Hands Free Fitness iPhone Armband

Sweaty machines and unknown treadmill neighbors are a gym rat’s worst nightmare. During and after my workout I struggle leaving my phone on and around equipment as I am unable to access in an easy or smegma free fashion. I am always terrified that I am either going to drop my phone or when I walk away, to retrieve the anti-bacterial wipes, that I will forget my phone and someone swipes it. Keeping my phone in my pocket is also not feasible because it could fall out and or jostle around. Now my hands are completely free when at my fitness center with an iPhone arm band.

Sending a text and or listening to your music has never been easier and cleaner. No more dripping your sweat on  your phone or slippery hands while trying to change a song.

If you are a runner like me, a good armband is hard to find. Literally you feel like baby bear; this one is too tight, this one is too loose, this one is too hard, this one is too scratchy. The i2 Gear from Cost Brothers is just right. With the neoprene skin that does not slip, grab or dig into your skin it works great for my tough runs in the warmer climate.

My workouts do not stop there. Jump pull ups, weights, and body rows are demanding on my body and the last thing I need to worry about is my phone or my iPod. Knowing that my device is secured in the armband and on my person gives me peace of mind when I have to walk away from my water bottle to grab a set of dumbbells. Or when doing body rows I don’t have to worry about not losing my beat as I still have my focus on my workout and not on where my device is laying.

Keep your workouts hassle free, your device sweat free and your fitness hands free. Find this iPhone arm band on Amazon and try it out for yourself. Suitable for all iPhone 5 devices and iPhone 4 devices with ports on each end for wired headsets.

Disclaimer: I received an iPhone arm band for review in which I tried and tested while running and working out at my local fitness center. In no way was my opinion swayed or influenced, this is a basic review for informational purposes based on my consumerist opinion.

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  1. This looks like an awesome accessory. We do a lot of walking outside in the snow and if you drop your phone, it’s a goner for sure. This would help us keep track of them much better.

  2. This would be great to have so you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your phone or having to dig through your purse or bag for it!

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