Two Weeks Too Long

Last night was the sweetest homecoming. Fighting the evening traffic with two anxiety filled toddlers, making unintelligible demands,whining and carrying on, the heat was beating down on the car as the air conditioning fought her fury to keep the passengers cool. Exiting the freeway into Sky Harbor we could not wait to pick up our special package.

Two weeks ago to the day The Chad and I took a road trip to Northern Arizona to meet his folks in the dirty little town of Holbrook. If you are from the area you know that if it burned in the night not much would be lost. Seriously. So we met his folks at the nicest spot in town, the newly renovated (or erected) Holiday Inn Express. We all spent the night there so that the kids could see Grandma and Papa and we could make the exchange with the boy.

We discussed with The Chad’s mom if Grant could go visit. Now the summer is WELL upon us, we needed to figure out what Grant would do for entertainment and daily activities. Now that I am working full time again and no longer “the nanny,” his days needed to be filled and or he needed to be involved in some sort of activity or organization out of the house. Considering The Chad still works out of the house at this time, Big G staying home was not the best idea either. So gratefully his mom said Grant’s visit would be a wonderful idea and we planned on just a week that the boy would visit.

Until things started becoming unstable at home with the employment situation for The Chad. Then we began dealing with the logistics of how to get the boy home. Where the exchange would happen on an odd day to cut into the work week causing a problem with myself as the sole parent managing the dynamically insane duo that are now my twins. Then the logistics of this and that and this and that. Gratefully again, The Chad’s mom offered to fly the boy home and we could pick him up at the airport.

Last night I could not have been more overfilled with joy and tears flowing when I saw my boy relaxing on the bench at the airport with his grandmother eagerly awaiting our arrival. As soon as the car stopped I hopped out to get my boy, my first born, the kid I haven’t talked to in two weeks because he is not a phone person or only talked to his dad for short stints. We both cried, tears of joy so happy to see one another and gushing at how much we missed and love each other. I know how much I love my kids, but never have I been away from one of them this long that my heart was full again.

Feeling that empty feeling like something was missing all the time, the odd quiet. People talk about how three kids or more kids may be hard to manage or are just too much; everyone wants that nice even number. I can say that I am EVER so thankful for my three kids. I watched the twins last night glow and giggle at the sight of Grant, shouting his name, and then in the privacy of home and out of the confinement of their car seats hugging their brother with their true and pure love. I also watched as his father held on that much tighter, hugged him that much longer, and spent that much more time reading to the boy we have missed so much. We love you Grant and are so happy you are home.

10 Replies to “Two Weeks Too Long”

  1. Such a heartfelt post….

    One of my friends just got her son back after a two YEAR abduction. Can you imagine??
    I can’t.

  2. hope Chad’s work gets stable again and I happy to know you are allonce more together…when I leave Greg at his grandma for a few hours I miss him so much and when I see that smile as soon as he sees me its a wonderful feeling!

  3. YEAH!!
    i can come to your site now!!!!
    I am SO eXCITED!!!!!
    This makes my week!!

    Sounds like you and The Chad had a good time!

  4. Actually on second though the picture I saw I think does not match the post. I saw a picture of you in wedding clothes with cake over your mouths.
    so sorry if that comment seemed insensitive, I didn’t mean for it to.
    Reunions are sweet aren’t they?
    I’m glad Grant could come home.

    Have a great weekend! I’ll be happy again when you can start mingling again. Sometime.
    Talk to you later!

  5. Aw! I agree with Linda-This is such a heartfelt and heat warming post!
    I don’t have kids so I really don’t know what it’s like to ‘give one up,’ if only for a week, but I can assume it’s a hard thing to do.
    I’m glad that he made it back home safe and sound and you are all together again 🙂

  6. Okay-Above comment meant to say *heart warming instead of *heat warming. LOL

    That would be a little redundant if I’d meant it that way 🙂

  7. Glad he made it home okay. Two weeks is wayyy to long. At least it feels that way when you finally have them back in your arms : ).

  8. What a beautiful post. I would have gone crazy but you have to let them do it. Glad to hear he is home safe and sound.

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