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Fall, Winter, and early spring always bring the crud. You know the crud? The sniffling, sneezing, germ spreading love fest that the seasons bring. Not to mention the fact that our children help to spread this by not always washing their hands or covering their mouths and faces when expelling their crud.

I personally load my kids up on vitamin C rich foods and we have taken stock in Kleenex and anti-bacterial gel. Not to mention my OCD takes over and anytime anyone is sick my home goes into full quarantine and I run around in the jumpsuit cleaning each room from top to bottom. Germs don’t stand a chance!

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So with all the oral expelling going on with our children I wondered what else I could do besides wear a plexiglass facial shield. Thank goodness for MyClyns. What is MyClyns (phonetic: mi-clinz)? MyClyns is a non-alcohol, fast-acting germ protection spray for those who have been in contact with airborne particles or bodily fluids (aka oral expelled of the nastiest kind).

I truly enjoyed this product because unlike the anti-bacterial gels, I was not worried about the harsh chemicals, burns, or any form of irritation. I was able to spray MyClyns right on my kids without any sort of worry about problem. Also I felt confident in that, “independent laboratory tests showed a 99.99% reduction in 60 pathogens including MRSA, E. Coli, and others” (MyClyns; RL&A, 2010) plus the FDA has cleared the solution in MyClyns as a medical device. As a “device” the MyClyns is so super convenient. Slip into any bag, purse, or even your pocket. Super sleek and slim design the MyClyns is about the size of a Sharpie so you can take it anywhere, even safe for airline travel.

You can purchase this product with a price point of $7.99 to $9.99 at your local CVS, Kroger’s brand stores, Wegman’s, and Bigg’s with more stores coming! Available in a 6mL container with approximately 60 sprays.

Now I get to share this wonderful product with you to help protect yourself and your family from everyone else’s cooties and crud. Here are the rules:

Leave me a comment and tell me what is your biggest cootie annoyance? People who don’t wash their hands? Sneeze on you? Or how about those spitters…you know the kind…the ones who talk like Daffy Duck and spooge all over you? Tell me about it!

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Best of luck!

27 Replies to “Spray Away Germs: MyClyns Giveaway”

  1. I hate it when people don't wash their hands after going to the restrooms. I also hate when someone scratches their skin or head and touches you… so many germs and I don't like touching your dead skin cells! haha
    Thanks for the chance!

  2. My biggest cootie annoyance is that my 2 year old is very shy. When we go out in public she gets a little nervous around people and the first thing she does is stick her fingers in her mouth. I am always afraid she is going to pick up germs from someone else's nasty hands.

  3. I hate people who sneeze or cough into their hands and then use that same hand to touch something like a door handle. Eeeew!
    weird chick online at gmail dot com

  4. The bathroom thing kills me! I've seen so many guys, doesn't matter what station in life that don't wash their hands after using the facilities!!

  5. My biggest cootie annoyance is definitely people who sneeze and do not cover their mouths! It is so completely obnoxious! I can almost feel the germs coming all over me (and if i'm eating, my food!)
    Amanda Barnes
    amandakbarnes90@gmail dot com

  6. I hate when people dont wash their hands…either after using the restroom or before handling food. It freaks me out! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I also hate when people cough without covering their mouth. If I wanted their nasty germs, I'd stick my tongue in their mouth!


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