Hello Old Friend

While perusing my email of good old friends of new again, I decided I might pop into some of my favorite former “hangouts.” Some were the same old bullshit, promote, promote, promote, while others caught my attention. Old friends of new struggling in life, finding our way. I love those posts.

You know the ones with all he feeling, emotion, the honesty, the truth. No fluff, no smoke up the ass, no cock stroking, no mirrors. I love those posts. I love reading how real people live a real life not because they were “offered” the life, but because those are the cards they are dealt.

My life is much like that, real, raw, offensive, no smoke and mirrors, no sugar coating, no bullshit. I realized that is why I started my blog to begin with. My friend. My confidante in times where I really needed to say what so many want to say, need to say, SHOULD say.

In fact, I heard a rumor that I stopped blogging because of what I had to say.

GET the hell out? Really? I stopped blogging because I was afraid of backlash? Hardly.

Moreover, I have SO MUCH to say but have felt that my maturity and the fact that some things are better left unsaid in life speak greater volumes. Work and my family also seem to consume the majority of my time. Honestly, trying to blog when you have a job that requires a FBI background check just doesn’t jive and when I get home from work all I want to do is have cuddle time and hugs with my kids and The Chad. Why go blog when time is better spent with them.

While I blog right now, I am embracing my old friend, hugging him or her in my free moment to embrace the opportunity to just blather. I find blogging freeing again; not a job, not something I have to do in order to have killer stats or because I have an audience. In fact I am pretty sure my blog was never my job (never wanted it that way either), my stats were never very spectacular anyway and I’m totally kosher on that, and I never wrote for anyone other than myself. Maybe that’s selfish, but I would rather have someone stumble upon my writings and saying “Hey…I totally understand that!” I would rather connect and be that little gem.

My blog is my little gem of writing, even if just to blather on about random bullshit, nothingness, and the fact that life is not all fun and games and comedy and roses. But it can be mundane, ordinary, extraordinary, and fucking totally lame. That’s my kind of life.

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  1. I miss your blog Karie. Honestly you write so well, and with passion.

    I do understand how one would ‘run out of time’ – there are just so many hours in the day, and it’s much nicer to spend them with those you love and things you love rather than feeling you ‘have to’ blog. The same goes for entering the damn contests/tweeting/facebooking!

    I miss you, but I am happy you are happy. When you pop in, I will come say ‘hiya’ 🙂

  2. First…you not blog because of fear. That statement is so far fetched someone must be high. You never stop saying what you gotta say outta fear. I know. I’ve known ya for 27 years.

    Second…you said stroking and cock in a sentence. *giggle*

  3. family always comes first 🙂 it is so much more liberating caring for my son and not spend so much time online 🙂 I admire you and miss your talk but life is how it is and still enjoy your occassional posts!

  4. I’m glad to see you blogging!
    I totally understand your point of view on the whole blogging thing-I find myself getting wrapped up in the stats and the followers and the rank which really isn’t what blogging is about.
    I think we all just need to sit back and take a deep breath in and realize blogging should be fun again!

  5. Well hello there darlin’! Nice to see you around town again. Miss your honesty, but know how important family is. Always family before blog (or pretty much anything else!) Hugs.

  6. HEY I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THAT! 😉 I do understand you my dear and while I haven’t been around here in a little while I think about you often and hope that you are having an amazing time living this life in the raw, working and playing in the real world and rocking everyone else’s socks off out there!

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