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Taking a day long excursion most parents or some responsible adults will plot out the plan of action for meals, budgeting how much to spend on meals, and whether or not to to eat before reaching a destination to avoid eating out and incurring the expense of dining at a restaurant.
Our trip to Legoland was basically the scenario where we would eat before we reached the park to avoid the expense and high cost of eating at a theme park, however our planning failed with finding a place to eat. As you may know, theme parks are rather expensive for dining options. Our family was looking for the typical fast food chain type restaurant to grab a quick bite before venturing into the land of Lego’s.
We drove for miles on Cannon Road in Carlsbad, searching aimlessly for some signs of life that suggested “Eat Unhealthily Here.” Finally when The Chad said, “I’m turning here and we will just have to hope for someplace to eat.” I had a beautiful epiphany. As if a higher power spoke to me and said, “Karie, you bafoon, pick up your Palm Pre Plus.” Because right at that moment I realized and said out loud, “Oh crap, I have an app for that!”
Palm Pre Plus Apps
An App for That
Yes. While on our six hour tour out to San Diego I browsed the app catalog that is installed on my Verizon Wireless Palm Pre Plus. I found a ‘Send my Location’ app which is a GPS locator for where ever in the world I may be, coordinating my longitude and latitude and or physical address depending on which I prefer and the app shows me on a map here I am located.
The second app I found was ‘Fandango’ because I cannot tell you how many times I have had date night with the hubs and we originally plan just dinner for date night and later decide, “Hey let’s get a movie!” So yes, there is an app for that too. You can search movie times as well as purchase your tickets with the app and walk right in to see your movie.
Finally, the best and most important app that I downloaded was the ‘Good Food’ app which tells you the name of all the “Good Food” restaurants in your GPS coordinated location.
Can I tell you this app totally saved us!
The kids were starving, we were getting cranky and ready to take them for the time of their lives at Legoland when ‘Good Food’ told us of a great little cafe style restaurant outside of Legoland that had EXCEPTIONAL food and over the top fabulous service. Truly the staff was wonderful at Bobby’s Hideaway Cafe and I am ever so thankful for the app on the Verizon Wireless Palm Pre Plus that directed us to the gem in the middle of strawberry country. Big thanks to the staff at Bobby’s who were awesome and I highly recommend their Beefeater with coleslaw, the slaw is made with fresh cabbage, thinly sliced apples, and cranberries. Needless
to say the Palm Pre Plus app called ‘Good Food’ really meant GOOD FOOD!
The apps on the Palm Pre Plus are easy to download and easy to remove as well all within a touch. Download happens within an instant as well as the install making the app ready to use and available on the navigation menu. So if you are wondering if there is an app for that, if you search you are likely to find that there is an app or you can create your own.

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