Did We Need to Go There

My blog has never been one for controversy. I leave controversy to many face-to-face communications. Body language can be read and understood, as can eye movement, facial expressions, tone. Tone is often hard to communicate in writing. One must be a skilled author to have the finesse to emit tone in the conversation. So controversy as I said is left to the true verbal arena so as not to encounter miscommunications or to misunderstand.

So my tone is about to go to a beaten path NEVER taken before. EVER. I will probably lose blog followers and I am deeply sorry. I will not yield nor apologize for my personal life, my personal decisions, something that completely affects me, with the exception of my husband as he was a very intricate part of my life in this decision.

Once upon a Thanksgiving in 2009 a young woman who spent two days prepping, cleaning, cooking and baking, not to mention caring for her three children. Might I add, two of which are twins in case you are just tuning into the Fish Film @ 11, and I work a full-time job, a real. full time job. Not just the job of mom, you see that is my first job, my real job is my third job, my second job is wife, and my fourth job is business owner. So you see I truly have FOUR FULL time jobs….ah hell five if you add all the housework. So back to it, I was cleaning up after a much enjoyed pie hole stuffing event. Family was gathered on my couch, every seat taken,  reading Black Friday ads, friends were conversing, laughs shared abound. As the crowd began to simmer and disperse I thought I need to call my dear friend who so lovingly called to share in her thanks and love on this day. But in addition to the love to be shared was the hate that this ugly world can bring. Not hate by my friend, the hate of strangers, the hate of those who put up a loving facade to avoid confrontation, the hate spewed behind anonymity to win out in some delusional war of words.

Please be advised that the images you are about to see are repulsive, obscene, disgusting, and horrid. All directed AT ME. I debated on posting these images and by rehashing information I so prayed to disappear, but the glutton in me took pictures of the proof of hate generated by people.

For privacy reasons the images were removed and can only be viewed by invitation only.

As I said. I apologize for any and ALL of you to read this ugliness. I was so physically ill on Thursday I could barely sleep. I was shaking, I was borderline inconsolable. My husband, bless his heart, reassured me to ignore this. It would go away. It did not. The pain did not go away. These people have NOT. GONE. AWAY! The Twitter account STILL EXISTS!!! I thought the account had been deleted, however, I was wrong and hatred breeds and multiplies and yet another account can be created in anonymity so as to further the cause of hatred.

Now here is my beef. I have no problem with someone gossiping at or about me. Whatever, sticks and stones okay. But a FULL ON CHARACTER ASSASSINATION will make this Lionesses blood boil! My sweet little guppy fish exterior will molt into the full on lion bitch I am! What else….NO ONE. I do stress NO ONE has any of this information in the blogging community…oh wait. With the single exception of my sister.

YES. You know her. Brittany Greer. Brittany Hudson Greer over @ The Greer 5.

My flesh and blood. I had attempted to try to keep this between the family. A family feud that she clearly took too far in divulging my personal information to sheer strangers for their personal use to attack me. To belittle, to judge, to bring me shame, to destroy my character, to inflict pain, I can go on and on. Clearly a reprimandable offense correct? One might think considering that a third party went so far as to assassinate my good character, to attempt to destroy my friendships, my networkings, or maybe because the cretin who created this account thought it may be funny to bring pain to someone such as me. If you believe in this…..keep on being a subscriber to your community that is “generously” run and operated by Mom Dot. Because my information seems to have been so “generously” shared and detailed…although I will state that the details in these tweets are clearly misinformed, out of time line, and clearly NONE OF ANYONE’S FUCKING BUSINESS. I also encourage you to continue to be a member of a community that does love to breed controversy as my personal life so clearly became a hot topic in a forum for enjoyment. Or hell maybe just in an email but regardless, the two involved ARE members, very active members of that community. Which further suggests that the negative behavior of public humiliation, belittling and degradation is A FUCKING OKAY with these people. I would love to publicly humiliate…man…I would be such a big girl to do that.

To post pictures of random strangers and discuss their situations may they be unfortunate with other random strangers and call it “fun” or “comedic” hell albeit fucking hysterical right…just a joke.

FUCK YOU and you know who you are. Are those tweets a fucking joke to any of you? If so….I dare you to leave me your FULL NAME to leave up for public humiliation. I also dare…..no….I challenge the lowly individual who so PROUDLY created this account with the original intentions of bashing MY friend Kristin, whether you like her or not, who then decided to turn the object of their desire to me…I CHALLENGE you to come to my blog and apologize to me. Furthermore I CHALLENGE the cretin and or CRETINS who acted in such a distasteful, vulgar, unbecoming, and plebian manner to PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE to myself and Kristin on Twitter and on a blog post that shall stay posted for AN ENTIRE WEEK. To allow those who read it to show their disdain to you. To show you how much of an uncouthful coward you were and are for hiding behind anonymity, your keyboard, and indecency. I also challenge Miss “I am the Community and this is my blog” so shoot me an email…we’ll discuss the details like adults.

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  1. I am mad people act like that, and I saw what they were saying. I don't know you well, but what they said is NOT okay for anybody to say. Your post is brave and I hope others read it.

  2. OMG…no matter what is going on (I'm trying my best not to follow it) that is absolutely awful and reprehensible. I hope they apologize.

  3. i'm proud of you. those are ugly, ugly tweets that show just how disgusting and low a person will go. i, for one, am mortified and horrified by the behavior of that person.

  4. Revolting! I am so sorry this happened to you, so sorry.Kudos for holding your head high, you did NOTHING wrong!

  5. I am absolutely stunned. When I clicked on the link from your tweet I had no idea what was going on. I don't know you, but I do know that no one deserves that kind of treatment. I am so sorry that you have had to endure this kind of treatment. I am so very sorry. Good for you for standing up for yourself. It makes me sick and I don't even know you.

    It breaks my heart to read that people could be so cruel.

    I don't know who did this too you (I guess a big plus to being out of the loop). I do hope it stops.

  6. Wow! I had NO idea any of that happened….I wish I could hug you right now but you live to darn far away. There is NO excuse for behavior like that, I can't even imagine the type of people that would say something like that. Please know that no stupid tweets change my (or anyone else with half a brain's) opinion of you! (((hugs)))

  7. It makes me ill to see people be that miserable and wretched, to pour such hate and loathing onto others. Literally ill.

    That being said, I will simply give you some love and support.

  8. I am so sorry someone thought to try and hurt you like this. Their actions are despicable and cowardly. I've taken their logo off of my website because I refuse to associate with anyone who thinks it is ok to bully people on the net and then hide behind "free speech".

  9. AS I said before, no one deserves treatment like this. I, too, am out of the loop BUT no matter what… no one had any right to take it to THIS level. personal attacks are NOT ok and I feel for you. Glad you held your head high and wrote this. I just wish people would act like adults and think before hurting someone else. We are all supposed to be adults and this was WRONG!

  10. Wait. What? WTF????

    Your sister spread this around to the public?????? Some sis! And who's adding fuel to the fire? What feud? Who with a what now? I'm so utterly lost.

    Regardless of whether this sort of thing is true or not – it would still be your business and your business alone. Well okay, maybe your hubs too. But THAT'S IT. Everyone else should put up and shut up. People that dredge this sort of personal information into the light (again whether true or not) are obnoxious twits who have trouble rubbing two brain cells together. What is WRONG with people?

    And family???? Well I guess what they say is definitely true. You can pick your friends. If you could pick your family, I know a LOT of families that would be short family members.

    Sorry you have to deal with this crap, Karie. Let me know if there's anything I can do. I fucking hate scum-sucking bottom feeders with a passion.

  11. Like many others, I'm trying not to follow the twitter drama, but…unfortunately, I did see those tweets, and my mouth literally dropped. I don't even know what to say except I am so sorry! It's extremely disheartening that women feel the need to behave toward one another in this manner. It's sick and vile…and it should have never happened.

    Take care of yourself! You know who your supporters are.

  12. She knows who she is and she won't. But i do know who took that original picture and who it was given to. Pretty much clear.

    I am a good perosn, I am good friend. I love deeply and have been hurt greatly by all this. Karie you are a good friend, even when I am wrong you let me know. Even when I'm sad, you lift me up. I am so blessed to have you in my life, and value our friendship.

    Now I'd love for this person to step forward. SCUM!

  13. I have tears in my eyes. I am so sorry they did this to you. I don't know you but please know that I am actively trying to make MomDot's sponsors aware of the vile filth that the owner and some of the members spew.

    Hugs to you.

  14. Who's paying?
    I was one of the first lucky ones to see the horrid tweet. My sister in law is like this. Hide behind the monitor and talk trash about my family. You see, I don't take that well. She's fortunate enough to live across the highway from me. When she wouldn't answer her phone in regards to the crap she was spilling on her myspace, and facebook pages, I gave her a shout from the porch. I bet your shocked to know she called me names, and avoids any situation with me.
    If you don't have the balls to say it TO SOMEONE TO THEIR FACE, keep your freaking pie hole shut. Really.

    Since I am one of the first (that I know of) to have posted about the skank squad. (yup thats where the shoe fits when you wear it so well.) I feel really bad that the personal attacks on you all began. Again, I am sorry that they are doing this to others.

    The whole martyr pity party thing is so out.
    For what leader skank said, she should post a FREE public apology to those that she took pictures of, nasty little creature.

    As for your sister, I'm sorry. Flesh and blood. As much as my sisters and I have fought they would NEVER do such horrible things to or about me. You don't need blood for sisters gal, just remember that. She's clearly not worthy.

  15. I can't believe the balls some people have! I hope whoever it is come forward, and shows the world how freakin low they are.

  16. "Krystyn on November 28, 2009 6:25 PM said… 3

    OMG…no matter what is going on (I'm trying my best not to follow it) that is absolutely awful and reprehensible. I hope they apologize."

    If you know something is bad and look the other way, I think that is a bad habit in its own. Also were you not trying to follow it because you don't care about the people affected besides Karie or you just dont think its that big of a deal? I understand the argument of "I dont want to get involved" but if you are insensitive to this kind of behavior then look beyond this I guess.

    Looking away is what caused 9/11 and rapes, and murders. Dont look away if you want to help and better the society you live in.

    I am not trying to be mean, but we are adults and lets keep it that way. You dont have to reply if you dont want. Again I was in no way trying to be mean to you. Peace

  17. My Miss K –
    I am more sorry than I can say that this has happened, is happening to you. I am sick by all of it for what it is costing you, a little of your heart, time out of your day, peace of mind.

    You have my love and my support – always.

  18. I am APPALLED at what is going on here! I cannot imagine what possessed your sister to start this pot of vitriol against you.

    If you want, you can adopt me. I've always wanted a sister.

  19. I only kind of know what's going on and I'm sorry for it. I follow both y'alls blogs and twitters and think you are just sweethearts. Just remember karma, it will come back to them and worst. Keep your chin up!

  20. I saw those tweets and was appalled and disgusted by them. NO ONE deserves that. NO ONE. It made me want to delete my twitter account.

    I have no idea who is behind them. I wish I did. That is just disgusting. I am sorry that was put out on the 'net. I cannot believe that someone did that and still calls themselves a human being.

    And what images were there? I only saw a poorly Photo Shopped Trailer Trash Barbie one. Were there more?

    My GOD what has this world come to when grown people act like this because they don't have to see your face?

  21. Um Shan….truly I am appalled….appalled at your bold gall to display any sort of concern for me when you clearly are one of the biggest offenders of HATE on the hateful posts by the Queen of Drama herself. Truly…appalled. Everyone else I know is a good, decent, whole hearted person where you I question your motives on my blog…..

    DEAR GOD…what has this world come to when Shan of Last Shreds of Insanity leaves ME a comment….sounds like you are familiar with the tweets and photos dear…hmmmm

  22. That was the lowest form of low – those tweets were horrible. Those tweets and the people behind them are the perfect example of why everyone should run like hell away from that site…you know the one. This was completely uncalled for. Very sad excuses for human being…very sad.

    Karie there are so many who love you. Screw all of the others. You are a gem my friend.

  23. "Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish on November 28, 2009 9:36 PM said… 27

    Um Shan….truly I am appalled….appalled at your bold gall to display any sort of concern for me when you clearly are one of the biggest offenders of HATE on the hateful posts by the Queen of Drama herself. Truly…appalled. Everyone else I know is a good, decent, whole hearted person where you I question your motives on my blog…..

    DEAR GOD…what has this world come to when Shan of Last Shreds of Insanity leaves ME a comment….sounds like you are familiar with the tweets and photos dear…hmmmm

    WTF? Thank you for not letting this slide by Karie…what the heck to some people think. Was like @stitchblade and @themorrisbunch telling another blogger that they were appalled at @notordinarylife. Whatever, they know who started it. Its mommygoggles or momdot…maybe someone will have a change of heart and come out and say who started that account, someone has to know.

    It was trisha and alicia (and I know since the person who took it told us) from momdot that got the picture of Kristin next to the wine, so who is the one who put it up on @notordinarylife….its all pointing back to trisha or tanya…

  24. Seriously….she seems to be the only MDMafia to come to my blog to offer any SHRED of concern…interesting…I find this HIGHLY interesting to my inquisitive skeptical mind.

  25. I came here to tell you that what the person behind that twitter account did was reprehensible. When I saw the tweets, I was shocked and disgusted. I am RARELY on twitter. I do not get into it. Maybe once a week, if that, I talk to a friend or two for a few moments.

    I was searching for something else, and since I suck at twitter searches anyway. I somehow ended up seeing a tweet about you. I was appalled. TRULY appalled by the actions of whoever is behind this. I have NOTHING to do with it. NOTHING. The ONLY image I saw was the cartoonish barbie one that was linked with the last tweet on that page. THAT IS THE ONLY ONE I HAVE EVER SEEN.

    You alluded to other images in your post. I simply asked about them. That is all. And for YOU to say that I am one of the worst offenders in the hateful posts is RICH. Exactly which posts do you mean? I have NEVER said or done ANYTHING mean to you or about you. I BARELY know you. I know you were on the forum and then you were gone. I DO NOT know why, nor do I care to know.

    For you to ATTACK me like that is highly uncalled for. I was simply coming to offer you a kind word and some support. THAT IS ALL. But you think that just because I am part of MomDot, and you blame someone from there for those tweets, that I am in collusion with them? Way to go on conspiracy theories there, dear.


    This is how you thank someone for kind words of support, huh? Interesting.

  26. I am curious….who told you about those tweets which is why I am curious as to your motives. No conspiracy but you have to put yourself in MY SHOES. Walk a mile in them, or hell, put them on! Try them on for size and see. I am not blaming you…I never did. Not one word I said was blaming other than my opinion that YES you have attacked me when I was on THE blog in question.

    A specific post I recall "I'm A Social Media Guru" where I questioned the integrity of the post as to why anyone would bash for satirical puposes? Guess what? I got a SHIT storm. Not that it matters, sticks and stones, but maybe, just maybe you might research your comments. I was not hateful to you in my previous comment nor am I now.

    Hate requires feeling and energy, neither that I spend towards people I do not know. As for blaming someone for being a part of a community that is so dearly repulsed by so many…why not? Why not blame someone from there? I was clearly so made to be something I wasn't? Besides, what better place to hide out than in a cloaked forum.

    Oh, I was also never a member of the forums. EVER. I was booted from the site for having a difference of opinion. Something I would never do to anyone else. But I do thank you for your concern, I am allowed to be skeptical, you possibly couldn't imagine my gun shy reaction when members of a well known community, infamous for negativity visit my blog OUT OF NOWHERE. Interesting Indeed.

  27. So want to give you a hug right now…not sure of what happened to set this post in motion, but whatever was done/said…I'm sickened that someone would do this to you, sweetie.

    {{{HUGS}}} xo

  28. I'm glad to see all this support for you – we all need to ban together and form a strong wall against the crazies.
    And for anyone who stays in that mess over there, shame on them. Maybe it would stop if the back patters would stand up for what's right.

  29. I didnt see the tweets or the images but it doesn't matter. I'm still appalled at all this.

    It is downright disgusting!

    I'm sorry Kari. I offer a shoulder.

    I must get my name away from that site. ugh.

  30. I'm not savvy to this, I just happened to want to look for new blogs to comment on today. I'm sorry you got the bad end of a drama that you had no part in stirring up 🙁
    I hate to see that anywhere, but on the web it seems especially cowardly.
    Don't let it ruin your Thanksgiving 🙁

  31. I *heart* you, Karie.

    When I saw those tweets, even my blood boiled. To hear now that it was your own flesh and blood. Wow! No words. Except that I am soooo so so sorry you and Kristin are having to deal with this crap.

    Not cool.


  32. Since I dont twitter no idea what is happening, apart for your post here and whoever is doing this is a BIG coward no actually not a coward but a jealous coward….disgusting! Hugs my friend wish I can give you a real one 🙁 how sad and patetic can ppl be!!!

  33. I have been reading a little on what is going on, and yes I did see the nasty tweets, the person is just a coward! I think they are very unprofessional to post remarks that will hurt someone else. I refuse to go back to Tanya's Blog after a giveaway I won a month ago. She made me feel like a lowlife with her comment.

  34. I have been reading a little on what is going on, and yes I did see the nasty tweets, the person is just a coward! I think they are very unprofessional to post remarks that will hurt someone else. I refuse to go back to Tanya's Blog after a giveaway I won a month ago. She made me feel like a lowlife with her comment.

  35. I do not like to get involved in other people's disagreements. I just hope that everybody involved can settle their differences peacefully and with dignity all around.

  36. Cajoh I too wished for that as well…awful that people cannot resolve differences peacefully.

    Shraddha, I too was very saddened, the pain is still so surreal.

    Shan, I also am wondering if you had word on "higher authority" about me then why would you come to my blog to offer concern? You had never been concerned before I am truly curious why now? Especially since you have not responded to my emails to you.

  37. I love you Karie!

    I'm thinking of you..and just remember that even if these people never have to answer to their actions here on earth (but I wish they do) they will have to face the judgment of someone much more powerful and influential.

    Prayers for peace are headed your way.

  38. Some days I love being in the dark. I came in to catch up on all my blog reading this morning and came across this.
    I even started reading some of the comments here, until I got too disgusted with them. I think all of it is wrong and I don't even know all the details.
    Maybe it's because I come from a place where if you don't like someone you tell it to their face – not internet. Maybe it's because I believe if you post on the internet you are responsible for each and everything you post and you better be willing to own up to it. Maybe it's because I have more respect for people in the world than all of that.
    Yes there are people in this world I dislike or envy or dispise, but you will never hear about it on the internet, because that is disgraceful on the part of the poster.
    I love you Karie – I think you Rock and I can only imagine how sick all of this must make you. I too take things physically and emotionally and this must be rocking your world. Stand above it all. We still love you.

  39. I have no idea what was said in the tweets…

    but, like I said on Kristin's post, you are sweet as pie and I don't understand why anyone would be mean to you. 🙁 I am sorry you are being affected by this crap.

  40. Okay, I looked at the Twitter account. What the FUCK!?!? That is horrendous to do to someone. What you do in your private life is YOURS to do. Oh hell no… I can't believe that shit. I am so sorry Karie. Soooo sorry.

    I don't know you well, but I love ya girl. Keep your chin up.

    (and pardon the cussing but shit, that is horrible to do to someone)

  41. Karie!
    I don't tweet. Sounds like that is probably a good thing.
    I am so way far out of the loop and clearly have missed some major drama.
    Thought I had better send you some love down from Canada:) Hugs my friend. Stay strong.

  42. I am always out of the loop when it comes to blogosphere drama, so I am coming here way after the fact.

    I cannot believe what is going on right now. I saw that twitter account and what they said about you. It is really making me ill.

    I know there is a battle in the blogosphere, though I remain Swiss. Which is very hard to do at times, only because I feel like everyone wants me to choose sides.

    The twitter account created regarding you took things way too far. It took blogosphere drama to a raw, personal, and unhealthy place.

    I am sorry that this has happened to you. I cannot believe everything going on right now. It makes me terribly sad.

  43. Karie, I am so so sorry you are going through all of this. No matter what you may or may not have done, it's your business, not anyone else's. No one has a right to pass judgement on someone else's choices. I'm here for you if you need anything.

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