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Fashion is always so entertaining to me; fashion ebbs and flows each year and seems to play off decades past. Couture revivals. One article of fashion that has been the “butt” of many jokes and just awful no matter who sports the accessory is the fanny pack. This back end accessory or worn like a kangaroo pouch was just so gauche. However the fanny pack got a face lift and is excellent for  women, or men, on the go. Meet Hip Appeal, no more lugging a bag, purse, or gaudy pouch with cumbersome zippers and clips as you fumble for your belongings.

hip appeal pockets, hip appeal on thefivefish, fanny packI am on the go to the gym and the one thing I hate to take with me is my gym duffel. Bulky and inconvenient, which means I have to get a locker which means more wasted time. My time is precious and I love to go in, workout and leave. I have no desire to go to a gym locker and putz around. Who’s got time for that?

Hip Appeal is not just for the gym. Shopping trips to Costco, walks around the block, running, traveling through airports, wherever. I received the 5″ fitness wrap to put to the test with my workouts and schedule.

hip appeal, hip appeal karie herring, fanny pack, hip appealMy Hip Appeal fanny is used endlessly for the gym. I wore it the other day and I was attempting to get my selfie to show off how stylish and sleek around the body it feels when a few ladies stopped to ask me about my Hip Appeal. One woman loved the color (turquoise) and that it has zippers. She was a cyclist, so keeping all your gear on your body and stored securely is important to her, even when she does mountain biking. The other woman was lifting weights like myself and she hates tossing her stuff to the floor or worrying about her items falling out of her fanny pack. She had on a similar looking fanny pack but the pouches were open and shallow and I watched as she mentioned that her items are stored but they are not necessarily secure.

hip appeal pockets, hip appeal on thefivefish, fanny packThe fabric is stretchy, light, airy, made of a micropoly, lycra blend and literally feels like your favorite yoga pants. Hip Appeal is available in 11 flattering colors and also comes in various color combinations of black where the colors are the accent on the zipper. You get two zippers, one in the front and one in the back, along with the hidden seam pocket that is great for your keys and or your cell phone. Since I am doing running and or weights I like my phone to be secure so I stash it in one of two zipper pockets.

So with the 90s fashion back in style that doesn’t mean that you have to wear that same 90s fanny pack when out and about. As a mom of twins I could have used this when my kids were smaller and I needed both hands free. Hip Appeal is definitely more “hip” and “appealing” to wear. Hip Appeal is not your mother’s fanny pack.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. This is great to use when shopping, going to amusement parks etc. I really want one of these

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