.

I found the First Pops and the First Snaps with Alex Toys that I so graciously received to review for the gift guide. These are fabulous! They snap and of course pop together. Not to mention the fun bright colors which keep the twins’ attention. I also love these toys not because of their click together action and bright colors but for the learning. I know you are sick of me beating the learning term into you, but learning and education are high on my priority list.

The learning for the twins is so important because they were born premature. While they were full grown preemies born at 36weeks, they are still nonetheless premature kids who have the adjusted age and so some skills are slower to them than other children. Such as the fine motor skills.

The First Pops and First Snaps are perfect for this because they have to really concentrate on hooking the pieces together. The twins need to have a sharp eye and a steady hand to click them together to make their wonderful creation. The pieces are also perfect size for their little hands where the toys are not too big where they are fumbling and not too small where they could put them in their mouths and possibly choke. The material is also wonderful because it is a soft, rubbery plastic feel, very pliable but not too pliable and can withstand the beating any toddler can dish out.

Each package of First Snaps and First Pops also comes in a handy carry tote that I know my kids loved. They enjoy helping to put toys and things away in the house. So pickup time was a lot of fun, I think they emptied the bucket at least a half a dozen times while playing and picking up.

First Snaps and First Pops come in packages of 14-pieces and retail for $17.99. So they are not too overwhelming with the number of pieces and they fit right into the affordability range for those families on a budget this year for the holidays. But these are not the only toys that Alex Toys has to offer, they offer a wide variety of toys for infants and toddlers, painting, reading, craft and bath toys, and style such as beaded toys, watches, and jewelry.

*Five Fish always blog ethically and with transparency.

alextoys.com, Karie Herring, First Snaps, thefivefish.comalextoys.com, Karie Herring, First Pops, thefivefish.com
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Gifts for Kids: BluePixo Twig

bluepixo.comThe saying of “boys will be boys” could not be more true in my home. The bane of my female mommy existence is Legos, Jedi’s, sword fighting, cars, more building, mud, you name it my boys play with it, destroy it, bring the stuff in, truly, boys will be boys in my home.

While I enjoy that Seth and Grant both play with Lego’s they are non-conducive to my cleaning habits and rituals and really they are scary choking hazards. I began to seek out other imaginative building play toys. Toys the boys could build with, expand their creative juices and grow brain power.  I landed smack dab onto Blue Pixo Entertainment site. I searched their online interactive games and was completely impressed with the learning programs and of course the hands on toys of the Twig. Blue Pixo also carries the Dado which are interlocking learning blocks and K’Nex which are also advanced learning and building sets.

What the boys love about the Twig toys is that they can build and combine all different sizes and color options. This is intricate I believe for learning, kids love bright colors, hence why cartoons are bright colors for the likability.

All the different depths of the blocks allow for fun combination’s or building, learning, shapes, and puzzle like creations.

In addition to all the learning and creative play generated by the Twig…I do not have to worry about choking hazards or little pieces vying to be absorbed by my Kenmore vacuum. These pieces are rough and durable and hours of play for my boys.

This toy retails for $35.99 and for every purchase made 25% of the profit will be donated to World Vision to feed, cloth and provide shelter to kids around the world.

So be sure to shop online for the one and only Twig with Blue Pixo.

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Cooking with Imagination Step2 Lifestyle Kitchen

Step2.com, thefivefish.com, Karie Herring

The Herring Hunting, Five Fish Holiday gift guide is now officially in FULL SWING and I wanted to get this puppy started off right. My kids and I had the awesome opportunity provided to us by Step2 to receive and review the Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen. I have to tell you that the kids LOVE IT! The first day the kitchen was assembled they rallied around it, with all the great features, accessories, the fostering of some really great pretend play!

Grant told me immediately that we had to go to Costco to stock up on supplies, that his fridge was looking a little barren. We needed bread, Cheerios, some more fruit and vegetables, maybe some milk. DH and I were laughing hysterically and taking note to plan a trip to Costco for he and the twins. The gnomes love all the sounds, the buttons and controls, plus the utensils have been loads of fun for them.

Here is what the Step2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen has to offer as far as amenities and features:

thefivefish.com, Karie Herring, Step2 kitchen, giveaway

  • Appliances make realistic electronic sounds
  •  Granite-look counter top
  • 38-piece accessory set included (accessories may vary)
  • Loads of storage space
  • Framed window with overhead light
  • Sink with modern faucet and pull-out sprayer
  • Adult assembly required
  • Made in USA of US and imported parts (phone, play food, light, faucet, electronic keypads and burner made in China)
  • Requires 8 – AA and 5 – AAA batteries (not included)

[Source: Step2 IPK]

Karie Herring, thefivefish.com, Step2 Kitchen giveaway

The Mrs. Fish take: the appliances are cute for a small scale, so yes, realistic for the gnome size scale. The counter top I took to be more Corian than granite looking, the accessories are very cool, and adding more is even MORE fun for the kids.  Truly TONS of storage which is nice for the kids to experiment and play. The light is cool, the kids love to turn that on as the room gets darker. Adult assembly FOR SURE is required, the whole system to put together is snap and lock with a few screws here and there, however, I would suggest a strapping individual to help with the initial put together and a drill for the screws. Also be sure you have all the screws, we were short a few but scrounged some together in the garage. The put together is time consuming so be sure to set aside at least an hour or more if working alone.

All-in-all a GREAT toy! The only issue we had was with the screws, no biggie, the stickers and accessories were loads of fun to put away before the kids played with it and to see what all was included. I feel comfortable with my kids playing with this toy from Step2 because 1. it is made in the USA and 2. no choking parts for my little guys and 3. my oldest is six and he loves to play with it too! He was whipping up hamburgers and fresh baked buns the other day! Loads of fun!

Are you ready to have loads of fun with the Step2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen? Good because you have your very own chance to win one! Valued at $219.99 and just in time for Christmas, definitely a “Santa” worthy gift for hours of unadulterated pretend play. Here are the rules:

Mandatory Entry:
Visit Step2 and tell me what other products from their kitchen line you would love to have in addition to the one listed in this review and how that would help foster your child’s imagination and learning.

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Now play fair, if you FAIL to enter your EMAIL or I cannot find one attached to your blogger account…no entry. Also, you must tell me in each comment with proof (tweeted, etc) of your entry. I really hate to disqualify entrants, so again, please follow the simple rules. My dear friend Tammi @ My Organized Chaos brought up that this giveaway is US only, I say this because she is Canadian. *Sigh, I’m so sorry….

DOWNLOAD your Copy of the catalog HERE to see what other great products will be featured with awesome money savings for the holidays and of course giveaways!

Thank you Step2 for providing a great toy for giveaway!

 *Five Fish always blog ethically and with transparency.
  • Appliances make realistic electronic sounds
  • Granite-look countertop
  • 38-piece accessory set included (accessories may vary)
  • Loads of storage space
  • Framed window with overhead light
  • Sink with modern faucet and pull-out sprayer
  • Adult assembly required
  • Made in USA of US and imported parts (phone, play food, light, faucet, electronic keypads and burner made in China)
  • Requires 8 – AA and 5 – AAA batteries (not included)
  • Appliances make realistic electronic sounds
  • Granite-look countertop
  • 38-piece accessory set included (accessories may vary)
  • Loads of storage space
  • Framed window with overhead light
  • Sink with modern faucet and pull-out sprayer
  • Adult assembly required
  • Made in USA of US and imported parts (phone, play food, light, faucet, electronic keypads and burner made in China)
  • Requires 8 – AA and 5 – AAA batteries (not included)
  • Appliances make realistic electronic sounds
  • Granite-look countertop
  • 38-piece accessory set included (accessories may vary)
  • Loads of storage space
  • Framed window with overhead light
  • Sink with modern faucet and pull-out sprayer
  • Adult assembly required
  • Made in USA of US and imported parts (phone, play food, light, faucet, electronic keypads and burner made in China)
  • Requires 8 – AA and 5 – AAA batteries (not included)

Fisher Price: Playing and Learning

Can you name any brand of toy that is synonymous with playing and learning? I know the first one that always comes to my mind is Fisher Price. What I did not know is that Fisher Price has been making quality toys since the 1930s, did you know that? I know I did not, but I knew that Fisher Price was and is the first choice of toys for my kids.

Recently the great ladies (and gents) of Mom Select contacted moms (moi) about reviewing Fisher Price’s infant toys. I know my kids would be perfect since they are in that toddler demolition derby mode, so let my kids really put the products to the test. The two great items we received to review are the Laugh and Learnâ„¢Learning Farm and the Go-Baby-Goâ„¢Stride-to-Rideâ„¢Lion.

When the packages arrived you would have thought my kids were going to lose their minds! Big G was still at school, but I tell you the twins were going crazy! They saw all the pretty colors on the packaging (great marketing folks!) and they knew immediately that these packages were for them. I wasted no time as I was about to be mamed by two little people if I did not get on the ball with putting these toys together.

I tackled the ride-on lion first and Little Bitty was losing her silly little mind because guess what moms and dads……he sings! Yes. He has great sing songs, his nose lights up, and he roars! Adorable. So Little Bitty entertained herself with the lion head while I put the scooter (sit and ride) seat together, which is super easy! I think all in all maybe 12 screws to hold everything altogether. I snapped and screwed it altogether pretty fast…but clearly not fast enough for a couple of 19 month old twins who were slapping each other to get to it. As you can see….Bitty snagged her position on the lion ASAP…she is wiry for such a little girl! I think she is a bit snarky like mom too! (*wink…thats for you Carissa!)

Next we moved onto the farm. I tell you….that farm is truly a farm of a toy to put together. I did need to read the directions a bit to make sure everything was copacetic for the put together, had a few more pieces and handling pieces for the kids for sensory learning. However, the twins were not having that. I could see their little feet tapping….waiting….impatiently for me to give them the mind blowing toy of the century that sings, has a radio dial….YES…A Radio Dial! Lots of learning songs from ABC’s to the 123’s, hand toys like vegetables to feed the cow, and eggs laid by the chicken. I wasted no time installing the electronics as I needed to calm some crazed gnomes fast! Whew, sing songs…we’re all good!

Yes, that is my Seth-En-Stein and his white boy dancing. Isn’t he just the cutest? Rock ON Seth!

By this time Grant was home from school. I was happy to find that even a kindergartener was enjoying the new toy and learning options, plus the songs are great for kids no matter the age.

I have to tell you that the learning farm is a HUGE hit in our home. The barn gate is a big winner too…Seth is seriously OCD about doors so he has great time opening and closing that. In addition to all the fun hands on learning, the kids will learn about shapes, colors, weather (I know…forgot to mention the radio has weather), animals, and as I mentioned before letters and numbers.

The lion is also a GREAT toy for my kids, they are at the age where riding toys are fun and are great for learning coordination and balance. Especially if they are using the lion like my kids do….as a step stool to snag stuff off the counters. DO NOT TRY!! I could not bear to snap a photo as I was sure someone would end up in the ER, so I had to prevent the lion from being used in such a manner. But when the lion is not a ride on toy he can be used as a walker for those just beginning to get their footing and learning to walk.

What I get to share with you!!

So with all my babble about Fisher Price and these FABULOUS toys that my kids will enjoy for years as will other children, I will enjoy sharing this fabulous offer with you to save $20 on your purchase of $100 or more of Fisher Price’s Laugh & Learnâ„¢ and/or Go Baby Go!â„¢ Infant Toys. But I cannot claim all the credit, the lovely ladies (and gents…I didn’t forget!) of MomSelect are sharing this with me to share with you! Be sure to go HERE to get your savings good in stores only for Fisher Price toys.

Thank you again Mom Select, Maria Bailey, Amy Sobel, and Fisher Price!

 *Five Fish always blog ethically and with transparency.

PINGO Giveaway

With the fall school season right around the corner moms and dads will be sending kids back to school. For the poor college student calling home is a necessity, especially if they are not attending school in the same city, which would require a toll call or if they are not wireless yet. Or for folks like DH and I who are looking to backpack across Europe in the future and if our phones are not international calling will also be a pain. Calling cards are a great item for these situations. I know personally I have not used a calling card in some time, due to being wireless but definitely a great tool!
Here is the skinny on PINGO:

So a lucky reader will be able to enter to win a PINGO calling card to use as you wish!


Easy peasy entry:

Leave me a comment and tell me where you would call
and or who would get the most use out of PINGO.
Please leave me an email address…no email, no prize.