I got a new drug

I hear that the road to recovery begins with admission. So I am here as an addict to tell you of my illness. My admission towards a full or at least some sort of haphazardly recovery. I know my addiction hurts, time passes and I fail to see it. I cannot get enough. My family is slowly suffering because I have avoided cleaning the house, making full, healthy and complete meals, laundry has been mounting almost like an attack.

This is the explanation for my not blogging. I have so wanted to blog. To share in my stories of what the Squids have been accomplishing, or attempted accomplishments in their opinion, the first day of school was today, how my kids are growing so fast before my eyes. I feel like I blinked and now Big G went from birth to young kindergarten to all day kindergarten this year. The gnomes are getting so big, 18 months this month and I wonder where the time has passed. Just yesterday they were having a WWF wrestling match in my abdomen for kicking space.

I feel like my addiction just in the last week has really gotten in the way. I thought I had it under control. I had not had any problems in the last 15 years until now. Now of all times. Now when my life is in peak with the soap company, PTO, my twin mom group since I am the National Rep for our local chapter and the donations coordinator…..NOW?! Why now!!??

So I am working on the first step towards recovery. I am admitting I have a problem. It rules my every waking moment that when I sleep I sometimes have correlating dreams to my addiction, to my need, my fuel, my burn. My ache for more.

But before you all get all bent on me….let me just tell you what my addiction is so we are all on the level and you can see my story, hear my story. Help me find the right support group because I know this sort of problem is on the rise.


I cannot.

Gotcha didn’t I?

Yes I am the new found Twilight addict. I finished the entire series in less than a week. I finished Breaking Dawn in one day flat! So I am an addict to reading now that I am on a roll I cannot stop. I need more. I need more books to entertain my mind. Also helps with Big G at school so then I can read. So if you know of a great Readers Anonymous self help group I am all ears!!

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  1. You want to hear something so crazy? I just saw a friend last night who told me she is ADDICITED to this series as well!!! She even saw the movie! I must be living under a rock b/c she couldn't believe I haven't heard about it. Now you girls are making me think I'm missing out on something!!!

  2. I never heard of this series and no idea what it is about LOL but I am still a reading addict. At the moment ain't reading much though 🙁 coz my puppy taking too much of my little time…..but see a self help way to deal with it..keep the books under wraps till 8 pm than roll into bed and read till exhaustion claims you haha

  3. Hey Karie…reading is good, no worries. I'm still in shock that the two commenters above me have never heard of Twilight?! I'm on the 3rd book now.

  4. I know that addiction – I have that addiction. I have not read the twilight series, maybe I should avoid it. I am currently on a kick of reading Jodi Picoult books. She wrote My Sister's Keeper and I loved it (although I have not seen the movie).

  5. Whew! See here I thought I had a total problem. I just love to read, especially when I see lame blogs writing about Kate Gosselin and the whole PR thing. I mean really? So glad I have your blogs to read…which is the other thing I have been doing lately is catching up on all my bloggers!!

    Heather – you will seriously LOVE Twilight…at first I was like…eh…and then I was like OMG!!

    Trudy – you will so love love love the final book. I was like WT heck!! Did not see that coming.

    Tess – You crack me up! I think I need the key chain…we can go to meetings together! LOL

    MOT+1 – If you start Twilight you will be dying for more! Seriously once I got on a roll with Twilight and then finished, I was like…WOW, I HAVE to read New Moon, Eclipse…I couldn't stop nor help myself!

  6. i'm kind of afraid to start the twilight series. i have a slight reading addiction as well. i read all of anne rice's vampire books, so i feel a little like i'm cheating on lestat and company if i start reading about edward and his crew. i have serious issues!

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