Gifts for Everyone: Solay Wellness Himalayan Salt Lamp

Have you recently gone shopping and maybe seen that quaint shop in the mall with the salt lamps. Salt Lamps. Yes I said salt lamps. Well at the shopping district close to my home a boutique shop of Himalayan Salt lamps is sold and I had yet to see what they were, what they are about, and just window shop the lamps. I began to Google these lamps. Why are they so special? What is the deal really?

Himalayan Salt lamps are positive, negatively charged ionic air cleansers. You know that wonderful feeling and smell after the rain? The rain generates those healthy negative ions that promote a sense of well-being. If you are a skeptic, read more here about How Salt Lamps work.

Our family was grateful enough to receive a salt lamp to review from Solay Wellness and I was stunned by the “cool” factor of these salt crystals, the sheer weight, and the feeling these lamps resonate in your home. The assembly is easy peasy with the salt rock and the opening at the bottom for the easy to remove electrical and bulb attachment, just plug in the bulb, the plug, turn on and enjoy.

The light is a warm orange-red color and is fabulous. We have the lamp in our room and the color is so soothing, albeit hypnotic in a sense, and I always have trouble sleeping. Not only because I have children, but I am a busy working woman so my mind and body have a hard time shutting down.

Seriously I have slept like a rock with this lamp, pardon the pun. Seriously. I was thinking it was all in my head until I turned the lamp off and when I did…I tossed and turned again. I am a firm believer in the metaphysical and alternative therapies and of course you know I am a proponent for organic and healthier living so this lamp was right up our health nut alley.

The lamps retail anywhere from $29.95 on up depending on the weight of the lamp, yes the salt rocks are based on their weight, and depending upon which salt you prefer. Himalayan, Persian, polished, shaped, lots of options when you want a great salt lamp. But Solay Wellness offers more than just the salt lamps, they offer an entire product line of healthy living for your home, kitchen, and pets, salts for living, art, health, go check them out. They have such a wonderful offering of products for everyone in the family.

Happy Holidays and enjoy Solay Wellness.
Thank you Solay Wellness for the wonderful lamp and the
sample beauty products they are enjoyed to the fullest in our home.

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