Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There are many people who love riding motorcycles. There is something special about the freedom of the open air as the wind whips by the rider. On the other hand, motorcycle accidents can also be far more severe than car crashes. Without the protection of a metal frame, serious injuries can take place even at low speeds. Therefore, it is important for everyone to know about the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Poor Weather Conditions

While poor weather can certainly play a role in car collisions, weather conditions are even more important for motorcycle riders. Motorcyclists do not have the luxury of windshield wipers. As a result, driving rain can severely impair a rider’s ability to see. Furthermore, with only two wheels on the pavement, it can be harder to maintain control in slick conditions.

Of course, there are other adverse weather conditions that can impact rider safety as well. High winds are going to buffet motorcyclists more than heavy cars, making it hard to control the motorbike. Therefore, it is critical for riders to remain aware of how road conditions can impact someone’s ability to ride.

The Negligence of Other Drivers

The negligence of other drivers can also contribute to motorcycle accidents. The fact is that motorcycles produce a far smaller silhouette than cars. As a result, they are harder to see. If a driver is distracted by his or her phone or is under the influence of alcohol, this can lead to serious accidents.

Anyone who is involved in a motorcycle accident as a result of driver negligence must be sure to reach out to experienced Toronto injury lawyers for assistance. People need to make sure they place themselves in the best position possible to recover.

Motorcycle Equipment Malfunction

Finally, equipment malfunction can lead to a motorcycle accident as well. Sometimes, issues might develop with the brakes. Problems with the tires can also lead to collisions. Even engine troubles could impact someone as they ride. For this reason, it is critical for everyone to get their motorcycle inspected on a regular basis.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Are Always Serious

These are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. Without protection around the driver, small accidents can lead to serious injuries. Those who have been involved in a motorcycle accident must remember that trained professionals are willing to lend a hand to individuals and families in need.

Breathe Easy Purolator Car Filter

Copyright of The Five Fish & CKH Enterprises

Automobile owners generally think of basic maintenance to the vehicle to consist of lube, oil, and filter replacement. By filter I mean the air filter that feeds air into the engine for better performance. What most car owners do not think of for basic maintenance is the intake filter in the cabin of the vehicle. Much like a homes intake filter for the central air unit, a vehicle has a cabin air filter to keep the air clean and fresh.

The Purolator Breathe Easy Car Filter is just the ticket for your vehicle’s cabin intake air system.

I received my Purolator Breathe Easy Car Filter and immediately began to read the instructions. The packaging indicated that the install would be rather simplistic. However upon reading the instructions I began to doubt the “ease” of this installation.

Copyright of The Five Fish & CKH Enterprises

Enlisting my husband who has been working on cars as long as he can drive he immediately began to dive in and reading the instructions thought to start disassembling my dash to reach the cabin air filter. Being a mom I had a gut feeling something was not right and that breaking any factory seals would be a strict “No-No” for this job. Furthermore, the product would not boast the ease of use installation as a selling point for this product.

So I did what any woman, girl, and or female would do and I snatched the Owner’s Manual from teh glvoe compartment and sought out in the index “cabin air filter.” VOILA, there was the entry and the picture page to help walk through what to do.

Copyright of The Five Fish & CKH Enterprises

The instructions indicated to start unlocking screws and clips in the instrument panel in order to access the air filter. Whereas the manual stated to push in two tabs in the GLOVE COMPARTMENT of my 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan in order to access the air filter. Wouldn’t you know it, the installation took all of three minutes where the included instructions stated 28 minutes total installation time. As a busy mom, I don’t have that kind of time.

Copyright of The Five Fish & CKH Enterprises

Sadly I also saw how neglected my poor people mover has been treated due to my lack of knowledge about cabin air filters. Look at all the gray and black nastiness that is caught in this air filter. Clearly I have not touched this filter since the day my car was bought at the dealership. More so I am saddened that vehicle maintenance shops INCLUDING dealerships do not mention this awesome and inexpensive fix for better cabin quality while riding in the car. Imagine all the particulates and agitates in the air that wreak havoc on your allergies and overall breathing in the cabin. Especially if you are one who uses the re-circulate option on the air in the vehicle, just breathing in all the extra dirt that was NOT caught by the filter. I know that the product stands by it’s name with breathing easy now in my car and knowing my kids will breathe easier as well. Do not take my word for it, take out your owners manual and take a look at your filter yourself to see the difference and then replace to feel the breathing difference. You can find Purolator retailers on their site where the filters are offered at a variety of auto centers and general merchandise stores.


TAG – Celebrate National Reading Month

Celebrate National Reading Month with TAG and Scholastic!

Use this $3 coupon at your favorite retail store to save on Tag books and start your child’s reading journey!  Visit the link to take advantage of the savings and promote early reading and education in your home.

Save $3 on your purchase of any TAG reading system for $34.99

(Offer good through March 31st, 2012 – Coupon expires June 30, 2012)

Recounting the numerous posts I have about reading would be boring, so let me just share again that reading is an intricate building block in any child and or adults growth and education. As an adult learner I cannot tell you how much I love to read. Even more so for children to put together words, to make sentences, to communicate effectively. My home is a HUGE proponent for early learning and education and when Leap Frog created the TAG reader my son immediately received one and as many books he could stomach. My twins even have the TAG Jr. to engage their young minds from the time they were 18months old.

More than 15 years ago LeapFrog began building its legacy: helping children learn to read. They do this by hiring professionals with design degrees to design new and
innovative products for children. So we’re celebrating this month with Tag, the #1 selling reading system.* It helps children learn to read and more by bringing words and pictures to life—that’s why 99% of teachers recommend Tag!** And the Tag library of 60+ interactive books, maps and more helps build the fundamentals for school success.

*U.S. Source: The NPD Group/Consumer Tracking Service: PS Electronic Learning, Electronic Reading, Toy Brands as defined by LeapFrog in Dollars, Annual 2010. Canada Source: The Nielsen Company, Market Track Closed Group, National Toy Market 2009 (52 weeks ending December 2010). **Based on 2010 survey conducted by LeapFrog of teachers participating in its Tag Kindergarten Program, who received Tag School Reading Systems from LeapFrog for use in their classrooms (LeapFrog & Scholastic Press, 2012)

Volvo – Driving Fun in the Sun, European upgrades for American Tastes

Basking in the early morning sun, on what seemed to be an ordinary Saturday, I took a local jaunt to the plush and chic Monteluccia Resort and Spa nestled in the nape of the Camelback Mountain range. My drive into the north valley of Phoenix and center of styling and luxury to meet with the folks of Volvo to drive their newest spawns of vehicular conception. Volvo is a brand synonymous with safety innovation. The history of Volvo was forged between two gentlemen looking to build a vehicle more befitting for the harsh Scandinavian weather and landscape, which speaks volumes to this Arizona native, where harsh climates encompass our entire surrounding. Innovative for their time, Volvo built a vehicle born to withstand rough roads, harsh winters, and using the highest grade, quality steel in the construction of the frame and body.

Today, Volvo is using what is called “High Strain Steel” (North Holbrook, Volvo Media Event, 2012), which is considered the strongest and lightest steel in the industry for both performance and safety. Hence, their safety crumple zones that have inspired other car makers around the world to make such dramatic improvements to their steel cages to reproduce a vehicle with these innovative upgrades. What I found is that Volvo makes cars for people, people are who drive their vehicles, so why not listen to what people have to say about their vehicles. “Thinking of you first,” were the words spoken by North Holbrook, Western Regional Vice President for Volvo as he doled out charismatic and juicy details about Volvo’s rich history in safety and innovation. He further added that the input of current, former, and prospective Volvo owners shape and mold the styling, sport, and luxury of the safest car on the road. Additionally, Volvo has an entire site dedicated to how Volvo’s safety has transcended time and individual lives as everyday owners share compelling stories of how their lives were saved and changed by Volvo.

But enough of the history lesson let’s get to the prime rib and Au gratin of what the Saturday morning with Volvo was really all about.


Lots of driving and “fun in the sun” as the Volvo crew called it. Shipping in some of the best in fleet for us to drive around the scenic, hectic, and entertaining terrain of the North Scottsdale area of metropolitan Phoenix. This fleet, delivered right off the boat from Sweden to New Jersey and then sent via transport to Scottsdale included the famed C30 coupe, C70 coupe convertible, the S series saloons and XC60 which is a crossover vehicle that can handle the job of an SUV but the styling and luxury of an executive saloon.

C70 Coupe Convertible

I had my heart set for the XC series to test out for some off-road handling (bringing out my inner youth of dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, and off-road 4X4 driving) yet speaking to the responsible parent, in need of an automobile as people mover, with comfort and spaciousness for those trips to Costco. Instead, however, I opted for the C70 convertible as I was enjoying my Saturday morning sans kids. My alter ego, or original self, called loudly as I was presented with the FINAL C70 convertible in the corral of the select Volvo fleet. Though I was leaning to the C30 to have some manual transmission, autoeroticism, pardon the pun, as I shifted through the gears and get a real feel for the Polestar tuning that comes as an upgrade to the Volvo fleet. The C70 could not be resisted in the moderate Arizona spring weather. The C70, also equipped with Polestar, was something to fondle in regard to handling and sport. Polestar is only known for those who may be an astronomer (just Google it) or if you are well versed in the European racing circuit. Polestar has been making high performance racing parts and vehicles in Europe for years and only until just recently has Volvo been able to offer this warrantied and certified (for five factory years as the gents with Polestar boasted) in the US on their line of vehicles. Volvo has been racing sedans and recently added the C30 to the racing family, which was an even more exciting opportunity for me as I pondered heavily upon which vehicle to snuggle with for the day.

C70 Convertible % Volvo Cars US, 2012

Being an Arizona native and not wanting to pass up the rich morning in the sun, and basking in the million dollar weather, I eased in the sexy looking C70 convertible. At first glance this car does not look to be your typical convertible, a two-step, collapsing hard top as I applied one button to motion the top into the spacious boot of this coupe. Silent, and safety again within reach, as I began to drive away, my Volvo began to scream a warning at me. As the Volvo crew ran to my side, I giggled at my doltish behavior as I stopped immediately to acknowledge my convertible top was not completely secure into the boot, hence the screeching of a warning signal. Applying the brake, holding the button down, the dash confirmed with a simple “ding” that the job was  at last complete and I was safe to continue on my drive.

% Monteluccia Resort & Spa, 2012

Easing through the cobble stone parkway of the resort, I pulled out onto Lincoln Drive merging into the ultra exclusive neighborhoods of Paradise Valley. Immersing myself into the luxury of the Volvo I was pleasantly surprised by the elegant feel of the moleskin leather wrapped dash and the affectionately soft, body wrapping seats of this coupe. Getting my driving legs about me and familiarizing myself with my playful options I decided to really see what this Polestar business was all about. I took the car out of the automatic transmission mode and right into a sport shift, jockeying my way through Scottsdale traffic, feeling the turbo-charged 5-cylinder of this coy and misleading Swedish driver. Finding my groove, I found that the rev limiter is rather impressive for this ultra safe coupe, but still yielding an impressive 28mpg highway for those seeking a petrol friendly auto. Needless to say that Volvo puts on a great facade as this beaut was hiding an inner sports vixen waiting to be tested to her limits.

Hugging the road through the desert scene of the McDowell Mountain Range as we made a trek through the urban adventure that Scottsdale, Arizona has to offer, I found that Volvo still had a bit of over-steer when pushed. Definitely a lot of “giddity up and go” as I played with the paddle electronic shift. The C70 had no problems handling and reaching highway speeds, and, when she wanted, felonious speeding, yet still maintaining a level of handling as the over-steer jumped in as what seemed to be Volvo’s safety measures with their vehicles as to not get too aggressive with the Polestar upgrades. However, not too many soccer moms should be pole positioning through traffic when people moving children. Ahem. But I digressed riding solo in this coupe full of styling, fun, sex appeal, and overall safety. Returning to the corral of coupes, saloons, and SUV’s I bid a longing adieu to my morning date.

Energized and literally ready to buy I was truly sold on the Volvo brand. Not knowing anything more about the vehicles history, handling, brand reputation or styling I walked in blind and emerged with foresight of a Volvo coupe in my future as a date night car. Now if I can just convince my better half…let the plotting and mind control begin. (Insert evil, villainous laughter)

Ahem, I digress. I do want to thank Volvo Cars US, their overtly friendly and more than accommodating drive team and staff, the Monteluccia Resort and Spa staff and chef’s providing excellent cuisine, and the Cake Group for an amazing Saturday of fun in the sun with the Volvo team.

Arizona Celebration of Lights

This past Friday was the kickoff to the holiday season here in Phoenix. Not an official kickoff with ribbons and hoopla and hullabaloo, but a kickoff in the grand scheme of over seven million twinkling LED Christmas lights celebrating the wonderful season that truly commences this Thursday.

Twinkling, glowing, flashing, dancing, and blinking in over a one mile maze of wonder for children to gaze their eyes upon each and every holiday season are beautiful Christmas lights. In the west Valley of Phoenix metro is a local farm that hosts these now eco-friendly LED beauties to share in the spirit of the holiday season and to give back to the community on a truly astounding level.  Friday night was the official opening night for the Arizona Celebration of Lights for the VIP members of the media here in Phoenix and I was so thrilled to attend as a member to be among the staff of 12News and AZCentral. Not only to share the Christmas lights with my kids, but to also here more about how the Arizona Celebration of Lights has touched our community.

Thanks to generous sponsors like Sheely Farms who give up their farm for the wonderful production of glowing lights and the drive through traffic to enjoy the joyous event. Other generous sponsors such as PostNet, 12News, Channel 3, 99.9 KEZ, Holiday Inn Suites and Holiday Inn Express, Jamba Juice and Chik-Fil-A to name a few. With the help of the sponsors, proceeds from visiting the Arizona Celebration of Lights park where admission is $15 per vehicle Monday through Thursday 6-9pm and $20 Friday through Sunday 6-10pm, go to heartfelt organizations such as Salvation Army, St. Mary’s Food Bank, and Ronald McDonald House of Phoenix. Get $2 off as well by bringing in a bag, with a minimum of (3), canned goods to be donated to the food bank and families in need.

While listening to the presentation about the 14 year history here in Arizona I was pleased to hear about all the organizations that will receive proceeds from the event. The boost in local economy is tremendous in a devastating recession, but the truth is that these organizations are in great need as are the people they serve and as we come into the spirit of sharing, gratitude, and giving we should remember to give where we can. I was tweeting up a storm on Twitter that night in order to retain all the information to memory about how our non-profits will profit our local families and community members. This year alone St. Mary’s Food Bank of Arizona donated over 400,000 food boxes to local families in need, that is over 72 million pounds of food! Where in years past they doled out only half that, and this year is the first year the food bank has seen a decline in donations. So now even more we should give , if just for the receipt of a small discount while driving through the park, every little bit helps to donate to the food banks to help local families who are not as fortunate.

Moreover are the families of the children who travel to be at Phoenix Children’s Hospital for care and sought treatment and their families sought refuge and relief with Ronald McDonald house while in the care of the loving staff of Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where Ronald McDonald House Charities housed over 1900 families so far this year and the year is not yet over!

Everyone enjoys beautiful, seasonal Christmas lights and we should love them even more knowing that the lights help our local communities and families like ours each day the park is open this holiday season.

My kids were loving the event on top of me getting my philanthropic fill of goodness to make me want to do more. They were antsy and chomping at the bit to get back in the car and see all the lights. But in the meantime we took photos next to the tree, and with the Chik-Fil-A cow! When we arrived at the park we were immediately greeted by a glowing tunnel of beauty and the cool evening air where we rolled down the windows to really take in the spirit of the season and the magic this time of year brings. Christmas music playing across the pretuned radio station as we drove along the path to Santa’s Village where the kids could get out and play. – Photo by Ryan Ruiz

How can so much fun be so rewarding on so many levels. If you have the opportunity, the drive is well worth seeing the fun the kids will partake with seeing the lights and taking at pit stop at Santa’s Village, and to share in the season of giving and sharing with your family and other families. If coming from the east valley, head over to I-10 and head West to 99th Avenue exit and go right for about a mile and a half and you will see all the signs and lights. But if you cannot get out that way, view a few of the videos on You Tube of the fun lights on display, or “like” the Arizona Celebration of Lights page on Facebook where you can see other great videos and photos.

Animated Christmas Lights Display Arizona Celebration of Lights

Wishing everyone the happiest and safe holiday season.

Big thanks to the staff at AZCentral for the photos and an ever generous and speechless thank you to the folks at Miller Davis Agency who put together and promoted a wonderful event, the generosity and kindness of Mike Miller, thank you for you time that evening Mike, and affording me and my family the opportunity to get a sneak peak before the park opened to the public and to share what the Arizona Celebration of Lights is all about.

Busy Moms Plastic Surgery

It’s no big secret that mothers have a lot to worry about. Raising children is tough, constant work that entails far more than anyone could possibly imagine without having been through it. Even with children who spend most days in school, the responsibilities of keeping up with them and raising them right in the home are endless…. You want to make sure they’re happy, safe and healthy, make sure that they’re working hard on school and learn senses of responsibility, etc. With all of these concerns, it can be difficult to find time for yourself. For example, many busy mothers find that it is hard to, literally, keep up appearances – with all of the time spent on your children, you may let yourself go a bit, and find that you no longer look as good, or as youthful, as you once did. But with not enough time in the day for very much exercise, you may have to look into other options – such as some of those offered at

The decision to undergo plastic surgery is a big one that involves a number of different factors, but it is also something that you should definitely at least consider, if you find that you are becoming less happy with your body or physical appearance. Not all plastic surgery entails drastic changes or obvious fixes; in fact, modern methods and experienced surgeons are able to bring about very subtle, yet still very effective results. You may want to look into a procedure like liposuction, if, for example, you feel that you are having a harder time keeping weight off due to the fact that you’re too busy to find much time to exercise. Or, if you’d like to regain something of a more youthful form, you may want to look into some different breast augmentation procedures, which, again, can be performed quite subtly, but can still help you with your body and image.

If you do a bit of research in this field of medicine, you will discover that there are large numbers of procedures that may appeal to you. Plastic surgery has come a long way, and is now used more frequently than you might think. This is not to say that you should rush into a procedure, or that one is entirely necessary. However, if you have seen yourself “slipping” physically due to all of your responsibilities at home, this is definitely an option that you should at least give a bit of thought to.

Trick or Treat with Shamrock Farms

Shamrock Farms is gearing up to celebrate Halloween in a hauntingly healthy fashion with a family-friendly event down on the Farm. Aside from meeting 10,000 cows, guests are invited to wear their costumes, trick or treat and enjoy chocolate milk, all while meeting Roxie, Shamrock Farms lovable spokescow, and famous Peanuts characters Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Sally! Especially since chocolate milk is the official drink of Halloween. Treat your bones with Chocolate Milk, the Official Drink of Halloween, a nutritious beverage in disguise that Mom can feel good about during this candy-filled holiday! As with any sweet indulgence, in moderation and mom’s can feel better about a cold glass of calcium filled chocolate milk as opposed to tooth rotting sweets that can wreak havoc on our kids.

This Halloween event falls on Saturday October 29th, and at Shamrock Farms in the southeast valley heading towards Tucson we will be honoring our “kids ride FREE” deal (with adult admission) so this is an awesome added value event for families to enjoy with kids being FREE. Attendees will also receive a FREE milk and will be able to trick or treat along the tour.

Roxie Costume Party at the Farm: Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011 (3 tours offered)

Visit the Cold Room – Not counting school milk, Shamrock Farms stores 930,000 bottles of chocolate milk in its Cold Room on a WEEKLY basis where 1,330 pallets are loaded and over 1.8 million chocolate school milk containers (stored weekly) are handled at the farm.

Production – Shamrock Farms produces more than 200,000 gallons of chocolate milk every week which equals to about 3.2 millions cups of milk each week.

In addition to celebrating the Halloween special, come celebrate Arizona’s 100th birthday, we’ll be having special Centennial activities at the Farm! There’ll be an enhanced tour featuring Arizona’s history and every guest during our 2011 season will receive a commemorative band with admission celebrating Arizona’s Centennial and Arizona’s hometown dairy.

More than 10,000 cows are standing by, ready to make our farm tour a real hands-on experience for kids of all ages. With interactive displays, games and a tram ride, it’s a cornucopia of family-focused and educational activities for the whole herd.

Choosing Childcare, Preschools

Upon the birth of my first child Grant I was a mess for weeks scrambling, literally, at the last minute attempting to arrange and interview child care centers and preschools. My poor son, at the ripe age of five weeks with a neurotic mother, scared sick about leaving her child with anyone else but his parents. Even the sole time my mother watched Grant so that The Chad and I could attend a work dinner was sheer horror for me. I was breastfeeding and it was time away from my baby.

However, my fears were lessened as I began to research schools and childcare centers. I read articles online about credentials the centers had yielded, affiliations, complaints and where to find those complaints (which will vary by state), I researched whether they were part of a food program, the security measures they had to keep my children safe from predators and while in their care, and the staff to children ratio.

Who would have dreamed that childcare considerations were so in-depth, labor intensive, and quite frankly a science?

I had no idea. In fact when I first began seeking out childcare for Grant I went off of the brand name centers that were familiar by sound. Later I found I was unimpressed, annoyed, and rather disdained by the level of service these “brand name” childcare and preschool centers offered. The treatment was comparable to walking onto the sales lot of an auto dealership, vultures, waiting to pluck at their prey when they are most vulnerable, pushing for a “tour” based on their schedule and not yours, more concerned with enrollment and cash flow than the needs of my child and myself. One center had the audacity to advise me that they would not let me visit the center unless I had an appointment, needless to say I felt this organization had something to hide if I could not just drop in as I felt my schedule allowed, they were discounted and removed from consideration.

My research and extensive notations about the various facilities soon became a bullet point checklist:

  • Accreditation – was the school accredited in the state, nation, how were they officially recognized as a facility and learning institution.
  • Safety – was the facility safe for my child (now children with the twins), keypad entry, camera’s viewing the classrooms, licensed facilitators and caregivers.
  • Convenience – was the center convenient to my hours, schedule, location, were they accommodating to my needs and those of my children.
  • Curriculum – did the center provide a curriculum of learning and or child interaction no matter the age to aid in the development of my child.
  • Cost – the nitty-gritty is that cost is a huge factor in choosing a childcare and or preschool. Even if the cost is low, do the other bullets add up in the equation regarding curriculum or learning, safety, and accreditation, the same can also be said for the higher priced “brand name” and or boutique childcare centers.
  • Happiness- is my child happy here, am I happy they are here, do the staff interact with my child in a fun and loving fashion, yet educational and assertive to establish healthy boundaries.

While each parent’s decision in choosing a childcare facility and or preschool may vary, the fact of the matter lies in that as parents we choose what is best for our child, children, and our families. Each family varies with their needs, whether they be a special needs learner, a child with allergies, and or our children need a level of interaction to stimulate their learning and childhood experience, the choice in a childcare facility is not one to be made hastily.

Be sure to weigh in on all of the factors when choosing a childcare center, and furthermore, rely on your instincts. While the consideration may sound hooky or even mystical in nature, a parent has a form of sixth sense when considering care, welfare, and well-being of our children. Choose a facility that will work with you, your family and especially your child. For more information, visit your local department of health services to research a childcare facility and their operations and visit Primrose Schools to read about the various options to weigh when researching a childcare facility.What are some considerations you look to when choosing a childcare facility? What sticks out as a sore thumb or red-flag in your decisioning?

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Primrose Schools. While I was compensated for this post, in no way has my opinion, experience, or knowledge been influenced and or biased, but purely an informational post.

Healthy Home for the Holidays

The cold and holiday season has arrived. With the arrival comes lots of indoor time, lots of visitors, including family, and when I mean visitors I am suggesting the invasion of germs that carry the cold and flu viruses among many other immunity invaders.

Now I am a huge proponent for what some may call home sterilization. At least once a week I soak my kids most played with toys in a mixture of one cup of Clorox bleach and water, these are generally their Lego’s and bath toys, this helps to keep them clean, germ free, and I feel good knowing their toys are clean. Additionally I add one cup of Clorox bleach to the toilet bowl to keep the bowl fresh, clean, and free of the nasty germs that lurk.

But I also like to add some Clorox bleach in a mixture in my kitchen sink to dunk my sponges in as I go about wiping down some of the high traffic areas for germs. Door handles, light switch plates, drawers, cabinets, floors, and handles for appliances are especially focused on. The bathroom is one of my largest areas because I like to associate my bathroom as a haven for cleanliness and if you have a room that is riddled with nasty cracks and crevices that harvest germs some may find that washing your hands in the trash is more sanitary than using the actual bathroom. The toilet and flushing handle are scrubbed as is the door handle, faucet at the sink, and fresh linens are placed carefully to suggest to my house guests that the bathroom is clean, warm, inviting, and promotes hand washing to further prevent the spread of germs.

However, some areas of the home are bit more delicate and require a softer touch which is why Clorox offers awide array of cleaning products other than their flagship product of bleach that are less harsh, may not cause discoloration to household products, and are great for quick touch ups for germ prevention. The Clorox wipes and sprays are a great way to keep up with touch up cleaning and germ prevention around the house. How do you prepare for your holiday guests, do you power clean your house? How do you disinfect and keep your home germ free? Do you think keeping too clean of a home may be inviting for germs, do you feel that “a little dirt never hurt?”

This is a sponsored post and while I was compensated for this post in no way did the compensation deter or influence my use or opinion surrounding the use of Clorox products.”

Shopping for Mattresses with ShopNBC

Tax season is swiftly approaching which means some of those lucky recipients of a tax refund might be considering a major purchase. Long nights may be spent pondering what exactly to purchase; going to the mattresses as they say in The Godfather, sleeping on what to purchase with our refund.

The answer might be more obvious than you realize, by actually “sleeping” on your next purchase. A new bed, mattresses, a quality nights sleep is what anyone and everyone dream about. Nothing says good morning than a fully rested, comfortable nights sleep and the only way to achieve those results is with a quality mattress.
But who has time for shopping for mattresses? All the laying down and getting up, laying down and getting up can really tire out anyone. Well when The Chad and I were looking at mattress sets, we did just that, we went and laid down on the job. Testing out every mattress and maker we could find until we knew what was our perfect sleeper.

We found that the Serta Pillow top fit both of our needs personally in relation to back support and comfort; and financially in the affordability and the overall return on investment for a new bed and mattress set. Next we did price comparisons with local and online mattress dealers. The price differences were astonishing with the local dealers wanting almost two to three times as much as the online dealer, most specifically ShopNBC. Shipping and delivery then began to be factored in and we still found that prices were significantly more affordable online than with a local dealer.

So we did what any good couple does before making a purchase, we “went to the mattresses”, and slept on our plan of action. Our answer was clear when we woke the next morning, stiff, cranky, and yearning for that perfect night sleep. We bought our mattress online, scheduled our delivery and we even reviewed the various payment options available.

ShopNBC offers a QuickBuy option which is a one step (two step if you are not yet registered with ShopNBC) checkout option and if you want you can consider the various financing options available from three, six to 12 month special financing. Needless to say any objection we had about shopping online was met with open arms, and with the ease of use of the website gave us a peace of mind, we will be returning customers.