I Heart My CSA

csa, farming, agriculture, organicI just have to tell you all again how much I love my CSA. What is a CSA you ask?
Community Supported Agriculture.
Agriculture? As in farm, You got it!

I had never heard of a CSA until one of my twin mommies told me about it and I have to tell you I am hooked! I don’t think I can go back to the standard way of buying my produce and eggs from the store. I did a HUGE post about it some time ago, so you can go read all about the deets there and why CSA’s are important to our community, the environment, and of course….YOUR HEALTH!!

But enough of my soap box….just take a gander at these beauties!CSA, agriculture, organic, community supported agricutlure, produceLook at all of that!! And that my friends and readers….is just a ONE WEEK basket from a CSA. Let me detail all the wonderful items in that picture for you if you can’t already decipher:

CSA, agriculture, organic, community supported agricutlure, produce
One Dozen Eggs
CSA, agriculture, organic, community supported agricutlure, produce, free range eggs
2 Armenian Cucumbers (which are THE BEST, super crunchy and tasty!)
One watermelon (last of the season and still sweet as sugar!)
Butternut squash, perfect for fall
Licorice Basil (Oh em gee the aroma…my whole fridge smells like it, and just YUMMY), I can’t wait to make my famous Pan Chicken with this and some FABULOUS Organic Marinara Sauce
CSA, agriculture, organic, community supported agricutlure, produce, free range eggs
Now here we have Okra, which I fried up last night in a tablespoon of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, pepper and added some Parmesan and OMG was it to DIE FOR!
Organic Tomatoes, which are JUST again TO DIE FOR!
Organic Pomegranate which I am DYING to dive into today
Did I mention this is all to die for?
Acorn Squash, again PERFECT for fall
Finally, a Purple Bell Pepper which smells divine and cannot wait to use in a recipe.
CSA, agriculture, organic, community supported agricutlure, produce, free range eggsSo let me ask you…..Do you know where your produce and food comes from? If not? You should! Mine is made with lots of love from my fabulous farmer Mike. Learn all about CSA’s and or Food Coop’s and enjoy all the benefits of Organic farming, supporting your local farmers, businesses, and heck the kids will LOVE going to the farm like mine do.

7 Replies to “I Heart My CSA”

  1. I LOVE getting local produce. Eggs from my neighbors, veggies from my own garden – or from a garden swap.

  2. I wish we had a CSA thing going on here in Vegas. But I'm pretty sure my produce basket would come attached to pasties and glittery lotion… I'm just sayin'… 😉

  3. Nice Bublé.

    I did not read your post. I saw what it was about and began tearing up.

    We moved last year and I was at least excited to hang with people who KNOW farmers markets and CSA and what not.. and guess what? NOTHING.
    AS in WHAT?? How can I live in Organic Oregon and there are no farmers markets in my town!

    CSA?? nope. nothing. sob.

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