Breathe Easy Purolator Car Filter

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Automobile owners generally think of basic maintenance to the vehicle to consist of lube, oil, and filter replacement. By filter I mean the air filter that feeds air into the engine for better performance. What most car owners do not think of for basic maintenance is the intake filter in the cabin of the vehicle. Much like a homes intake filter for the central air unit, a vehicle has a cabin air filter to keep the air clean and fresh.

The Purolator Breathe Easy Car Filter is just the ticket for your vehicle’s cabin intake air system.

I received my Purolator Breathe Easy Car Filter and immediately began to read the instructions. The packaging indicated that the install would be rather simplistic. However upon reading the instructions I began to doubt the “ease” of this installation.

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Enlisting my husband who has been working on cars as long as he can drive he immediately began to dive in and reading the instructions thought to start disassembling my dash to reach the cabin air filter. Being a mom I had a gut feeling something was not right and that breaking any factory seals would be a strict “No-No” for this job. Furthermore, the product would not boast the ease of use installation as a selling point for this product.

So I did what any woman, girl, and or female would do and I snatched the Owner’s Manual from teh glvoe compartment and sought out in the index “cabin air filter.” VOILA, there was the entry and the picture page to help walk through what to do.

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The instructions indicated to start unlocking screws and clips in the instrument panel in order to access the air filter. Whereas the manual stated to push in two tabs in the GLOVE COMPARTMENT of my 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan in order to access the air filter. Wouldn’t you know it, the installation took all of three minutes where the included instructions stated 28 minutes total installation time. As a busy mom, I don’t have that kind of time.

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Sadly I also saw how neglected my poor people mover has been treated due to my lack of knowledge about cabin air filters. Look at all the gray and black nastiness that is caught in this air filter. Clearly I have not touched this filter since the day my car was bought at the dealership. More so I am saddened that vehicle maintenance shops INCLUDING dealerships do not mention this awesome and inexpensive fix for better cabin quality while riding in the car. Imagine all the particulates and agitates in the air that wreak havoc on your allergies and overall breathing in the cabin. Especially if you are one who uses the re-circulate option on the air in the vehicle, just breathing in all the extra dirt that was NOT caught by the filter. I know that the product stands by it’s name with breathing easy now in my car and knowing my kids will breathe easier as well. Do not take my word for it, take out your owners manual and take a look at your filter yourself to see the difference and then replace to feel the breathing difference. You can find Purolator retailers on their site where the filters are offered at a variety of auto centers and general merchandise stores.


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