52 Weeks to Toxin Free – Many Uses of Tea

For the last several years I have been on a journey to really clean up our family’s environment. Starting with our diet and then by eliminating as many harsh chemicals as possible in the various products we use. Who knew even something as simple as dyeing eggs could have harmful chemicals. So I began to look at some of the ordinary items in my home that I use as a healthy alternative that could also have other positive benefits that I never considered. With eliminating junk like sodas we switched to tea and I never knew of the many uses of tea and tea bags in and around our home.

Tea has so many health benefits that you might never have thought to think about the benefits as an alternative to cleaning, cooking, decorating and first aid. Here are some of our favorite ways to use tea and left over tea bags around your home.


Who would have thought that tea would be an excellent cleaning solution around your home. We use green tea and black tea as a great window cleaner. Just steep three of your favorite (unsweetened) black tea bags in one cup of water, let cool and add an additional cup of water and voila! Add to a spray bottle and you have an excellent, toxin free window cleaner. Great for all glass surfaces.many uses of tea, tea cleaning,DIY all purpose spray and cleaner using Young Living essential oils

Need a new air freshener? Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to your tea and spray around your home for a light and refreshing scent without any harsh chemicals and if you are not a fan of alcohol.

Spruce up your beauty routine with a tea splash. Supposedly the low levels of caffeine positively affect your skin for a tightening effect and glow. I had yet to try this one out, but as soon as I do, you will be the first to know!

Now that you have made a few of these mixes, what to do with the leftover tea bags? Use these bad boys around the house. Do you have a smelly trash? Chunk a tea bag in there to absorb those nasty odors. Do you have a smelly litter box? Use the dried leaves of the tea bags to sprinkle in your little box to help neutralize those odors.

Tired of soaking your dishes and they are still grimy and need extra oomph? Use your tea bags in your dish water to help eat away those cooked on and baked on foods and leave your pots and pans shining and clean without any harsh soap residue.


Have you ever used coffee ground for your garden? Tea leaves work in much of the same fashion. Sprinkle the leaves around your plants and garden to deter pests like mice and other critters. Plus the leaves are great for adding a boost of nutrients. You can compost your tea bags for the same affects as well.

Want a stronger brew? Who said that your tea bags are a one time use, add them to your next cup or pitcher for a stronger brew. Toss them into your favorite food dishes as well. Infuse your steamed veggies or add a kick of extra flavor for your pasta.

many uses of tea, tea leaves, tea bags, tea for cleaning

First Aid

Tea has anti-inflammatory properties and has been found to be wonderful for digestion and a great supplement to any diet. Did you also know that tea is great for other inflammatory responses like a sun burn? Next time, rather than reaching for those cooling lidocaine sort of sprays, take a soothing tea bath. The tea will help reduce the irritation and swelling, will allow for faster healing and cool the skin.

The same can be said for puffy eyes, cuts, scrapes and bruises. Apply used tea bags to puffy eyes and bruising to ease swelling and reduce irritation. Have you ever cut your nail down to the quick? Place a dried tea bag on the nail (yes, even your pups too) to soothe the area and stop the bleeding.

What are some uses you have found for tea and used tea bags? One way we have found for various flavors of tea is egg dyeing at Easter. Why invest in artificial dye colors when nature makes its own. Pale colors of green, yellow, orange and tan create wonderful hues for your holiday enjoyment. What are the many uses of tea in your home?

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  1. I would have never thought that tea would be an excellent cleaning solution around your home. I have plenty of tea and would like to try this cleaner on my windows!

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