Back to School with Seventh Generation

Now that the fall school schedule has resumed and our kids are socializing amongst their friends and teachers that they missed over the summer a lurking menace is socializing with our children as well.


Disgusting, sickening germs that our children spread around as they touch things, sneeze, cough, you name it, they touch and spread this menace in the classroom and bring home to the family.

To prevent the spread of germs our teachers request that the students bring in hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. But as a parent, I am rather particular about the disinfecting wipes, cleaners, and products my children use at home. Our family is especially conscious about the environment and the harmful chemicals in some disinfecting and cleaning products. Seventh Generation has an amazing line of cleaning, disinfecting, and paper products for your home that are environmentally friendly and the ingredients are botanically based, on chemically.

For back to school My Blog Spark and Seventh Generation is promoting their line of disinfecting cleaner, wipes, and products for a healthier home, classroom, and to help keep our children healthier while promoting a healthier world to live in by reducing our carbon footprint.

You too can enjoy the fruits of a healthier home on lots of levels by entering to win the prize pack offered by My Blog Spark and Seventh Generation! Here is what your goodies will look like:

To be considered for entry tell me what you do to help prevent the spread of germs with your child and would you like to use a product like Seventh Generation that is both healthier for your home and the environment.

(Comments like “pick me” and “enter me” and “I want to win” will disqualify your comment for entry into the giveaway.)

For complete entry options be sure to check out the rules page for details. Be sure when Tweeting you @SeventhGeneration to show your support!


60 Replies to “Back to School with Seventh Generation”

  1. we use wipes and teach all to wipe and wash hands. Sneeze into arms. My older ones in hs keep wipes in locker and take and wipe down desk in a few classrooms because of nastiness in the enviorment.

  2. We try to eat healthy meals, take a daily vitamin, get plenty of sleep and wash our hands frequently.


  4. Like many others, we do a lot of handwashing here.Yes, I would like to try some environmentally friendly cleaning products.

  5. We are always washing hands and we have hand sanitizer placed all over our place!


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  6. To help prevent germs, I do my best to dust the apartment about once a week and be sure to always equip myself and others with hand sanitizer and try to be a bit of a clean freak. It’s disgusting how many germs can be living around your apartment or home if you don’t just clean up every once and awhile.

  7. I use wipes for quick cleanups and tell the boys to wash their hands. the school is good about wiping the door handles and railings, plus they have the kids use hand sanitizers. i would love to try the Seventh Generation products

  8. I think handwashing is important to minimize the germs and yes, I would love to use Seventh Generation if it cleans well and is better for the environement!

  9. I clean down my kitchen counters everyday and encourage the family to wash their hands often. I would love to use a product that is healthy for my home.

  10. Of course I’d like to use products like these as long as the efficacy is great. I haven’t had good luck with all eco-friendly products.

    We reduce our risk of germs by keeping a clean house and wiping down surfaces with bleach based cleaners. I’d like to use these because I know bleach is bad for the environment. We also do lots of hand washing and hand sanitizer.

  11. to prevent spreading germs i disinfect backpacks after school. i LOVE products that are better for us and the environment (and our pets too!)

  12. We do use Seventh Generation products to stay healthy and help the environment. We also eat lots of veggies and wash our hands to keep the germs away.

  13. We try to regularly disinfect surfaces in our home such as switches and doorknobs, in order to keep healthy. We’ve been slowly transitioning to more natural home cleaning products over the past few years. We are very concerned about using harsh chemicals in our home, especially since we have children.

  14. I am always after my kids to wash their hands. I also spray our door knobs, handles and such with lysol every night. I would love to try these products, and have heard good things about this brand.

  15. I like to try to wipe things off like things often touched such as knobs, handles, home phone, and doorknobs and yes I would like to use a product like Seventh Generation that is both healthier for your home and the environment.

  16. I encourage children to cover their mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing., to prevent spread of germs. I love using Seventh Generation products.

  17. we wash our hands alot and that helps to keep things going.

    i like using seventh generation disinfecting wipes

  18. Try to get everyone to cough into their sleeves not their hands or in someone else’s face

  19. We teach our boys to wash their hands a lot. I’d love these products because I am constantly doing small cleaning jobs and it would be nice to be able to use something natural.
    beckytag618 at gmail dot com

  20. Oh yes, I certainly owuld like to use this type of product. I am concerned about my family and my kids and grandkids. I probably drive my kids crazy as I always try to get them to eat healthy, and I cook from scratch, buy organic as much as possible, take supplements, make homemade keifer. I am now starting to make more foods for health. I am after them all the time about products they use on their body such as shampoos, soaps, and different toothpastes, etc.
    I also always tell them not to touch your eyes, ears, or mouth and everyone washes up as soon as they get home and when handling food. I clean off lightswitches and doorknobs to keep germs down, also.

  21. Hand washing is the most important thing we do to prevent sickness. I’d like to use products that are healthier and better for the environment.

  22. I taught my children to wash their hands. I disinfect surfaces and places germs can be found. I make sure toys and clothing are not left lying around on floors. I would love to Use products like Seventh Generation that are healthier for our family and the environment.

  23. We’ve worked really hard to teach proper handwashing and sanitizing skills. I’d love to use Seventh Generation products – using greener products is so important for the future

  24. Hand washing and staying clean is important. I’d love to try their products to see how well they work!

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