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As a mother of three and business woman I try to find clothing that is fashion forward, comfortable, choice materials that are sturdy, and feel good. My wardrobe is rather diverse in that matter due to the various positions I hold personally and professionally. Some days I carry a full business garb due to my position with my employer, other days I am jeans and a tee for running errands, and finally some days I just want good, clean, comfortable clothes for playing with the kids at the park.

What I found is that finding comfortable clothing with substance, willing to move and flow with me while I run around with the kids is hard to find, until now. I have had the opportunity to wear, run, lounge, play, and live in some truly comfortable clothing built for my lifestyle. Fresh Produce clothing is lifestyle clothing constructed for women who like to live a beach lifestyle. Flowing, comfortable, fresh, clean clothes that are fashionable, colorful, easy to care for, maintain, and put together.

Fresh Produce is a “Made in the USA.” Founded by Thom and Mary Ellen Vernon and spawned by the revenue generating event of the 1984 Olympics where the dynamic couple birthed their concept of bright, colorful clothing and fashionable jewelry to those visiting the Los Angeles area for the summer Olympics. For more than 20 years the

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Vernon’s have been clothing women, men and families with their bright, crisp, trendy apparel to spread the infectious feeling of the beach lifestyle.

The folks at Fresh Produce put together an outfit for me that fit me perfectly as well as my lifestyle. I received one of their infamous screen printed tees in black and a pair of safari Capri’s. Fresh Produce tees are soft comfortable, and the outfit is one of my favorite to wear on the weekends.

I can just jump out of the shower, do my hair and put together my outfit in a short amount of time. Throw on a pair of Chuck Taylor’s and I’m off to play in the grass and sand at the park with my kids on these cool fall days in Arizona. Moreover I can keep my same outfit on while I run over to Costco and grab the few things my family needs.

Even still I can swap around the outfit to wear the tee with a pair of jeans or just the Capri pants alone with a tank and pair of flip flops. That is the fantastic, beautiful, and versatile wonder that makes Fresh Produce clothing a fitting for your lifestyle no matter where you live. You don’t have to live at the beach to have a beach attitude and lifestyle.

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  1. Karie dear fashion forward grandgirl #1, see you discovered the line of clothing your aunt Shawn, greataunt Vicia and grandma Tina found 20 years ago. When Shawn first moved to San Diego we saw some tees and capris we just loved. Told everyone we worked with about the line, and located some places in Phoenix that carried. Then found a little place in CG. Love the soft, supple materials, mix and match colors, designs that work anywhere. I have worn their skirts and tops to work, their dresses to church, dinner and your grampa’s Dan’s memorial service, shorts and pants to garden and stop in Starbucks. At any rate, great to see that this multi generational line is being enjoyed by you and your friends, too!

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