Mathnasium of Gilbert


Understanding the Mathnasium Method

There’s no shortage of learning methods available to children. This is great since all children learn in different ways. However, one learning method that has proven to be the most effective is Mathnasium. For a number of years, this learning method has changed the way that kids appreciate and understand math. It has become so effective that many learning centers have popped up all over, such as the Mathnasium of Gilbert. Here’s a quick look at the idea behind Mathnasium. Continue reading “Mathnasium of Gilbert”

Love Doesn’t Flow Up

Events in our lives, such as the death of a loved one, can seem to bring about great reflection regarding life. We often reflect in a rear facing manner on the “could have,” “should have,” and “would have” in relation to the loss of our loved one but never about the can and will be of the future. The loss of my maternal grandfather resulted in one of many talks The Chad and I have had over the years about our upbringings, our great similarities and triumphant differences. What we found in our discussion regarding family is that love doesn’t flow up. With that idea we both vowed to intentionally raise our children a bit differently, giving them what we did not have in our lives, in our relationships, fulfilling our needs and those of our children. Many parents say they will raise their children different from their parents methods, however they fall short to parenting by default, parenting by what was learned. Continue reading “Love Doesn’t Flow Up”

EcoCentric Mom Subscription Box Giveaway


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Ecocentric mom delivers a curated experience of wholesome product discovery for moms and moms to be. Join Ecocentric Mom during your pregnancy to discover great ethical brands and awesome products you may never have seen in stores near you. As you grow in your motherhood journey, change your subscription to receive the mom and baby box, which also has goodies for your little one. For moms of older kids – or anyone at all – the mom box is a great choice. Best of all, everything in your box is 100% healthy – good for you and the world around you. EcoCentric Mom Subscription box does the research, so you don’t have to, with each monthly delivery containing handpicked items for you, your baby, and your family. Continue reading “EcoCentric Mom Subscription Box Giveaway”

Where Does the Time Go

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For the last few weeks finding time to write has been such a struggle. I have been on a tremendous journey since the first of January when I made a life changing decision about my health. My decision was not light and one that has been taxing into my personal time and has really challenged me with how I manage my professional and family time. In addition, my family suffered a great tragedy with the loss of my grandfather, my mother’s father. Needless to say I have been preoccupied and saddened that I cannot share my joy for writing about my family and sharing all the goodies of going toxin free. Amazing how we can fill our lives with so much busyness that we wonder where the time goes. Continue reading “Where Does the Time Go”

Public Enemy

Growing up my home was highly dysfunctional. As a child I thought my upbringing was rather normal, all things considered, but that was not the case. Divorce was unheard of and I was in the midst of the unspeakable with my parents. I struggled as a child, never voicing of the troubles my parents were going through. Never speaking of the troubles I went through as a child, everything was a secret, my closest friends, my mother, no one knew what I was going through, my struggles. Continue reading “Public Enemy”

Obligatory Family

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Late year holidays are always my favorite time of year, Thanksgiving, Christmas; I am giddy with child-like excitement for family, fellowship and togetherness. Adult life, however, exposes the harsh reality of the holiday season, family dynamics and beautiful let downs. Togetherness with family is not always about togetherness, connection, love; the events lack joy, communion and are more of a collective obligatory duty. Continue reading “Obligatory Family”

Spectating Grief and Pain

Only the whirring of my ceiling fan and the light patter of rain falling from the roof could be heard through the deafening sound of pain. The gravity of her grip was fierce you would be crushed under her power. Grief. Sadness. Sorrow. Anxiety. My eyes welled and burned with tears that I did not let flow. As a spectator of the pain, uncertainty and impending loss, I gasped for breath in my helplessness.

Ninety minutes of nonstop movement and packing as we gathered up our lives to fit into the back of our Jeep. We barely spoke a word and I just continued to observe, not interfering, not really saying much of anything. The silence was eating me alive, but this is what you do when someone is losing their loved one. This is what you do to be there for them, being in the moment, present, gingerly adhering to boundaries you don’t know where they begin and where they end. Such a wretched feeling.

Grief and loss are such a son of a bitch.

We so deeply want to fix what is broken. We want to hold them so tight the pain goes numb in our presence. We are so uncertain of our role. Where do we stop and where do we begin. How to console, support, be present when we are unsure of where our presence is required.

I watch him in stoicism. Pain and sadness of life so surreal. We all live and we must all die, but what about all the gray we never address. Processing begins through the hours of humming tires on the highway. The wind howling. Fleeting feelings of emotion as we glean in the moments of life. The minutes. The days. The months. Years gone by.

We arrive at her bedside. More surreal. A fragment of a woman once known, once boisterous and bounding with energy; she lay listless and peaceful. His stoic nature broken, crumbling, he is a little boy. Mothers have an uncanny supernatural power to return us to a childlike state. God made his daughters so magnificent to their own children.

Highs and lows of acceptance and denial. Confusion, disbelief, anger and unyielding love. He is back and forth in emotions and stature. Unsure of what to do and how to support him, I console where I can, allowing him to feel what I so terribly wish to take away. Pain. Impending loss. Hurt. Grief. A hole in his soul that may only one day heal, but not entirely. My fear is he will be completely crushed in his grief and pain, as I follow him waiting to pick up any pieces. Yet I give him space as I know this is his alone to process, to feel, to experience. No matter how badly I wish to embrace him in love and remove this pain, this is life. In life we must experience the pain of death, loss. The heat of sadness that is so overwhelming to process. The cold of the come down causes shivers. This is the tsunami of grief. This is natures storm of sadness.

Spry wins Whole Foods Natural Choice for dental care and giveaway

spry, natural dental care, natural toothpaste, sugar free toothpaste, xylitol, spry dental care

Much of our good health stems from proper dental and oral care. Albeit we loathe a visit to the dentist, we would struggle more with an unhealthy mouth and smile. Part of overall health in our home is seeking out products that are better for you and the environment. Luckily my dentist has great taste in products when they referred us to Spry some years ago.

You might be familiar with Xlear Inc. as they started off in natural care in 2000 with their line of saline nasal spray, Xlear Sinus Care Nasal Spray. We have used this almost exclusively in our home for treating sniffles, sneezes, itchy noses and inflammation when cold and flu season flare up. Continue reading “Spry wins Whole Foods Natural Choice for dental care and giveaway”

Single Parenting

Growing up in a single parent home we sometimes fail to recognize the struggle parents experience without a partner to assist in raising children and running a household. My mom went about raising myself and my siblings all by her lonesome. A mortgage, car payment, grocery shopping and ensuring our safety, well-being, education and care landed squarely on her shoulders. Many of my friends experience this same challenge everyday. I commend them for their single parenting as I only experience the challenge when The Chad goes out of town. Continue reading “Single Parenting”