I admit I am shallow

I feel I have failed to be honest on my blog. After a very strong discussion with The Chad I had the ultimate slap. I put on a happy face for the blog because in the event I post that my life is not all roses and rainbows….well let’s face it…you would rather watch the damn news than read about some woman on the internet.

Truly my blog and persona are me, but to some degree they are lacking luster, a true persona that screams I am coming back for more on this blog. While I am not one to sensationalize by any means in the manner of feeding off of others pain or disadvantages for the fact to make me feel better I do feel like to be completely blunt.

Maybe my fear of rejection is what is holding me back in really laying everything out to tell you that I make fun of myself by calling myself little Miss Perfect. While I do TRY to do everything perfect….I am the most damaged human being I have had the pleasure to meet every single day. I fear being rejected because I am not perfect, because I really like to use the F word as a noun, adjective, conjunction, pronoun, and verb to name a few. I used to smoke. I like to drink when I am in a mood….which is actually rare but at least once a year I like to get a good buzz on that the next day I look around like….Um…who was that broad?

I also would like to get to know you. All 721 of you. Yes…even if that takes me years I would like to do it. A guest post from you at least once a week. You may think…has she completely lost it? But I haven’t. I know so little about you as readers that I want to hear about you…an insight into your psyche, who you are, what makes you tick, unique, if you enter a helluva lot of giveaways or you are a fellow blogger or hey you like to just read blogs period I want to know.

So no more Little Miss Perfect from me…though she is my alter ego…be prepared for a whole new year of posts. Oh and yes I will still have some KICKIN’ giveaways and what have you….but I want you to come here and read about some jaw dropping truths that say “sweet…I am so not alone!”

Please fill out my form for the guest posts….otherwise I will hunt your ass down and email it to you…and hound you weekly if not daily until you return it and I can feature you on my blog. Because that’s how I roll.

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15 Replies to “I admit I am shallow”

  1. Karie! I know I haven't been around as much as I used to, but I still poke around your blog. 🙂 You are not shallow…a blog is supposed to be all about you! That's why it's yours. I'm excited for your new "freeing" posts, and don't worry, I still wub you! No matter what!

  2. Well here is your feel better for the day- I have a small confession that I don't like to talk about. I still smoke. There – are you happy now?
    No wait, you won't be happy until I fill out a form. Ok that's next. In the meantime – I love your blog and who you are the way you are!

  3. I love your blog Karie and I don't think your shallow. I just think we don't need to reveal EVERYTHING about the crude we go through…

    Hunt me down baby!

    Muah Muah!!!

  4. hey there – stopping by from SITS – enjoyed this post because we're all far from perfect…but then again, we're all imperfectly perfect just as we are.

    Perhaps we can guest blog on each other's blog? I will if you will 🙂


  5. You know, as much as my parents royally sucked, I remember a saying that they had.

    Perfection is a flaw.

    I'm not sure what that actually means, I suppose it could mean many things to different people, but I like it anyway.

    What's the saying?

    "Shallow waters run deep"?

    "Deep thoughts in shallow waters"?

    "In shallow waters, shrimps make fools of dragons."?

    Well whatever it is, us shallow gals need to stick together because even shallow waters have vortices.


  6. I'm Chelle. Former smoker. Swear like a Sailor {although I was in the Air Force, so swear like an Airmen?}. Love margarita nite. Love drinking wine. But not all of the time.

    I can never make my mind up about the color of my hair. The style of my hair. I love to snack. A lot. And I often wonder why I'm not losing pounds faster {haha}.

    And I think? You've just inspired me for my next post. I'll be linking back to you, momma. Yes, yes I will!


  7. What? What do you mean you are not lil miss perfect? Weeeeeell Gooooooolly! Guess what smackers dabbers!! NO ONE IS!!! Get over it! Want to know something? I swear more than a sailor!! Doubt me? Ask the Mrs, the guys that work with me/for me…whatever I'm a brut….but also very polite and dignified…there is a time and place. Oh and I drink…used to until I got on some meds….will go back…oh yeah….#smr Sunday Morning Ritual….drinking with my neighbors before 9am on Sunday….What do you think my priest has to say about that? Nothing, he's with me!! :o) j.k Look kiddo…we *heart* you all the way….say what you want, be who you are….Cheers!

    Peas Out!
    ~daddy b.

    btw we need to get all the kiddos together to play….buggin' @hood to do the same!

  8. Dood… if you aren't perfect then I am afraid we have to become BFF's. Mostly because I am so unperfect… (I know that unperfect isn't a work but I love to make up words)

  9. If you find someone who doesn't have a fear of rejection, please let me know….I haven't run into anyone like that yet. And what's wrong with the F word…I use it, although sometimes I put a funny spin on it and say Fek or Fekker.

  10. I know what you mean. Some people will judge you and others won't & you never know who is going to do what. Just try to be honest…if you don't feel comfortable saying something just don't say it. You can't please everyone. Just know there are some that want to get to know you, also & won't judge. Good luck with it all. <3

  11. Didn't somebody say something about blogging being narcissistic? I don't think that makes you shallow at all. And, I've read some things that you have written that are down right raw. And, to be honest, I think those are the most read ones anyways, right?

    I'm Krystyn. I've never smoked (anything), I like my wine and ritas, too. And, I will tell you my opinion whether you want to hear it or not (although, crazy enough, it is easier for me to say it to your face then online).

    I'm looking forward to it.

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