Mom Sells Weapons of Mass Destruction

Recently I found a new calling in the employment realm. This has been a truly liberating change in fields and needless to say I rather find living on the edge to be totally sexy and intriguing. My new job, in addition to all my other career paths, is as an arms dealer. Yes. I kid you not. I deal with weapons of mass destruction.

You see these two WMD’s are probably the safest on the market as well. You can keep them in your home without permit and their expiration happens at around the age of 18. You avoid the whole fallout issue as you would with standard nukes, the 10 mile safety radius, cancer, however, these two do not come without a price. Their side effects include headache, exhaustion, sleepiness, irritability, agitation, the uncontrollable urge to curse, this is all the effect on you….but if you want to clear a room or destroy one, these two are the weapon of choice.

In fact, they are so powerful, we had to keep them behind bars.

3 Replies to “Mom Sells Weapons of Mass Destruction”

  1. Oh Karie, you are too funny! I know my two WMDs have quite the blast radius. Especially around the dinner table. You’d think a tornado went through there.

    Miss you!

  2. LOL!!! Oh my goodness! I was thinking about you today and I am so glad I picked today to visit your blog, this post had me cracking up!

    I have 3 WMD’s. World beware, they will change the world!

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