The Hat Diva

This little girl is something. She is overly independent, knows exactly what she wants all the time, demands it, is ornery as all get out, gorgeous, loving when she wants to be, and has her tender moments and of course she is bossy. Man, she is her mother’s daughter. But I love shoes….she loves hats, I will forgive her when I see her at Churchill Downs donning the biggest, most fabulous hat ever while sipping a mint julep.

Until then, I will enjoy these precious moments with my baby girl. Some days I cannot get over how beautiful this little girl is and she is all mine! Best of all, she plays in the mud, water, and loves to say shit…or is it ship…or chip…either way she is one of a kind and all mine. My Little Bitty, Hat Diva. Registered & Protected

13 Replies to “The Hat Diva”

  1. Just look at that fashion maven! Looks like she's doing her best Vanna White impersonation too. The girl's got talent!

  2. oh dear…sigh…i hope next time…if it happens that is…i have a girl LOL- do you know of a trick to get me a girl?

  3. She is beautiful! Isn't it something how they are so young yet know what they like? Piper loves necklaces. Violet hasn't really decided her true passion yet but she did just turn 3 lol 🙂 I told my husband not so long ago that I wanted our family to go to the derby before the girls were too grown up 🙂 I want us all to get fun hats and watch the horses:)

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