52 Weeks to Toxin Free DIY Softscrub or Ajax

My kitchen is the most coveted room in the house next to my bedroom. Cleaning with a toxin free cleaner was challenging, so I wanted to share my DIY Softscrub AJjax type cleaner recipe. Have you ever watched chefs and the staff clean a five star restaurant? Yes that is what happens in my kitchen; every surface is scrubbed down, every corner covered by scrubbing and cleaning and the use of hot water and a proper disinfecting cleanser. Literally you could eat off the counters and floors since I am so meticulous about crumbs, dirt, and grime in my kitchen. However I struggled with the use of commercial and toxic cleansers like bleach, softscrub, 409, you name it I used these products in my kitchen and even my bathrooms. The fumes soon became overwhelming after introducing essential oils into my home. So I thought about how my grandmothers would clean their kitchen, their homes. As part of our 52 weeks to toxin free, here is week one and how I began researching a DIY Softscrub or Ajax type of cleanser that was heavy duty but without the toxicity.

Young Living Essential Oils from The Five Fish, YoungLiving, essential oilsWith the use of my essential oils and their awesome wellness properties I looked at the basics of what I had in my kitchen. Recalling a marvelous article I read about the cleansing and disinfecting power of salt I considered how non-toxic yet abrasive my sea salt could be. Knowing full well also that pools are maintained with salt water systems I knew this could be an option. Sprinkling some salt in a dish with drops of EO I began to clean my kitchen sink. While the scent was magnificent, the look was still a tad grimy in my opinion. Having acrylic counter-tops and sink basins I like to see the acrylic the color it was created to be, of which, my sink basin is an almond, off-white color. Back to the drawing board.

Baking soda! I knew that I might be going a bit scientific with using baking soda and vinegar, for that effervescent power, but thought “why not!?” Using the same mixture of baking soda and EO then rinsing with vinegar. I watched in eager anticipation…only to be dissatisfied yet again. Then I remembered using Borax with my laundry detergent and how it was considered a “brightener.”

borax, natural cleaner, salt base cleanerBorax? As in the 20 Mule Team Borax? Yes, the borax your grandmother or mother used in her laundry, kitchen, house to clean and use for everything? That is the one I speak of and the one product that was magic for my kitchen. Borax alone is great, however I found that adding baking soda really helped to boost the cleansing, scrubbing and disinfecting properties of this DIY softscrub and or Ajax mixture. The formula is even great for scrubbing those nasty toilet stains, hard water stains, soap scum, rust and lime buildup.

What else is even better is the overall cost to make this toxin free, gloves not needed to scrub my kitchen or bathroom, cleanser. The 20 Mule Team Borax box cost me about $5 at the local store, consisting of four pounds. Baking soda I bought in bulk for $6.59 at Costco and is 13.5 pounds. Lest we forget the essential oils. Which I LOVE to use Thieves (clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary) for all the immune support, plus the smell is divine! Another option of oils to use when cleaning your kitchen or bathroom is Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and or Purification. A total of 10-15 drops total is used in my mixture, which makes the total cost of the tablespoon of cleanser, including the oils $0.04 per ounce.

So let’s get into the meat and potatoes to scrub-a-dub-dub your home to toxin free freshness and savings! Here is your ingredient list and materials needed for proper storage and mixing:

  • Borax 20 Mule Team
  • Baking soda, plain old Arm & Hammer
  • Essential Oils of your choice (I suggest any of the aforementioned due to their wonderful wellness properties in warding off germs)
  • Glass jelly jar for storage
  • Bowl for mixing, glass or metal (Some oils can cause your plastics to breakdown over time, best to use glass or metal)
  • Glass measuring cup
  • Wooden spoon or whisk

DIY ajax, DIY softscrub, DIY kitchen cleaner with Essential oils, Non-toxic cleaner with essential oils, non-toxic cleaner thievesMeasure out 3/4 cup of Borax and 1 cup of baking soda. Stir together in mixing bowl until well blended. Add your drops of essential oils evenly on top of the mixture. The oil will cause the mixture to clump around the oils, this is where you will use the whisk and or wooden spoon to disburse the oils throughout the mixture. Continue to mix until the powder is returned to a smooth texture. Once totally blended, add to a pint or quart jelly jar and store tightly in a dry area. I keep mine under the sink for easy access.

You can also use this mixture to clean your glass cook top of the gunk and grime that builds up. Just add a bit of water to make a paste, a bit of elbow work and you have a wonderfully clean cook top. What are your favorite non-toxic cleaners? Do you have any DIY softscrub or Ajax alternatives you use in your home? I would love to hear and swap recipes, tell me how you are changing your home or looking for safer leaning products for a healthier home.
I am not a physician, I do not treat and or diagnose illnesses and or sickness and in no way do my recipes, posts, and or suggestions state otherwise. The post is informational only and is in no way an intent to prevent, cure, or treat illnesses.

6 Replies to “52 Weeks to Toxin Free DIY Softscrub or Ajax”

  1. I have COPD /asthma /allergies .My doctor said just use what we use mostly in hospitals broke down to good ole Vinegar and Baking soda.
    Works wonders and Vinegar is the best germ killer there is.
    What I use .I don’t need all this mixing .You want something you can buy
    Go to Dollar General and for 4 bucks get some ”’Awesome ” much cheaper than all this .. Not meaning to knock the oils. but I put some of those oils in a bath and was burnt all over ..Don’t trust ’em

    1. Marylou, I am so sorry to hear you had such a terrible experience with oils and I would love to hear which ones you used. Essential oils should not “burn.” Some oils do have a warming feeling to them such as cinnamon, peppermint, spearmint, clove, wintergreen, etc but they should never burn and if they were diluted or mixed properly in a bath product it should not burn. I too use vinegar as a cleaner for my bathrooms and kitchen as well, I will be sharing this recipe this week. I hope you share your mixture, the healthier we are the better right? Thank you for sharing your story and what works for you.

  2. What a cost saver. My mom always used certain brands and I have to break that for myself and go more natural. It sure costs less!

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