Questions About Taxes: Mrs. Fish Thursday Tips and Tricks

So I want to bring back the old slave of my mind…put her to work for you. I am hearing buzzing about taxes? Home mortgages? Tax credits? Current homeowner tax credits? Oh you didn’t know about that one…ah yes…I will share more! Blog ad payments, review items are they counted towards income, what can you write off, what can you not write off on your taxes? Believe me….I have been audited for NOT claiming everything so I can tell you what is what on your taxes BEFORE you go to your overpaid CPA or worse…GASP….H&R Block. Getting prepared for your taxes is a snap. Bring me your questions.

Throw me all your questions.  I will….cram all of my answers into FIVE minutes of vlog time for next Thursday. Seriously any money, purchase, credit, whatever question you have I HAVE an answer. Could be any question, let’s make this fun too ya know? Registered & Protected

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