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Ladies have you been victim to the disappearing health and beauty products and you do not have daughters or a daughter old enough to enjoy such pleasures? The wonderful shower gel or body sugar you have to pamper yourself for those measly 15 minutes before venturing back into the big bad world of motherhood or even the working world for that matter. Well I know one year I splurged and got the ENTIRE Victoria’s Secret Body by Victoria spa set that included a body shower gel, body sugar (scrub), after shower lotion spritz and body moisturizer. Heaven in a few bottles I tell you.

Until I noticed that slowly but surely my products began to dwindle. My bottles of heaven were not as full as they once were and I KNOW that I was NOT using the products that often. They were my special treat to myself after a long day or to feel ever so feminine that morning. One day the man finally fessed up. He whole heartedly admitted to using MY products. At that time I knew he needed some TLC just as I did.

Body BarFabulously enough the folks at Dove have realized what my husband and I have realized. Men are comfortable with themselves and want to be comfortable in their own skin as well. The new line by Dove is the Dove Men + Care and the soaps and body washes are truly amazing. The technology in the soap process helps to combat dryness, provide gentle yet thorough cleansing that your man (or you men) desire.

The Chad received a package to review of the Dove Men + Care line and when I opened the package I did not want to stop taking in the wonderful aroma of the product. Truly a wonderful and invigorating smell. Strong and musky like a man, but aromatic and a light citrus, almost dare I say floral scent, wonderfully complimentary to any man. While I urged him to use it (like at that moment) he said that night he would try out the new product.

Well my patience could not wait…so I tried the soaps out for myself. What the heck right? He slathered up in Victoria’s Secret why not suds up myself in his body wash? So I tried the body bar and I was pleasantly surprised! I enjoy the Dove brands but I have to say that the men’s bar is MUCH more moisturizing than the standard Dove bars of soap. The scent was light as well, not a heavy perfume as some other mens and standard soap brands. So what did The Chad have to say, “I really like it…nice, not drying, its cool.” Man approved ladies!

Even more, men can share their unsung moments to where they finally reached this comfortable point in their lives from childhood to manhood to fatherhood. Share all your men’s unsung moments with Dove and enjoy the “Manthem.” But the fun does not stop there, enter to win your very own Dove Men + Care body wash and body bar. Here is how:

Tell me your man’s unsung moments or the moment when you knew or when he showed he was comfortable in his own skin. (You must do this before ANY other entries are accepted)

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Best of luck!

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  1. POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP Make this entry one OK? OMG I am a scatterbrain sometimes-was redoing the RSS thingy since it changed and thought I did this.

    I think when David really got comfortable ‘in his skin’ is after he didnt need to advertise anymore. He’s a carpenter and works by word of mouth. He realized how good he is and how much people trust him to do a good job at a fair price.

  2. I knew my man was comfortable in his own skin when he asked me to marry him!

  3. A few years ago my husband helped save a woman’s life by doing CPR on her. He didn’t make a big deal of it.

  4. When Evan agreed to wear a suit to a friends wedding, I knew he was comfortable in his own skin.

  5. I knew my man was comfortable in his own skin when he did the house cleaning/cooking after I was home sick for a few days.

  6. I knew my man was comfortable in his own skin when he shops with me and he hates to shop

  7. I knew he was comfortable in his own skin, when he told me that he used to be an “exotic male dancer” shhhhhhhh don’t tell him I told you! lol

    (in Canada)

  8. I knew he was comfortable when he asked me to move in because he wasn’t/isn’t the type to make such a huge step without being 100% sure.

  9. When he was happy to spend the day with my family. A VERY big deal. We are loud & many.

  10. My hubby is a stay at home dad and the moment I knew he was comfortable in his own skin is when my son needed a diaper change and my hubby picked up my frilly diaper bag and marched into the family changing room to change my son. And then complained to management that the men’s room didn’t have a changing station like the women’s did!

  11. My husband finally showed that he was comfortable in his own skin when he started baking – cheesecakes – because the children weren’t eating enough milk products.

  12. My man has always been comfortable in his own skin! Even before we started dating, he would hold my purse and shopping bags for me πŸ™‚

  13. My hubby’s unsung moments are every morning, when he wakes up at dawn to go to work and twice a week when he comes home and everyone is asleep already.

  14. My hubby was hurt in a mine accident,while serving in Bosnia with the military and had to spend a year recovering. He had to relinquish being the strong one and let me look after him. That’s when I knew he was comfortable in his own skin.

  15. My husband has his “unsung moment” every week when he drives an hour each way to visit his 93 year old mom for the day and cook her lunch.

  16. My Husband being comfortable is helping bring our sons into this world and being the great Father he is and getting down and playing with them and loving them.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  17. My hubby’s unsung moments are everyday in his job as a firefighter and paramedic he makes a difference in someone’s life

  18. My husband’s unsung moment was when my daughter had the stomach flu. He did four loads of laundry that night. Without being asked.

  19. When my man’s most comfortable he starts singing, making up songs in funny voices and everything. I think its too cute

  20. Whistling in the bathroom in the morning.. that’s his moment. I can’t say I’m very happy to hear it when I’m still in bed!

  21. ummmm well being naked in front of someone sureproves that you are comfortable in your own skin…atleast i feel it does in my marriage

  22. He has owned two mp3 players both of which he gave away (although he loved his) to family members he thought could use them more – one to an uncle receiving dialysis and one to his father in law receiving chemo.

  23. I knew my man was comfortable in his own skin in high school when he ran through the halls yelling, “The British are coming! The British are coming!”. In case you didn’t guess, he was studying Paul Revere in history. lol

  24. He is very shy so when he first took off his clothes in front of me then I knew he was confortable in his own skin

  25. my hubby attends every single game our kids play in sports even when he has to work that night

  26. My husband knew he was comfortable in his own skin when his daughter was born.

  27. My hubby has always been himself from day one, you get what you see he is very upfront and honest, that is one of the things I feel in love with

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