Last night Big G had a moment of clarity with Dad. I was very happy to later only hear the story and laugh till I about peed myself. I have to say that I am SOOO glad his Dad handles those situations because I…would give the poor boy a complex. I would laugh until I fell over leaving him perplexed and wondering when I would give him an answer.

Shortly after taking a shower Big G was getting dressed and for some reason outfitted himself in a different set of chonies (underwear for you gringos..HA!!). Not sure why he chose the pair he did, but I did find the selection odd when I walked in the door from my PTO Board/Margarita meeting. (Yes that is how we ladies in the PTO roll….a few margaritas, maybe a Dos Equis, some chips and salsa and we get to business.) So I walk in to see the hubs on the couch and the kids roaming through the house and Big G already dressed for bed….which consists of his white t-shirt and his chonies. As I said…interesting choice for underwear this evening.

After the hubs puts the boy down and we are left wrangling gnomes well into the late demonic witching hours, aka 9pm, I asked about the underwear situation. Here is how the whole thing goes down:

Me: So what’s up with Grant’s chonies tonight?
Hubs: What do you mean?
Me: Not his typical underwear….those are usually the “Last Ditch” Mama needs to get the laundry done pair. I have them at the bottom of his underwear pile.
Hubs: Oh yeah, he just picked them out. And then he figured out they were different.
Me: Um yeah! (My best DUH impression rolling eyes and all)
Hubs: Yeah but it was funny because he got all “Dad, why are these shorter than the rest?” and he began pulling them down and fidgeting with his package.

The package…the penis….as if their “tool and jewels” were the beloved and sacred genitalia of all the world. Okay moving on……please enjoy the eye candy. Yum

Me: Giggling uncontrollably now.
Hubs: Grant was telling me “Dad and they are…..well they don’t feel right.”
Me: Laughing still
Hubs: I told him “Well buddy those are Tighty Whities” and he was like “Huh!? What are tighty whities?”
Me: Cackling!!
Hubs: “Buddy, well they are tight….and white…so they are called Tighty Whities.” Grant then tells me “What are the other ones called that aren’t tight and white?”
“Bud, those are boxers, you can move in those.”
“Yeah Dada these ones don’t really squish my penis.”
Me: I am falling over ready to pee myself.

So glad the hubs deals with moments like those. I couldn’t keep a straight face let alone handle the penis comment I would be cackling like an evil witch the moment he said “squish my penis” about his underwear, I know I am such a mature mom.

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  1. LMAO…that is priceless and I can only hope that if the hubs and I ever have a boy, he will so be rolling with those moments because I would be on the floor right next to you!

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