Shopping for Mattresses with ShopNBC

Tax season is swiftly approaching which means some of those lucky recipients of a tax refund might be considering a major purchase. Long nights may be spent pondering what exactly to purchase; going to the mattresses as they say in The Godfather, sleeping on what to purchase with our refund.

The answer might be more obvious than you realize, by actually “sleeping” on your next purchase. A new bed, mattresses, a quality nights sleep is what anyone and everyone dream about. Nothing says good morning than a fully rested, comfortable nights sleep and the only way to achieve those results is with a quality mattress.
But who has time for shopping for mattresses? All the laying down and getting up, laying down and getting up can really tire out anyone. Well when The Chad and I were looking at mattress sets, we did just that, we went and laid down on the job. Testing out every mattress and maker we could find until we knew what was our perfect sleeper.

We found that the Serta Pillow top fit both of our needs personally in relation to back support and comfort; and financially in the affordability and the overall return on investment for a new bed and mattress set. Next we did price comparisons with local and online mattress dealers. The price differences were astonishing with the local dealers wanting almost two to three times as much as the online dealer, most specifically ShopNBC. Shipping and delivery then began to be factored in and we still found that prices were significantly more affordable online than with a local dealer.

So we did what any good couple does before making a purchase, we “went to the mattresses”, and slept on our plan of action. Our answer was clear when we woke the next morning, stiff, cranky, and yearning for that perfect night sleep. We bought our mattress online, scheduled our delivery and we even reviewed the various payment options available.

ShopNBC offers a QuickBuy option which is a one step (two step if you are not yet registered with ShopNBC) checkout option and if you want you can consider the various financing options available from three, six to 12 month special financing. Needless to say any objection we had about shopping online was met with open arms, and with the ease of use of the website gave us a peace of mind, we will be returning customers.

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